April 11, 2020 Blog

11th April 2020 Daily Horoscope


Being excited and happy for various things in your life is a great habit but sometimes excitement turns into possession and this trait can cause harm to a lot of your relations. Any hurry you show can take away the person from you as they will be getting a feeling of getting chained slowly. It is good to be centric around the core ones but sometimes space is all that you should provide and accept. Not everybody loves the way you love and not everyone functions the way you function so what's wrong in that? Nothing. Just learn to adjust and understand the person in front of you before being angry or worried. Also, do not run after them. They need their time to understand you too and let them. Remember? Slow and steady won the race. This rule applies to your current situation honey. Distract yourself with other things and just sit there and chill. Your partner is not going anywhere, they are just trying to know you at their pace. Let them have that time comfortably.

Isn't it amazing to have friends who keep you sane while you don't feel good at all? Well, that's definitely a blessing until they start to tell people about your secrets. There is a reason why monsters hide behind the coat of physical beauty. Their intentions are not beneficial to you. Same way, today, someone is going to speak out the little secrets that might embrace you. Learn to not trust people too early or too much because then you give them the power to destroy you.

Giving up on something you have and your value is very difficult but today, your stars ask you to sacrifice because they surely carry so many better things for you. You might not be able to see them right now but soon they are going to come around and stick to you. Remember, there's always room for limited things so if you want to keep the old ones, the new ones will suffer and chances of you never being able to have different and unique new experiences will become lesser and lesser. The things that might seem essential are not really the ones you need anymore. So just let them go. Better stuff is on their way to you.

Isolation is a good thing but not when someone needs you. Today, if you think of walking down a road all by yourself without any interactions, you might be taking the wrong step there. Why? It is because some people surely need you. Even though you cannot find the ultimate solution or be the cure for their disease, sticking by their side, just supporting them will do the job. So rather than being on your own today, be there for that someone. You might feel bad for not getting enough me-time but when you will get to know how much your presence means to them and the difference you make in their life just by being in it, you won't feel that bad. Having friends who constantly admire you and want to be with you is rare. Be with them as much as possible.

Thriving for more and more is on your mind today. Even when you have everything with you right now, you crave more of it. It's like having a pizza slice on your plate and keeping an eye on the other slices. You shouldn't be that mad about things but today, you are and you won't be able to stop yourself much so instead of being frustrated, enjoy this feeling. This trait of yours today can put you into some financial trouble too but as your head and heart are stubborn and all set to do anything to get more of what you have right now, this might seem a pity transaction and nothing else. Although deep down you know you are doing wrong but there some days when you cannot help it but let it happen. Today is one such day. So, just try to have fun in this feeling rather than being anxious about it.

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is a blessing and a curse altogether. A blessing because you see things like no one else does. You see and catch beauty way before anyone else does and you seek emotions in everything before you could ask for anything else. But a curse because the people around, most of them, see softness as a weakness. Not only that they try to squeeze the life out of you just because they think they can. They think toughness is all that matters but the truth is far away from their imagination. Therefore, today, don't let anything take your mental peace away. Protect yourself from weird, misbehaving humans. You might feel they are your well-wisher when in real they are just the ones who want to put you down. So be attentive and selective about whom you spend your time with.

Motivation is one great ingredient for the recipe of success but sometimes real-life examples are what we require. Real experiences along with positive results cannot replace any other form of motivation. Today, you need to seek and have one such experience and no one, I repeat no one can make that happen for you as much as you can. Narcissism is not always bad. Some days, you need to pull yourself up and imagine being on the top. Where everyone else is below you and you are the best. Feeding your mind good and confidence-boosting stuff is an amazing thing to do today. Finish this task and you will see that by the end of your day, you are quite charged and satisfied.

A genus is the one who knows when to stop. Therefore, today, when a situation of conflict arrives which seems to grow deeper and intense, minute by minute, run away. Runaway from that particular place and isolate yourself. Find peace in solitude because that fight would have not only irritated the ones who were doing it but also would have taken away the life out of you. Do not let the shadows of negativity take upon your blooming, beautiful sky. Don't let that argument mend you and your energies. If asked to jump in and take someone's side or just pass on some judgment, you should be as diplomatic as possible because both of them are wrong somewhere or the other and both of them are right too. Therefore, keep yourself away from this as much as possible and whenever required, just be very easy going to both of them. Don't take anyone's side at all.

An emotional conversation can lead you to some little happy flashbacks of the past. This family member whom you had this conversation with is also there in almost every flashback and both of you will share how you have grown with each other and what kinda journey it has actually been. Sharing experiences will let both of you know a lot about what image you carry in each other's mind and that will be one great and honest conversation. Later today you will and should check up on your to-do list so far. The things you wanted to sweep out of your life and the ones you wanted to never let go might create a little dilemma but eventually, you will get through this too. Today your stars are ready to help you out in cleaning bad and negative energies out of your life so the task might become easier than usual.

Your energetic and enthusiastic self can help you a lot today. From small tasks like cleaning the house to huge investment decisions, you will get everything right if you be a little focused. Chances of your mind flipping into some last experiences is possible by the middle of the day but you will get through that also so it technically is not a big problem. You might have to play the role of a hacker today. When and how? Well someone might try to know you much and you apparently don't seem to like that person so just like hackers have shortcuts, you will be concluding huge experiences into one-liners just so you can get through the conversation without much interaction.

The best healing happens when you are close to your core. Nature has always been our real creator and so today, spend some time with it before anything else. Do not feel burdened, it is for your own good. For seeking acceptance and to live in reality you should be close to the most real things of life which clearly exist in nature. Avoid too much of interaction today and introspect as much as possible.

Being impressive is very subjective so if somebody does not find you interesting or attractive, it does not mean there’s a fault in you. It simply means they have a different preference. Use your intuition when it comes to love and you might end up being successful in it. Your zeal for life is contagious and everybody around you catches that vibe which helps them to enjoy their day as well. Use this trait of you and also meet your friends if possible. You have numerous options when it comes to work and luckily you end up getting all the projects properly completed so hold on for a while and plan. Decide that in which department and for which project you really wish to work and continue after that.