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Today’s Horoscope, August 11, 2021: All signs


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Is the situation as dire as you think, or is it just too close to being comfortable? Get up, Aries. rise above. Get some perspective. Allow yourself to look at your circumstances through a new lens. This will help you realize that things are neither good nor bad. I just son it. The inner understanding that everything and everyone we attract is an important catalyst for growth that will help you honor the workings of the Divine Matrix on a deeper level.

Tip of the day: Time to rise above your circumstances and get some perspective.




The problem is that you were comparing your trip with others. He has diminished his power by repeating a story that he did not accomplish enough. But this is just wishful thinking, Taurus. They are created by their external circumstances. So, turn your gaze inward. Give yourself the approval, validation, and praise you deserve. As you do so, promise to manifest your dreams, every day, consistently. Behind the scenes, there is a lot of magic. If you knew all the strings that the soul moves in your name, oh, beautiful!

Tip of the day: Give yourself the approval, validation, and praise you deserve.




Gemini, you play the role of mother, babysitter, healer, and restorer. But the law of balance says that you should step back and allow a step back, no matter how uncomfortable you feel at first. Look at the people who come for you. Their hearts have only good intentions in them. So, open your heart and "let it go". Allow, allow, allow. You deserve the love that you have attracted to your world.

Tip of the day: It is time to receive all the love that you have been putting into the universe.



This is the time to get rid of old skin, cancer. It is time to transcend the illusion and learn about the object of radiant light that has been waiting for you all along. What a beautiful journey (despite the trials and tribulations)! Travel to your power. The journey back home. What the cards want you to know is that you've spent a lot and a lot of life hiding your glow. It's time to break the cycle, come out of hiding, and change the narrative once and for all. Note: The divine powers have rested on your back and you reserve space for this massive transformation!

Tip of the day: This is when it comes to power.




What if we say that your logical mind is the biggest obstacle to your spiritual growth? The cards urge you to go beyond the limits of your mind. Trust the internal and external signs that are revealed to you. Your inexhaustible faith in the universe will lead to miracles, Leo. If you're already on the way to connecting with your intuition, dig deep. Take the time to take this metaphorical journey within yourself. Great shocks are being sent to you right now, shocks that have the power and potential to change the course of your life.

Tip of the day: Trust the signs inside and out, precious.




When we are too attached to what things should or should not be, we tend to fall into a vicious cycle. What Spirit wants you to know is that there is a bigger plan in the works, and this plan requires you to loosen your grip a bit. So, he lets divine powers pass. Allow your soul family to step in as well. The help and support you need are available to you now and at all times, Virgo.

Tip of the day: Let go of your fist and let the spirit pass. You can't control everything, honey.




Don't let your outer reality disappoint you, Libra. You were placed here for a reason and you have within you the strength and courage to overcome your circumstances. So, remember who you are, beautiful. Remember who you are. In doing this, let go of the need to immediately witness a drastic change in your reality. Good things take time. Just know that the seeds of goodness you sow now will bear fruit when they should.

Tip of the day: You have the strength, courage, and stamina you need to gain power.




The problem is, you've been looking for validation, Scorpio, and it just doesn't serve you in the best way. What the cards urge you to do today is look within. To remember who you are and why you came to this planet. You are ready for the task that has been assigned to you. Now is the time to have it!

Tip of the day: remember your worth.




What doesn't break makes you stronger. Again read: what does not break makes you stronger. So, take this as an opportunity to turn your shadows into your light. Disclaimer: it will not be easy to get past this stage. You will question your own safety, every day. Remembering the version that awaits you on the other side will help you get to the darker things another side will help you get to the darker things

Tip of the day: This is the time for internal chemistry.




The signs are all around you. Again read: the signs are all around you. It all comes down to how vigilant you will choose. Your rational mind will try to interfere with what your intuition tells you. However, learn to trust magic, with the inner understanding that your soul guides are communicating with you at all times.

Tip of the day: belief in magic, the beautiful!



There are times when we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Fortunately, now is not a time like this in your life, Water Bearer. The universe offers you a foot through your soul tribe. So be open to the help, support, and guidance you receive from within knowing that you deserve every bit of love you attract, my beautiful! As such, this is also a time for new beginnings. A magical period, if you can. So if you're inspired to pour your energy into something, don't hold back!

Tip of the day: Trust the Magic!




If you are looking for someone else to monitor your health, you will be disappointed, again and again, Pisces. If you are looking for someone to pat you on the back, you will never be successful. So turn your gaze inward. Look at your achievements and failures through the lens of love. Give yourself the approval you want from the world. What a long way to go, beautiful! What a long way to go!

Tip of the day: give yourself the approval you want from the world.

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