April 17, 2020 Blog

17th April 2020 Daily Horoscope


Daily Horoscope

Today is all about happy hormones and self-appreciation. You know why? Because all your past efforts will pay you back today. When you will find a piece of information from the past and all the flashbacks will come right on you, the realization of how far you have come will hit you and that, my friend, will help you grow. Your friends and family also recognize this journey of yours and they secretly admire you way more than you know.

Chances of getting a huge deal done today are quite high. Be focused and make post plans for each possible situation. What if the dealers don't negotiate? What if they accept your plan exactly the way you wanted? What if you are offered the position you thought you won't be able to get? It's all about positive what-ifs today. So go and plan the things you will do if the things you have been wishing for worked out.

The power you hold is immense. Rather than wasting it on too many emotional, past thoughts, put it into something productive. A startup plan or maybe some new section of your interest. Paint a new art form with the colors of your mind rather than allowing it to go back to the things it overcame and recalling all the feelings you had. What happened will not really help what will happen. The only thing that will create or change what will happen is what is happening right now and what are you allowing yourself to get into.

To be the one who takes care of others before himself/herself is not only a holy thing but is also deadly. This way you drain your energy on other's issues. Solving them and making people understand how they have to do things leave you with very little energy for yourself. Today, leave everybody and take your space and time to get back up. Enough has been done and said by you for others. Now it's your time to detangle and get aligned.

You might find something really unusual but super attractive today. Someone with absolutely crazy ideas who had been there in your life but weren't that prominent will display some information that is going to awaken a very different side of yours. Hold on to them and see where they lead you. You won't be disappointed.

Being quite in a stressful situation so that no conflict arises is a good thing but what if something goes beyond the level of decency and tolerance? Today when a tough, fight-like situation comes up, unlike other times, speak up. Say what you feel, let the anger out and if needed give a tight slap to the person making all the fight stuff. Sometimes a change of action is what somebody needs to understand that they are simply not on the right track.

Exploring is not always about traveling far away from your home and looking out on new things. It simply means to discover and get deep into whatever is in front of you. Go for a walk today and be more attentive than usual. Consciously see things without any distractions and you will realize how many things were left uncovered by your eyes. It could be anything. In fact, the roads you take to commute will also show you some different signs and figure that you haven't noticed until now. This is how life works. every answer is hidden right at the moment and you just have to be focused.

Following what you hear is great until and unless you reach a point where the voice breaks. The ones you were following through sound are no longer speaking, what will you do now? Remember, the real, original one doesn't suffer an identity crisis. Today, focus on your own path. Focus on your own growth. For that, you have to build your own theories of survival and life. Taking help from here and it is great but following someone blindly should not be a part of your life anymore. If you want yo grow, learn to let go.

Possession and obsession are some feelings that nobody wants willingly. They come along when you are madly into something that you not only love but also want to keep with you, safely. Today, when a friend fights with you for not giving them enough time or putting effort for them, rather than going on their words and anger, see the child behind. The child who wants to have you just like he/she wanted chocolate ice-cream. You are quite important to them and a little change in you brings a lot of change in their lives.

Today is all about portraying your real self. You don't have to modify your behavior according to the situation. Just be who you really are without any restrictions and thoughts of 'whether I am too much or not'
The world needs to see how you function. Show your productive work skills to your family members. They might not be able to match up with your intellect but they actually feel very happy when you interact and tell them about the stuff that goes on with you.

Just like weighing frogs, organizing stuff is a hard task for you but you know why? Because you think you feel find things you actually don't want to look back to. Let this fear go and pick those clothes up. Bring them to the closet and organize them. Your hygiene is something that should be laid major stress on because you have actually been neglecting it for a long while. Apart from this, be ready to find some really important things you lost some time ago because they were actually lying beneath the layers of your unorganized stuff.

Today, the arrival of someone really interesting in your life is possible. They might be a colleague, a mutual friend or maybe a stranger but you feel a certain strong and very positive pull towards them. A mad urge to be around and know them. Stalking them on possible social media platforms can be a good idea but do not just get mesmerized by the idea of this person. Maybe there is a strong reason why they are also showing interest in you. Remember, not everybody is honest. People wear masks when they know that their real self will not let them get the benefit. So be reserved and do not just follow your emotions.