April 3, 2020 Blog

3rd April 2020 Daily Horoscope


A little confusing day is on your way. Today, misunderstandings and conflicts can arrive due to confusion created over some work. Do whatever is possible to sort things out. Leaving it up or not putting efforts or not even keeping a check won’t help you get anything better so it would be great if you keep going on the path of solving stuff out. Your ambitious nature had lead to many great places and so it will to another one, anytime soon. Even if you feel all of this is getting quite rough on you, hang in there. Do not give up. If you survived this, you will be prepared for all upcoming bad scenarios because this by far is the worst turbulence of your life but has faith because it will be contributing to immense growth. 

Making choices and picking things out can be a hard task today. Your mind is certainly getting confused and is not working in your favor at all. Therefore, choosing one suitable option can be a tough job for you as you are not able to figure out the correct pros and cons of all the possible options around you and hence nothing can be done properly. Sparing sometime out from all this rush and taking a break could be the best idea. Re-think your ultimate purpose and then choose what is best for you but before all of this, relax your mind. You might feel today is the last day to all of this stuff but it truly is not. You can easily do it once your mind is calm.

One of your friends will really be a reality-check for you today. You are used to getting attention and praises but this one might not be that usual. The conversation will reveal all possible problems between you two following by a non-closure departure. Now, you must be thinking is the end of your friendship with them or is it a new start. Well, that is not completely up to you but it is mostly up to them. But before stepping forward or backward just take a moment and ask them. Ask the reason for all that unusual conversation and whatever happens in the end, should be the decision taken by both of you. Remember, if the pain of holding becomes more than the pain of leaving, it is time to let that thing(person) go,

You might feel pulled back today. Some forces who hold you back and do not let you move in the forward direction are present. But do you really think they are the outside ones? Well, honestly they are your own insecurities and self-doubting habit that is pulling you down. Deep inside, you always question your worth and consider yourself less than what people think you actually and that is not a very healthy habit. Your colleagues or anybody around has not much to do about all of this. Plan a motivating self-talk session or maybe you can attend a meditative session.

Prioritizing your expenses today is a must-do thing because it will highly affect your budget in the coming time. Cutting down is not required, just prioritize. The hierarchy of needs and wants are different and that is why separate them. Be very particular when you open your pocket to pay somewhere. Analyze and then decide whether or not you need to have this. It's not that you cannot afford, it is just that whether it is worth your hard-earned money or not.

Your perspective of putting quality over quantity is great but how will you pass it on in a condition where everyone is kind of pissed off at you? this is the current challenge for you. today, your main job is to make your peers understand how quality always wins and just like good things take time, good quality ideas and fulfillment of jobs in their best possible manner takes time. You have been famous for being a polite and responsible leader and hence this is one challenging task for you but does not fear at all. Make everyone understand and keep the good work going.

You are a secret diary to somebody and that friend of yours is now engaged in something they were really asking for. The sad part is you are not allowed with someone and it is a keep or dies situation just like do or die. If you spill that one blessing of their life out, you will be cursed by them, therefore, you need great distractions. Entertainment and travel ideas can help you with this so go for them without a second thought.

Sensitivity allows the feelings to be amplified. Today, everything will seem a little more large than usual. A random taunt will trigger all your regrets out in your mind. Same way, a little argument can make you very sad so you just need to be with yourself today. Fewer interactions and more of introspection should be done. Your mental, emotional and physical health will be a little deteriorated today but it is not permanent so do not spend much time being worried about it. remember than even the worst days have 24 hours so yeah, relax, eat good and keep yourself as calm as possible.

Your love life will be at a very high note today and you will be enjoying certain unexpected gifts and greetings. Coincidences will make you feel more alive and you will happier than ever before. Express yourself too. Holding back and analyzing is a gone thing now. Don’t trouble yourself to make things perfect. Sometimes messy and natural forms of actions are also appreciable. Apart from this, remember that reading your bank statement or checking your wallet, again and again, will not increase the money inside it. If you want money, you got to find some other ways to earn it.

Distancing yourself whenever required is great but remember there is a difference between being alone by choice and by alone due to addictions. Some people have been willing to see and hear from you but all you are doing is pushing them away by not reciprocating at all. This was, is and will always be incorrect. If somebody is coming up to you that does not mean they have something really serious to do with you. not everybody interacts for the sake of work or have lots of expectations from you. sometimes it’s just about a friend checking up on a friend. So, if someone does that, reciprocate. A person with good intentions doesn’t really come to your life every day.

A steaming debate that was initially just started as a leg-pulling session is now on the edge of being a huge fight altogether. So, there are two options available for you, either try winning it and end up losing your mate or leave it hanging and save your other intellectual buddy. See, it is not necessary to have similar opinions and if your perspective does not match theirs, you need to understand that nobody is at fault. It is just a matter of opinions and how to take things to yourself. The best would be letting this habit of taunting and pulling each other’s leg go because this can actually cause serious damage to your relationship.

You might be experiencing some problems with a family member or a really close friend today. It might affect you a lot more than you think but for once, if you will step out of your sensitive-emotional self, you will be realizing that it is not really a big problem. Your feelings for that person were the reason for all the overthinking but in reality, everything is in control. For now, all you need to do is escape this thing. Rather than discussing it, the idea of not considering this as a problem and moving on from it will the most beneficial one. So try to not look back and just let this feeling go.