April 14, 2020 Blog

14th April 2020 Daily Horoscope


Sometimes the things we leave on hold for a while hold us back throughout the time. It could be anything. An incomplete self-care routine, an unplanned vacation, that research you wanted to do or maybe that hobby you wanted to pursue. Your mind sometimes brings all the stuff up and that hinders your attention from the current situation where you need to work stuff out. Today, you will experience all of this and will be finding yourself in a dilemma of whether or whether not to go on with that long left unfinished work.

Today, the chances of you running out of your mind and ending up saying things you are not supposed to say and do can happen. Everybody around you will cause some emotional tension on you directly or indirectly which will make you lose your temper and hence, consequences will come up. Don't hold back on it. You will be fine in a while. It's not just your fault because the external forces are not clear and completely positive around you.

It is rightly said that actions speak louder than words and therefore today, you have to get up and do what you got to do to make your people happy. The only thing your loved ones have been asking you is your effort in building yourself. Nothing more or less. They don't demand anything difficult or anything specific. Whatever makes you happy should be done by you and as you always have been saying that you love your people, especially your friends, why don't you start doing it? It is not about perfection, it's just about the consistent and right amount of action.

Today is all about thankfulness, gratitude, and happiness. Don't sit and solve problems of yours or others or even talk about it. If you don't have one, don't let your mind create one by thinking too much and worrying about kinds of stuff now and then. You also deserve to relax and chill. Your friends and family are very grateful to have you, isn't that enough to lead a good day? You bring a smile to others' life and luckily you also have people who lift you up to help you in your hard times. They are truly a blessing. Understand, appreciate and communicate with them today. Revise old good days and discuss the memories, you will get to know how beautiful sometimes life can be even when you are not currently in the situation you wanted to, you have lived some amazing days. Always remember that good or bad, whatever the time is, it changes and it will. You just need to live in the present moment.

The difference of opinions can lead to conflicts but what happens when you both understand each other without anger being the content of the conversation and end up liking the concept but not accepting it? Well, the answer is that great things happen as now you know the truth about each other and still wish to stick together. The difference of opinions gives you a different perceptive to look upon. A lot of people see 9 at the place of 6 and simply doesn't mean any one of them is wrong. It's just a matter of opinion and belief. Today, you might experience one such debate with that friend of yours and end up in a knowledgeable conversation.

Just add history repeats itself, some problems in life swing in a back and forth position. Today, done problems which you have solves earlier will arrive again but luckily this time you won't be in a situation where you will have to panic. You know why? Because you have the answer to that maze. This time, remind yourself how much you have grown by that time. Look down the road of time and realize how far you have come by yourself. Appreciation is not something you always give to others, sometimes giving it to yourself, patting your back should also be done.

Doing things under a certain limit is never harmful. Socializing har been the most neglected department of your life from the start of this year. Today, break this chain of isolation and talk. Communicate with your people, long-lost friends, family members and maybe that crush you have been thinking about for so long but never been able to say anything to. Take some time out of your own thoughts and get yourself some good gossips through numerous human interactions. Don't hide your beautiful self away all the time. The world needs to know you.


Expectations of a productive day are quite high. From leftover work to new projects, anything can be done by you today. Planning stuff out has always been your favorite task but today, you will do more than just planning. A creative contradiction or an abstract beauty inspiration will take all over your mind resulting in a work of art by you any time of the day. This will not only generate your creative self but will also enhance your art and turn into a whole new level of newness. Your friends might also help you in promoting it so do not just keep it to yourself. Spread it as much as possible and you will achieve that long lost desire.

Thriving for more and more is on your mind today. Even when you have everything with you right now, you crave more of it. It's like having a pizza slice on your plate and keeping an eye on the other slices. You shouldn't be that mad about things but today, you are and you won't be able to stop yourself much so instead of being frustrated, enjoy this feeling. This trait of yours today can put you into some financial trouble too but as your head and heart are stubborn and all set to do anything to get more of what you have right now, this might seem a pity transaction and nothing else. Although deep down you know you are doing wrong but there some days when you cannot help it but let it happen. Today is one such day. So, just try to have fun in this feeling rather than being anxious about it.

Someone is coming pretty close in your way and you, unlike the other times, will enjoy this. but calm your horses down as you both are connected with something work-related stuff so it is less of a personal thing and more of a professional one. so even if you feel their charm, speaking about it or giving signals will not really help it, at least for now. impressing them can be on your mind for sure but doing it informally will make you look like a little creep. go with your intellect which actually is one of your biggest weapons. attract them with your excellence. remember, gaining is always harder than gaining attention and tough achievements last longer.

Confusion is quite fascinating sometimes as you don't know when to figure out and it clearly gives you authority to see and solve things your way. Today, you will get things done but they will actually mess with your head first. So, let them. Enjoy the chaos because being calm and solved is not really fun for you. Madness drives you better than anything in this world so let it do its job today. New opportunities come from such things only. On the path of figuring out stuff in your life, you find various undiscovered things that help you better and today, you are going to get lucky in terms of finance and friendships.

Being fast is great but sometimes hurrying up leads to awful results. Today, when you get the opportunity to satisfy that long-going craving of yours by collecting enough resources to buy it, think again. Is it worth all the efforts you have poured in? Is it really that important or you can put all of these resources into something better and get happy about this decision in the future? Introspect and analyze things before taking any step because once you have taken it, there is no availability of returns or exchanges.