May 14, 2020 Blog

14th May 2020 Daily Horoscope


A friend's analytical approach has blown away your mind because they have actually done the job of anti-virus in your life. They have separated the malware and the software of your thinking and you are shocked. For you, seeing things this clearly is not possible. But today, you will be understanding their approach and will try to figure other things out in life.

Scenic beauty has always been a source of happiness and has relived stress over the years know. Today, your call is to get some happiness through natural sources like plants, a walk in the woods or maybe sitting outside your place for a while. These things will brighten up your mind and will give you more energy.

There is no specific time to complete the undone things. Today when you feel energized and all charged up for work, ask a friend to help you. Being positive and enthusiastic about your work is great but sometimes our efficiency decreases due to lack of touch so rather than thinking of doing it on your own, ask a friend to help you. This will not only get the work done a lot faster and easier than expected but will also give you two a chance to strengthen your bond.

Don't rush things even though you love being punctual. It's good to be punctual but what if you get to know later than you did a mistake just because you were in a hurry and now to reverse that mistake a huge bundle of tasks need to be performed. It's better to a little later than being sorry later. Therefore, take your time with whatever you are doing today because chances of there being details which you haven't seen yet are possible.

We all have intuitions but the accuracy of it depends on how connected we are with our fate. Your intuitive quality is far better than others. But today when you predict something about a friend based on your intuition, you realize that their acceptance game is not so good. They don't yeh beech St you but they are not interested in your prediction either. What they rather do is call you crazy and start thinking about what you said. This way, they not only become mad at you but also kind of disagree with you. So, think before you speak.

A human without dreams is like a bird with broken wings, none of them can fly. When you get hit by an old dream of yours which is still lying there in the bucket list, waiting to get checked, rather than giving your mind the arguments of reality, give it the pats of imagination. Spend some time thinking about yourself. Why do these things come back to your mind? What is there meaning? Do they make you happy or sad? If happy, then manage your routine to pursue what's there in your imagination but if sad then try to get rid of them as soon as possible. There is no way you are going to stay like that.

Getting criticism is equally important to getting praises because that's where you get the knowledge that there is still a room left for improvement. It's okay if someone has a different viewpoint and they don't agree with your idea. Listen to it, try to understand, and if you like, adopt it. But, don't fool around with your originality just because one person was not able to cope up with your level. Have fun in what you do rather than being highly analytical about it. It's good to collect feedback but getting drained into comments will make you a weak person mentally. If you go by people's words, their silence will nearly kill you.

Positivity will be around you today as some people are really happy to have you and they wish to make you happy too. Their words and actions will make you blush all day long. That feeling of being special for someone lifts your mood up so much that you forget about the sadness in your life and that is such a huge and great thing. You clearly have some attractive powers among others and this can actually annoy some people. So, if you don't wish to get into an argument, stay with your old friends. The ones who have seen you grow. This way the room for jealousy and arguments won't be there because they know you a lot more than others.

It's good to go by your opinions all the time but sometimes asking others is also great. Your friends and family have seen you for a long time. They know you too so if you think there is a problem or you need general advice, rather than going into your own thoughts, get outside. Ask your close ones, they will tell you what they feel. Different people will have a different take on your questions but none of them is actually useless. Collect their ideas and sit down later to chose which one to work on or if you feel that all the devices are lacking something and you are not able to figure things out properly, go with your ideas again. Follow your heart.

Being creative when it comes to imagination is one of the best traits. Positivity comes from seeing your imagination meet higher creative levels. Just like too much sugar can make your taste buds bitter, too much of positivity takes out the fear in you. It's amazing to live without fear and in your imaginations but, some caution is required. Without anticipating the bad, running after the good is futile because one wrongdoing or obstacle and you will be gone because you didn't prepare yourself for it in the first place. Try to be someone who balances things out well and not just be over-optimistic being.

You are not a human with a normal working mechanism. Your mind has numerous sections, one after the other. While some sections are filled with positive energies like enthusiasm, ambition, work-love, and more some sections have negative ones too. Sadness, despair, disappointment, and underachievement. But that doesn't make you any less of a fun human being. Your existence does not depend on the negative sides of your personality but also on the good ones. So, before being all critical, try and learn to not only vanish your negativity but also to love these flaws until you let them go. Growth isn't always about killing the monster, it's about forgiving it for the damage it did before killing it. That way, you leave no room for it to come back because after all, even hatred can live.

Your legal section of life can be a little bit of concern today. Things will move in a direction that you are not clear about so, it would be great if you take caution. Get your work done as quickly as possible rather than sitting ideal. Apart from this, be more analytical about your choices in life. The existing things and humans might not be the ones who really contribute to their growth. So, rather than expecting change out of them, it would be better if you change.