April 15, 2020 Blog

15th April 2020 daily horoscope


Sometimes speed is not the only thing you require, slowing down and taking some rest is also needed. Today, realizing that a lot is going on around you will help you understand how you have to re-define your priorities, set goals accordingly and measure the results. Do not worry if the actual outcome and the results are different because planning does not always guarantee success. Before worrying about the stuff going on in your life, wait for a little, take it as a day off and just realize how far you have come. It is not about achievements every time, it is more about the efforts you have put in. 

Everybody wants to be the bright shining sun but a lot less dare to constantly burn themselves so that various lives can be driven. You have been the sun of your life for a huge time and that my dear, is not at all an easy task. Just like the sun, you have helped various lives by providing the required amount of warmth and supported their growth. Today, someone will try to mock you because they are just jealous. Their efforts are very tiny but their expectation is quite high and when they see you have what they want, it is hard for them to tolerate. Do not let that negative feeling get into your head. Their behavior will be different and they will try to pass on negative comments and taunt but don’t get affected by that. After all, the sun has to do nothing with the outside forces, it shines by itself.

Having fun is a great thing but what happens when the other person is having fun and you are getting annoyed? Today this is going to happen when you and your partner will have to perform a task and they will behave all kiddish. But as you have to get the task done within the deadline, you will have to act like a strict parent. Tell them if they are going to take the left you will drag them to the right side as that will be the most suitable path to get the task done. It is far better to prevent than to cure and similarly today, you will have to be disciplined with them from the very beginning so that the mess doesn’t come up.

Your convincing powers and acts to persuade someone are working really well these days. Stick to these and fruitful results will be on the way. Luckily, you have got a great time to ask for more. The people you work for are very lucky to have you and they actually cannot manage to maintain the quality of work without you. So, ask for the raise. Ask them to lift up your incentives and tell them that your efforts are a little more worth than what they are offering. Be stubborn at your decision and do not bargain at all.

If you get the vibe of unhappiness and weirdness among some people, your instincts may be correct. Someone in your circle is going through a little hard time right now and you are supposed to make them feel better. After all, they are your people. Talk to them if not directly then indirectly. Tell them about your tough phase and persuade them to open up. Everybody has a chapter they don’t read out loud but honestly, that chapter is the most crucial one. 

Sometimes hatred and disagreement for someone blind us and we are unable to see the truth. Today, when you get to know something, don’t just stay rigid on your past information. Wake up and realize that sometimes things change. What you thought is true might just be a tampered set of facts and figures. Today when someone in front of you is passing on the right information to you, let them. Just because you don’t like that person, doesn’t mean their statements are also incorrect. Slow down and grasp the reality.

When the soft feeling is poured into tough work, things turn out a little ugly. There is no love story successful between a lion and a lamb. Either one of them gets away from life and so is in your case. Your mad urge to make someone the love of your life can be supremely dangerous for you as they are not only a little too hard to get but are also not beneficial for you. you have to step back and go home not because you are not enough but because that person is not meant for you. Everything that looks beautiful doesn't need to be beautiful on the inside. Sometimes it is just the outer part and the reality is all hollow. Same way, someone whom you might find amazingly attractive and a gem can turn out to be a real evil. So, set the boundaries high and live with them for now.

With great opportunities come great risks. Today, when you think of starting something new, the risk factor will come in the middle and will try to scare you. You must understand the fact that risk is proportionate to reward here. If you put something on stake, the chances of your luck working are quite high but for that, the higher thing on the stake should be put. It might feel torturing and putting your life on stake but if you win this bet, if you get this opportunity right, chances of you being at the top are possible.

You are doing great these days. Yor speed, direction as well as the number of efforts are aligned so don’t rest yourself for anything or anyone. If someone is not able to match your level and are left behind or they complain about you bring incorporative, tell them it is their problem to solve and not yours. You cannot always act as a savior for others by putting yourself on stake. Live in the moment and continue with your work.

Sometimes the conversation becomes tough to understand because your words change the meaning and the lack of expression makes it even worse. Today, one such thing will happen where what you said will be taken in the wrong way. Being honest is a great thing but today choose to be more specific about the information you share. You will try to be as detailed and true as possible but the other person might take it wrong which will lead to a conflict. So don’t just open up today, wait, think, frame your sentences and then speak. Safeguard yourself.

A recent argument has left some unexpected but serious wounds on your mind. Today, take out some time to fill and stitch them back. You have always been the person who doesn’t own up to their emotions and acts heartless but in reality, you are quite an emotional being. So, mend your ego today which has been dented by someone. Sit for a few hours alone or ride that favorite road down or cook yourself your favorite meal and remember the times you won debates and arguments with your intellect. Moreover, you have been a source of light in a lot of people’s life. Remember that and pick yourself up.

Someone from far away will come close to you today as an opportunity and you will have to decide whether to grab it or not. Your upcoming star alliances say that it is going to help you out. Whosoever this person is, he or she carries great energies for you in more than one way. Rather than leaving this person, you should spend some time with him or her. Today, don’t worry or think more than usual. Treat this person as a new, fresh being in your life rather than being worried about what will happen next.