March 16, 2020 Blog

16th March 2020 Daily Horoscope


Peace and harmony are present in your way when it is about family and friends. No occurrence of conflicts or arguments is present. Time for shared activities should be taken out as such days are very precious. Being available for your colleagues and your superiors are something you should be ready to do today. Financial decisions can be taken today as favorable outcomes are expected. Do not get to any decision without taking a bit of advice from your friends and advisors. Their judgments can be helpful to you.

Taking a break is great but stretching that up can pull you off track. Remember this when you feel like skipping your workout regime today because it has been since you worked out according to your capabilities and amount of fitness. It might be tough for you but remember to work and just work for yourself. The people around, your team, superiors, everyone will change in a while, what stays with you, are you?

Today is a day of self-care and hence everything or more specifically, everyone comes secondary. Your agendas are your priority today so don’t mind to leave the table if someone is not serving you the right amount of space. From your personal life, to work life and even your health, everything is going to put a little down but do not allow yourself to be sad. You have got this and remember even the worst of days have 24 hours in it.

Today the universe demands discipline and systematic organization i.e. a good plan from you, for you. The qualitative focus over quantitative concern should be given to everything. You will be needing a pool of ideas in your mind, do not forget to choose the best drop out of it and remember to make sub-plans to work on.

It is completely okay to feel confused sometimes about situations, decisions and all. Not everyone is always good at making the correct choice and that is okay, what are your friends and family for? Acting as a guiding light is something our loved ones have already done for us numerous times, so why not once again go and trouble them with your shortlisted options of something that you have been willing to do? Remember when you ask for help in the right places, you do not feel bad about it later. Remember the times you have been people’s shoulder and being that emotional supporter all the way? That will back to you anytime soon.

Today might be a day of conflict with friends and family where they end up making you feel sad about yourself. Have patience and let them do their part. Do not let it affect you in any possible manner. Your self-confidence is one of your biggest power and you should never let it go down because of anybody. Chances of having more complex problems than usual are high and you will have to find methods to solve them in any possible manner.

Listen to your motivated inner-self. If it tells you to run, go and run. Do not wait for anything to come up and then start with what you have been thinking of starting. Today is one of those beautiful days where your chances of getting closer to your goals are far more than any other usual day. There are forces around who want to and will help you reach your goal today by making you feel powerful and by supporting you.

Today is a day to focus on your personal life which specifically means your home. Make sure to fix all that is bothering you to make your home your happy place too. Everything demands time and if the right amount of time and effort is given with the required amount of patience, things grow to their best form. The same is the case here, you need to be patient enough while providing the right to time to understand.

Chances of having more complex problems than usual are high and you will have to find methods to solve them in any possible manner. Suffer from losses is also possible today. Remember this when you take your wallet out anywhere for unnecessary payments. Maintaining a natural, ray and unfiltered connection with someone can make your day better. Continue doing this today also, it is going to make you feel better Any exaggerated stuff and you might lose all that you have done to get that person.  

Excitement holds the gate for you but for now, you might feel all confused and delayed when it comes to your routine work. Relax and let it be, just do not worry because you will be realizing that this delay was beneficial for you. Don’t trouble yourself to make things perfect. Sometimes messy and natural forms of actions are also appreciable. Reading your bank statement or checking your wallet, again and again, will not increase the money inside it. If you want money, you got to find some other ways to earn it.

If you wish to take any major decision, either emotionally or work-life related, you can go for it today as even if you fail to take the right one, your happy hormones will not let you cry over it for long. There are forces around who want to and will help you reach your goal today by making you feel powerful and by supporting you.

Discuss your important issues with family and friends. Taking decisions alone is not always a great idea. Your work-life also demands more confidence in you. sometimes it is great to be in limelight and take the hold of things by yourself. You have the potential to get on the driving seat. Being a guide is great but sometimes you should surely come up and take the credit of the things you have been doing with great concentration and supreme efforts.