April 9, 2020 Blog

9th April 2020 Daily Horoscope


Having less of something makes you feel less worthy but in reality, it is not like that. You may experience a shortage of resources today like money or maybe some types of equipment you wanted but being sad about it won’t make you have them. Neither they decide your worth no can they take away your creative abilities. It is time that you take out the book of life lessons that you learned and all the times when you thought you wouldn’t be able to make it but you did. Relive the times when you thought your biggest strength is your mind and believed in it because that’s exactly what you need right now. To get through this phase of lacking resources, you need to remind yourself that nothing is above your crazy mind and that with great will power, you can do anything you want. Just hold tight on to your hopes and dreams.
Your suggestions have always been like a helping hand to your friends. Today is one such day when you need to take them out and help on of your friends as they are in trouble where your insights could help them. The lessons you learned can act as moral for them and hence, they will be able to make better decisions about the thing they worried. It might be something personal or professional. Maybe a relationship issue or some project report issue, god knows. But you, you have to be there for them. Your day can actually revolve around them resulting in flashbacks of past as you make them understand something and while passing on the information you will be getting mixed feelings. So be prepared for a mental rollercoaster ride today.
Can you think of having a beautiful body without eating well? No, right? Feeding yourself is the first and foremost step to let your mechanism work then how can you forget about your mind? Your mental is the constitution of your physical health. Working out is not the only way to keep yourself happy, eating good is also there and is actually the best one out of all. Feed your mind good thoughts and your gut some healthy stuff along with a cheat meal of deserts or anything that boosts you up. Being focused is great but being unhappy is definitely not. 
Being everyone’s favorite and performing the role of ‘secret diary’ for everyone is a great thing but what about you? don’t you think you should sometimes just refuse to listen and be with yourself too? Today, you should refuse communication to introspect a little. Take a break from all the rants that you hear from your friends about their life problems. You also got errands to run, so why don’t you just prepare yourself up? Remember, to understand yourself you have to look deep into your mind and heart and for that, you need self-care time. So distancing yourself will be a great idea to make the best out of your day today.
Anger runs in the air today as you will be having a conflict with someone close. You decide not to fight at all but the external forces are very provoking. You might hear an unpleasant truth about you by the person you are in a fight with which will not only drench you down in realization but can also make you question your bond with them and that is okay. Disagreements often take things out which a normal conversation won’t. but you won’t believe that eventually, you both will resolve this issue as their opinions about you and the blame they put on you and vice-versa will make you guys realize that both of you were actually at fault somewhere or the other. 
Even though the burning fire settles down, the residues left due to the damage stays. This is exactly what happens when an argument is over. Although the debate is done and has to do nothing with the present and future of you and that person all that aggression, sadness and other negative feelings you experienced have not really left. Today, dealing with all of this will be a real task. Don’t push things to make them seem normal. If you don’t get that feeling, just don’t pretend it. Faking will not make it easier or realistic. The only that can heal this and can actually normalize this weird post-argument thing is time. Give each other time to understand and heal a little.
It is great to hope and have faith in things while you are working damn hard for them but today will be a day of reality. Things will hit you hard and some of them might come out as they were not supposed to in your head. The questions like, ‘what my effort, not enough?’ or ‘why is this happening to me?’ can catch in the middle and will keep irritating you but you need to understand one thing that things won’t go according to your plans always. There are external forces that have a lot of effects on your activities and that is why realities do not match with fantasies. This does not mean you are any less or your plan lacked something. It simply means two things, either you need to hold on more to it and have the patience or change the route and find a new path. Today you will have to decide between these two to build a better future.
Feeling all kid-like can happen today as you will have a strong flashback about your childhood. All the ways you used to take to get to your school, how you used to demand candies, how your parents took your tantrums and many more other things will cherish your day so get ready to have a bunch of feelings altogether. 
Today will be a very powerful day for you as a tricky, unexpected situation will arise and you, unlikely most of the time, will have the strength to handle it pretty well. Everyone will be all confused about how to deal with the trouble that came up but you will have all the answers. So, make everyone at peace with the idea of following you and eventually you will be the hero of the house.

Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride as today, hell loads of tasks are on your way. Your own to-do list plus all the humans around you demanding your time. You know why? Because your suggestions and advises lift them and help them in their tough situations. You will feel all exhausted as you will have to cover your tasks as well as in the meantime, you will have to take care of your friends too. It can all be very fussy but you will be doing it all together as your multi-tasking power is super strong. Even if you think you won’t be able to handle it, eventually you will.
You might feel that you have got so much of free-time and honestly, you really don’t want to spend anymore me-time. Meeting someone or maybe a group of your friends is a great idea of spending time but if you cannot meet then communication over the various online platforms that we have will be great. Call your friends and even the people you have not talked to in months. You know, sometimes the things that are far away can make you feel a lot more at home than your own home and in the same way today, the people who have been apart from you due to any possible have the chance to make you feel more comfortable than your close, daily ones. So, do not think much and just do it.

Praises, compliments, and thankyou-calls are on your way. You have been such a great human to so many people in their rough days and they will reach out to you today. Remember to not take this lightly. Your worst trait is that you forget valuing yourself some times. Today, do not limit yourself at all. Meet and talk to new people. Say yes to a new dish and try it out. Explore, discover and live for the new experiences.