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Horoscope 2021: Yearly Horoscope prediction 2021


2020 was described by many as the worst year in history. As the world arriving in the year 2021, people are expecting good changes. At the beginning of the year, Venus will be in the solar sign of Scorpio, the Sun will be the Sun, and Mercury will be in Sagittarius. Shani Dave will be sitting in Capricorn all year long, while the Guru’s movement will change. The movements & conditions of these planets will affect the horoscope of all 12 zodiac signs throughout the year.

The Horoscope of all signs in 2021 is based on the movement of the planets and zodiac signs. Find out how this coming year will be for you in the terms of health, career, and finance.

Yearly Horoscope 2021 Aries

The year 2021 will be awesome who has Aries sun sign. However, you may suffer some physical problems this year, but financially the conditions will be good. All your interrupted work will be finished. You will advance in your job and your business will also grow this year. There will be a change in the first 4 months of the year. This year, Shane will be seated in the 10th house of Aries. In the middle of the year, the transit of the Guru will also be in the eleventh house of your sign. This year you will do many new tasks. There are good chances that are Aries will get married in 2021.

On the financial side, this year may be better than expected. Hard work at the beginning of the year will pay off by the end of the year. Those who are employed will fulfill their responsibilities well. After April, your benefits will increase. For those who have their own business, the situation will be more positive for large industrialists.

This year is normal for educational activities. Respect the competitive spirit. Try not to find easy routes to progress.

Lucky Color - red, white, yellow

Lucky Month - February, April, July, and October

Lucky Number - 9,6, 24, 33, 36

Yearly Horoscope 2021 Taurus 

This year it looks like Saturn will be in Taurus' ninth house. At the start of the year, Mars will be in your 10th house, which will affect you through transits between June 2 and September 6. The year 2021 is your year of luck. The barriers will be removed automatically and morale will remain high. Take a risk in the first quarter. Early months are indicators of unpredictability.

Because of Venus and Saturn trade will increase. Married life will be good due to Rahu, but there may be some problems at the beginning of the year, but after May the conditions will be more favorable. The subsequent six months will be much better. There will be unexpected opportunities for people in the private sector and jobs. Be patient and wait for the right opportunities.

It will be the performance of the best people associated with higher education. The success rate will be good. The next half will be more favorable.

Lucky Color - pink, white, green

Lucky Month - January, March, May, and morning

Lucky Number - 5, 6, 32, 33, 41

Yearly Horoscope 2021 Gemini

Guru will be sitting in your 8th house during the first month of the year. The Guru's transit in April will affect you in many ways. You better do a great job only after April. The first quarter shows the average results. Saturn will remain in the 8th house throughout the year because some of your work may be hampered. The success rate is moderate. Be silent in discussions that are not urgent. Avoid using something new this year.

Avoid initiative this year in matters of love. This year will continue to have an impact on the education sector. It will be the performance of the best people associated with higher education. Work hard with honesty and dedication without worrying about results.

Lucky Color - green and yellow

Lucky Month - February, April, and June

Lucky Number - 5, 6

Yearly Horoscope 2021 Cancer 

This year, there may be some major changes in the lives of Cancerians. The moon is in its sign, so you will be lucky. Your health may deteriorate in the first months, but from April 5 onwards through December you will be healthy.

2021 is a sign of alertness with activity showing better than expected. Keep thinking about getting the important routine done by April. Real estate construction matters will accelerate. Leadership will increase. Private life will be comfortable. Credibility and respect will increase. Focus on your budget after May. Relationships will improve. Avoid new experiences.

Lucky Color - white and yellow, cream, red

Lucky Month - March, June, July, and November

Lucky Number - 2,9

Yearly Horoscope 2021 Leo 

At the start of the year, Saturn and Guru will be in your sixth house. This year you will move forward towards success. 2021 will be a very favorable year for Leo, in terms of jobs and businesses. The coincidence of karma and fate will make 2021 useful in brilliant efforts. Luck will be on top at every step. This is the year to give a boost to long-term plans.

People associated with governance may suffer a little. Avoid an important confrontation with the officer class. This year will give strength to love. The desired partner can be searched this year.

Lucky Color - red, orange

Lucky Month - February, April, August, and December

Lucky Number - 1, 5, 9, 10, 32

Yearly Horoscope 2021 Virgo 

Saturn will sit this whole year in Virgo's 5th house. This year will provide you with many opportunities, achievements, and happy developments. Thanks to the blessing of Sun and Guru, you'll get blessed results throughout the year. This year, you will remain completely loyal to your goal. This year, you'll stay fully active on the things that matter most. The first months of the year will be very beneficial to you. Keep thinking about completing your important tasks by mid-April.

Shani Dev's special boon will remain throughout the year. This year you will be able to do the hard work with ease. Your relationships will improve. The dominance of wealth in 2021 will be beneficial in your remarkable achievements.

The new year will still be a good fit for you in the field of education. You will advance in academic activities. Higher education students succeed in demonstrating versatility.

Lucky Color - blue, green, white, light yellow

Lucky Month - February, May, August, and December

Lucky Number - 5, 6

Yearly Horoscope 2021 Libra 

This year Shani Dave will be sitting in your fourth house. Mars transits will affect your 8th, 9th and 10th house. Your understanding of things will increase this year. You will need to be patient in the first month of the year. Much better conditions will be formed after mid-June.

2021 is a year for you to push ahead with a balance of vigilance and understanding. Do anything only after the test. Extra efforts might be needed to reconcile the family. You should show patience in the first month of the year. Much better conditions will be formed after mid-June.

You will stay better in financial matters in the year 2021. Avoid falling into temptation and attraction. The field of education in 2021 has brought you good grades. Despite a small start, you can still do better this year. More powerful outcomes will be obtained in the last half.

Lucky Color - orange, white, blue

Lucky Month - February, April, June, and October

Lucky Number - 5,6,9

Yearly Horoscope 2021 Scorpio 

Shani Dave will be sitting in your third house all year long. Mars, Venus, Mercury, Guru, and Syria Dev will affect you in different ways throughout the year. Your confidence will increase this year. Try to complete important tasks within the first months. Try to complete family affairs before May. The transition of Guru's zodiac sign in the fourth half will increase the partial discomfort. This year, you will be able to reduce your expenses and save your money.

This year will be tough in terms of education. Additional study and learning time are required. Results will be moderately better in the primary half. School students will do better.

Lucky Color - white, red, orange

Lucky Month - March, May, July, and November

Lucky Number - 1, 4, 2, 7, 22

Yearly Horoscope 2021 Sagittarius 

In 2021, Saturn will be seated in the second house of Sagittarius. At the beginning of the year, Guru Yuti will do with Shani. This year, there is a possibility of a major change in your career. In the new year, Sagittarius will benefit in money, business and financial situation will be strong. Honor and respect will increase.

There will be innovation in love affairs. There will be a feeling of doing something special for your loved ones. The sum of Manglik's works will be formed. For businesses, the Year of Saturn will be a great lucrative scenario. The happiness mix is created in education. The results will remain as expected. The first half is most effective in competitive testing.

Lucky Colors: yellow, orange, green

Lucky Month: February, April, July, and October

Lucky Number: 5, 3, 8, 6, 12, 33

Yearly Horoscope 2021 Capricorn

Lord Saturn, Lord of Capricorn, will be seated in his sign this year. Saturn will benefit throughout the year with Guru. Capricorn should present themselves with courage and understanding. After April, the big efforts will gain momentum. You will take the risk. Your respect will increase this year. There may be several major changes in your love life this year.

Half of the middle school and half stage of Rashi Swami Shani Dev are the best. A great achievement can be added to Kulkutumba. Will maintain everyone's respect.

For employees, there are signs of a qualitative increase in their reputations. The pass rate will be better in the second half. 2021 will be a love wave. Marriage will be at stake. An additional workforce will be required in the education sector. The first few months will give effective results.

Lucky Colors: black, purple, brown

Lucky Month: January, May, August, and December

Lucky Number: 6, 5, 8, 23, 35

Yearly Horoscope 2021 Aquarius 

In 2021, Rahu will affect his fourth house and Ketu in the tenth house. The first half and half of Shani Dev's stage brought unexpected results for you. May all your wishes come true this year. This year will be more convenient and auspicious for you. In 2021, it will lay the groundwork for great plans.

Time will be more positive after April. Your opponents will be calm. Joint efforts will gain momentum. This year gradually auspicious in the field of education. The clarity of the target will increase. Results will be more positive in the next academic session.

Employees must be very focused on maintaining their position. The percentage of results in the first half can be normal compared to the hard work you do. Do not make hasty decisions about new proposals. Conditions will be more positive in the second half.

Lucky Color: Blue, Purple

Lucky Month: February, April, June, and October

Lucky number: 3, 9, 7, 12, 16, 18

Yearly Horoscope 2021 Pisces

This year, Shani will be sitting in your eleventh house. Thanks to Guru's blessing, much of your stalled work will be completed this year. You will be financially strong this year and also have the full backing of luck. You will get good results in your career. You will get business success. The start of the year will be good and it will develop and expand in all areas.

Try to complete important tasks before April. The success rate will continue to improve due to the spread of luck. The old cases will be in your favor. Relationships will improve. Investments will be boosted. In matters of love this year you must maintain patience and faith.

Lucky Colors: Orange, Yellow

Lucky Month: March, May, July, and November

Lucky number - 3, 7, 12

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