April 16, 2020 Blog

16th April 2020 Daily Horoscope


Daily Horoscope

Feelings are an indecisive part of the human brain. Without them, nothing really holds much value. Today, when you feel something about someone, tell them in the easiest way possible. Do not think of how they will feel because honestly should always be above everything in your list. Your concern for them is great but the way things are hurting you, keeping them to yourself won't make any difference. You have to let that out. A good way to do that is to take it out informally and funnily where the person gets the message and doesn't feel bad too. Well, it is a tricky task for sure but not impossible. Accomplish this confession today and your day will feel a lot better.

Success is not a simple thing you can get overnight or over years of just hard work. Consistency and focus are important too. Running and running won't take you to the finish line if your direction is incorrect. Remember that the path is far more important than the speed you have. At least you know where to go, sooner or later you will. Today, beat all the distractions and stay focused even if you feel like having rest. Skip the video calling with friends to complete another worksheet of what you have been planning these days. Even though you want to slow down, this is not the right time for that. The extra push you require can also be found by talking to your family members because they know you better and wish the best for you.

The times are getting lucky for you as someone who was once a stranger is now taking steps towards the soft corners of your heart. You feel like going deeper and deeper with them. This can actually lead to something really exciting and for that, you need a constant connection. Talk to them every now and then. At least once a day so that a proper pace and frequency of your relationship can be maintained. This person can also be the saviour of your bad times or he/she may turn into a disappointment, who knows? For now, you just have to focus on one fact that they make you happy and you got to do the same for them.

Living for others has always been a thing that tops your list. You think of yourself sometimes, but most of the time, it is for the people around you. The ones you love and care for. Today, you just have to be that way. Someone close to you might be dealing with the issue of performing some tasks which are apparently very simple and easy for you but for them, it's a whole mountain to crash. So, rather than wondering why and how is it so difficult for them, just go and complete it. This will not only give you a life-changing piece of information but will also make you understand how lucky you are to still have the ability to perform some actually difficult tasks. Remember that the good deeds never go in vain.

Being focused is great but having fun is equally important. If you work and work and work, a point will come when it will make look like a terrible decision because our heart and mind need change as it is the only constant. Today, you will get enough fun from all the things you will do and from all the interactions you are going to have with your friends and family. Remember that no one actually wants to be the one who radiates positivity, everyone just wants it in them. So, you better take that road of smiling and laughing which clearly makes you way more attractive. Remember, if you think positively, you feel positive and you radiate what you feel so be happy and see happiness coming right in your way.

Social distancing is super important but what if you want to see some people really bad. Enjoyment without meeting your loved ones is a super tricky task. So? What to do? Video call is the only best possible solution but what you can do is make them wear the clothes of your choice. To give it a happy, party vibe. Tell them to dress up and have their snacks and booze next to them. So what if you guys are not physically there, a solution to meet and greet (online) can always be made. Today, you will also realize how much you have taken some people for granted and how much value they hold in your life. So, understand this feeling, accept it and do not let them go.

Sometimes what you want and what you have are two different things in life. Today, you will realize that what you want, perhaps, what you need and what you got are actually quite different. So, you figure out in which aspect of life you demand more of what and Coney the conclusion to the ones who can help you. Either your partner, your friends or your family, whosoever is concerned. Tell them about your needs and the required effort they need to put it. The ones who are ready should stay in your life and the ones who do not understand or are not ready to give you that should be out. It is that simple. Emotions sometimes keep you stuck at a place but that shouldn't mean you are supposed to be that. Take a strong and clear decision of who needs to be there in the journey of your life and who doesn't. This way, a lot of messed up things will look clear to you.

Once you know how to see through things, there is no going back. Same way, once you understand the traits of real ones and fake ones, no one can really bluff you. Today, when someone tries to brag about things and be close to you, remember your past experiences and do not go with the flow. Hold on and just see what they do because their true colors will be revealed soon. Also, someone who's been close to you will come up with something really sweet. It could just be an appreciation message, a short call or something. Just to remind you that for them, you matter and your absence is something they don't really feel good about. Reciprocate as much as possible because these people are the real blessings of life.

We talk to ourselves, right? But do we talk or just console or manipulate ourselves to believe in reality? Or just live in the imagination? But accepting the imperfections, the flaws, that is the real deal. Learn to love your flaws. You can only improve something when you love it enough to put your precious efforts into it. being a masterpiece and a work in progress should go hand in hand with you.

The path of your success and achievements is not really easy. You have had a lot of rough days but today you will feel a little better than usual. The road today will be a lot smoother than the usual days. Maybe it is because of the arrival of someone who had been serving as a source of happiness. Even though you neglect your feelings and wish to live more on the practical side of life, they are giving you tickling happy sensations that you have felt after a very long while. Maybe the time has arrived where you finally get your companion whom you have been looking for.

When we are in love, sometimes we forget our own identities so much that we join ourselves with them and after a certain point, finding your own self becomes difficult. It feels great but eventually, it is not the right thing. Losing yourself is never the right thing. Today, when you realize that your best friend is becoming someone you are pouring your entire self into and becoming exactly like them, take a step back. Appreciating and enjoying the similarities is a great thing but what will happen to your uniqueness? You are giving away a lot just for the sake of pleasure and common happiness. Hold on to this shared feeling and think about yourself.

Making everyone happy can never be possible. There will always be someone who won't appreciate your efforts even though you have done plenty of them. So, rather than thinking about how to make everything positive, think about how you can fill yourself with happiness and gratitude. There will be a lot of external forces that will never be able to understand the right in you as their perceptive has a default setting of seeing wrong in everything. Being critical and pessimistic are the basic approaches to some people's life. Therefore, you just have to think and work for yourself and nobody else.