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The Healing Power of Gemstones


The Healing Power of Gemstones

The healing property elements help in the balancing of body, mind, and spirit. There are a few elements that do the healing like energy Muse, gemstones and crystals. The astrological system notes that gemstones are related to the different planets and produce a balancing effect to counter specific diseases People have been using healing crystals and gemstones for various purposes. Researchers have been studying the healing properties of gems and found that different gems and stones had different effects on the human body. These have been used by ancient civilizations for thousands of years; the Egyptians, Aztecs, and some even turned them into jewelry, cosmetics, statues, showpieces, amulets, and much more. To unblock physical, mental and spiritual, Gemstones are used. They are considered as their powerful ability to unleash blocked elements.

Gems relate to specific energy waves and also our bodies have some kind of energetic vibrations. Both energies are like opposite polls which naturally receptive to each other. The vibrations of gemstones work in alignment with our body’s vibrations. That is why when these healing crystals and gemstones come in contact with our body, they produce a powerful vibratory. The passing of energy from the crystal to the body allows the energy to move freely throughout the body.

To connect our consciousness with our body we use tools such as Gemstones and healing crystals. Using them with a particular intention for transformation can prove to be a game-changer. There is a direct link between thoughts and direct energy. When our body energy is directed by thoughts, then in turn thoughts direct our body energy. And if you are using gemstones in the process, their vibrations and frequencies magnify those thoughts and intentions. If you want to find out which crystal gem is right and most beneficial for you? The best way to do so is Crystal Test. the crystal test allows us to find out the most effective and best crystals!

Crystals are formed deep within the heart of the Earth i.e. earth’s crust and some are formed even much deeper; gemstones contain an improbable amount of wisdom from experiencing the numerous transformations over millions and millions of years. To harness the full potential of a gemstone as a healing agent, you need to understand its meaning and other specific properties. In the way to get our highest potential, we need the help of gemstones. There are hundreds of different types of gemstones each bearing its unique characteristics and energy which help in the healing effects on our mind or body.

So, to get the maximum healing power of the crystal, choose the best crystal for you. A crystal should be selected with caution to get the best results. Yes, you have to think before choosing the best crystal for you but overthinking will do nothing good to you. So go with the flow of natural intuition. It will help you to make the right choice. You can choose the crystal based on its color, shape, form or size because this choice will be based on your intuition.

When thinking about which crystal to choose, notice which one of your eyes linger over the most. When crystals are paired with other crystals, they produce a powerful combination of healing vibrations which amplifies the results of healing even more.

According to history, Gemstones are known for its best use for the user like mystic healing and free flow of body energy. Harish Johari offers practical ways to utilize the power stored in gems based on the ancient Hindu disciplines of tantra, astrology, Ayurveda and his family tradition of gemology, to maximize physical and psychological balance and well-being.

In Sanskrit scriptures, there is a very important thing written about gems. They are valued for their ability which is based on the ability to absorb. It is also written that they transmit vital life forces. The origin of healing using gems can be traced to the earliest like many astrologers, Ayurvedic healers, and alchemists all used gems. They used to take the help of gems for their practices.

According to Hindu astrology, Gems carry some attributes and powers which they have gained from the sun and planets and legend. Gems are used as a tool to use the positive power of the planets. Gems also help in reducing the negative power of planets. One should wear a gemstone according to astrological sun sign and ascendant.

Let's have a peek into the powers and healing effects of popular gemstones-

  • Amber - The one glowing stone from ancient evergreen trees is 320 million years old and is called the stone of the sun. It comes in warm colors like orange, sunny brown and yellow. tones If you are having a mental or memory loss, you can use this stone. It also helps in purifying the body, some health problems like headaches, bone, and heart problems. It also helps with stress relieving and calming properties. IT balances emotions, brings good luck, eliminates fears and helps develop patience and wisdom.
  • Amethyst - The most popular purple color stone is on earth from the last 2000 years. It is used in bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, and other types of jewelry. It can heal, protect, or comfort if you are an insomniac. It also helps in health problems like arthritis, pain relief, and circulatory problems. It is also called the crystal of peace, balance, meditation, inner strength and courage.
  • Aquamarine - It is called the stone of trust. It has calming, soothing, and cleansing properties. It helps in healing and health problems from like stomach, liver, jaw, throat, teeth, ears and eyes. the gem of health, hope, fidelity and wealth. This helps from overcoming the fear of speaking.
  • Citrine – This comes in Orange, Yellow, and Brown color. This is called the stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. This gemstone helps in overcoming from ear problems. Citrine also promotes success and prosperity. It is warm and comforting, energizing and life-giving.
  • Garnet - This red color stone is known for deep love and compassion. It is known to promote romantic love, passion, sensuality, and intimacy. It also symbolizes protection. It helps people who have nightmares.
  • Lapis - This is a deep-blue metamorphic rock used as a semi-precious stone. It has double effects. In help in the problem of insomnia and depression. It is also helpful for persons who don't accept openness. It creates truthfulness, honesty, and creativity. It also unblocks all the negative energy of fear and envy from the soul.
  • Onyx - The most ancient stone is Onyx. It is known for its powerful energy. It is used to get somber beauty. Associated Is is also called the stone to activate spiritual powers. It helps in controlling emotions. Also known as a protector stone because it protects the wearer from the evil and death mares.
  • Pearl - The other names of pearl are Moti, Mukta, Moktim, Induratna, and Shaina. It helps in the flow of divine currents and symbolizes spirituality, purity, integrity, wisdom, feminine, etc. It is derived from ocean beds and worn as jewelry and stone. Known for soft glamour and attractiveness.
  • Peridot – It is called the birthstone of August and green in color. It is a stone of lightness and beauty. It heals stress in relationships, lessens anger and jealousy, and slows aging, the protects against nightmares.
  • Ruby – It is natural, deep pink or blood red-colored, a precious gemstone that allows overcoming fear. It is worn for success and growth. It is also known to increase integrity, devotion, passion, and happiness. If you want to bring good luck and fortune in the life of your loved ones, gift it to them.
  • Sapphire – These are loved for their color - striking blue color and called the stone of creativity. The bring out the true expression, inner peace, and meditation. It also represents honesty, purity, trust, and loyalty.
  • Topaz - One of the beautiful stones carrying natural color like pale yellow, and brown. This is considered one of the most powerful gemstones. It helps in mental clarity and protects from greed.
  • Turquoise – This is an opaque blue-green color stone. It is known for its meditation healing properties. It is also called a balancing stone. It protects from all evil souls and eyes.