April 1, 2020 Blog

1st April 2020 Daily Horoscope


Being harsh on yourself is not great. Restrictions sometimes lead your subconscious to the darker side of emotions, but it is beneficial for the conscious mind and body. Your values get strengthened by such behavior. Imposing rules and regulations on yourself is not an easy task either. Your brain fights your heart now and then to get things done. Self-discipline and consistency are the magical keys to achievement and success. Once understood, this combination applied anywhere can help you reach the heights. So, today when you feel low or maybe when you doubt yourself or wish to loosen up a little, remember the above-stated line, and you might be good to go.

Being happy and being healthy are two different things. Some people who don’t even have legs and feet to walk around are satisfied with their lives while some who have both are crying over theirs. Happiness, entertainment, and interests are very subjective topics and nothing you find satisfying needs to end up benefitting you. Choosing what is positive over deciding what’s fun should always be your principle. You can always spice annoying things up with your creative imagination. If something scares you, dress it up in a clown’s costume and make it dance. This way, you will be able to handle it in reality because your mind will know that it is not something spooky but all funny.

Get ready to be the one who will be waiting for others. Your excellent speed today will make others uncomfortable. This will not only make them catch you but also hate you because what they are doing in one hour, you will be completing in thirty to forty minutes. This not just makes you ahead of them but also gives you the edge of taking longer breaks as all your peers are taking more time than you plus the great habit of you flaunting your good things will also be cherished and will come out today. Although you hate being patient and being someone who has to wait for others, today, you won’t be that annoyed. The fact you do not feel wrong about waiting is that you are ahead of them. You are like a cloud in the sky for them which they madly want to chase and share the same level with. This only thought gives you chills and makes you feel good.

Today, all the eyes are on you. the initiative is not something you have been taking all this while but today is your time to try this thing which is completely new to you. of course, it will feel weird, but your friends and family expect this from you. Think of having fun and then do it. Make a plan and include everyone in it. simple and subtle. Keep it cool and not too much of a deal. Let it be your original idea than discussing it with others because too many cooks destroy the dish, so it’s better to be yours only.

Today is going to be great as you are in harmony with your family as well as friends. Such days will help you in recognizing yourself more. You will figure out the sort of person you are in a better sense. If you have been waiting to invest in something, now is the time to buy that. The advice given by your friends or financial advisors is not wrong. You can trust those. Talking to your colleagues and gelling up with them is something you should surely do. Your colleagues find you approachable, and you should prove them correct by communicating with them daily.


Uncertain events that took place earlier in your life will no longer be a matter of concern now. Better keep going than thinking of all this. Your good times are about to roll so cheer yourself up for some great food, people and of course, meet-ups and more fun. It might have been hard for a while, but you have the chance to be happy again today. Don’t miss it. Don’t let the past happenings control your present possibilities today. You have all the rights to be happy. The time to move forward and grab new things has arrived.

We have all heard that health is wealth and there is no doubt in that statement being accurate, but do you take this seriously. Your mental peace is not the only foundation or pillar of your life. Just because you love eating junk, and it makes you happy does not mean it is right for you. A balance should always be there between good and evil. Between healthy and junkie because if there won’t be, too much of anything can steal the happiness from you. Being gentle with yourself is acceptable but being too easy is not. Your physical health is as important as your mental health. Balancing both is the art of living. Understand this and get back to your diet and workout routine today.


Being successful is something you have always wanted, and today this desire is going to reach it’s highest height. Your agendas are your priority today, so don’t mind to leave the table if someone is not serving you the right amount of space. There are various opportunities for you when it comes to working and making money but staying away from monetary transactions can be helpful because the chances of loss are possible today. Remember this when you take your wallet out anywhere for additional payments. You are surely allowed to pay where you have to but save yourself from things that are pretty catchy but not required.


Being available for someone is great, but if the same person is not there for you, it is an awful feeling. So, don’t worry, you always have a chance to let such people go from your life. Communicate this issue. Talk to them about your feelings and if they do not understand or are not ready to see where they are at fault then try forgiving them and if you cannot later try to forget them and if you fail to do both than just let them go. You don’t always need to be one worrying about what happens next in the story. Choose your peace and happiness over theirs. If you chose them over you, you are just teaching them that you come second.


Possibilities for people are a changing topic. Over time the number of options they think of, changes. Therefore today, you need to sit with your younger ones. Siblings, friends, cousins, anybody who is younger to you. Conversate with them, and soon you will realize how younger people are full of numerous positive possibilities in their head, and that is what you need to take in your life. Remember, a winner is a dreamer who didn’t give up. If your mind gives up, your body will. It is all in the head.


It is a fantastic day for you as you will feel your intellect being grown up. Sharper than ever before, you will be loving the fact that your brain listens to your heart and is making the best possible solutions to fulfill what you want in life. Don’t take this day lightly like just another one because the alignment of stars today is in a position that will give immense benefit to some major aspects of your life.

Giving advice can be an important job today. You know how to turn supremely harsh reality checks into tolerable, soft and meaningful sentences. When a friend stops by to ask for it, remember to show this skill of yours. Trust your words and do not panic. You have to take this as a challenge, and you will surely be able to overcome it. Not everyone has this superpower of being an honest and straight forward person who does not hurt someone’s feelings. Your choice of words will make you a winner. Always.