February 18, 2020 Blog

18th February 2020 daily horoscope


Listen to your motivated inner-self. If it tells you to run, go and run. Do not wait for anything to come up and then start with what you have been thinking of starting. Today is one of those beautiful days where your chances of getting closer to your goals are far more than any other usual day. There are forces around who want to and will help you reach your goal today by making you feel powerful and by supporting you.


Fitness is very important and practicing it more often is something that you need to learn, Taurus. Doing it once in a while might make you feel charged on that one day but to achieve your ultimate fitness goal, start exercising today. Health is the biggest investment you can make for yourself. You will be loved at your workplace today because of your openness and funny accepting attitude.

Friends are completely important and a little argument with one can lead us to a huge amount of drama and disagreement. You will get to know something about someone from your gang and that might hit you but try to guard yourself up from the later dramatic consequences of it. Everything demands time and if the right amount of time and effort is given with the required amount of patience, things grow to their best form. The Same is the case here, you need to be patient enough while providing the right to time to understand how and why this particular fact was hidden from you.

It is undoubtedly difficult to balance work and personal life especially when you are dealing with issues in both. Today is a day to focus on your personal life which specifically means your home. It is good to take care of everything but something that is your core should get extra attention and care. Same goes here, your home is your safe place and if that is getting disturbed due to any reason, that needs to be fixed first and believe it or not but that is one major reason for your stress also. Make sure to fix all that is bothering you in order to make your home your happy place too.

Spending money systematically I something everyone should always do. Today, you have a chance to do it. But whatever you wish to buy. Either it’s a laptop or a garment or even just a simple ring, buy it if you wish to and do not consider it as wasting money because it is required once in a while. Remember, today’s spending will be tomorrow’s investment. So don’t worry about spending today just go and get what you want but remember to choose wisely.

If you have finally found someone and have started walking the initial steps of knowing each other more then do not be worried if you do not really gel up for now. As it is just the starting, opening up too quickly can be difficult but that does not mean lack of interest. Don’t put your negative thoughts into action by imagining stuff like the departure of your partner rather realize the fact that they are making you a part of their daily routine. They want you in their life every day.

To walk properly you need to have a proper mechanism, an aligned posture and above all balance. Samee way in the work-life, in your personal life, to walk through relationship, projects, ideas and a lot more, you need balance. Do not procrastinate or rather delay things as you don’t know how much work will you might get.

Being the one who initiates is great, especially when you know that the other person or the thing you are putting efforts for is quite flat and silent. Giving the hold to someone for a while is great but if not initiating does not make you feel like your own self then it’s completely okay. Go grab it back. When it comes to a relationship, be analytical enough to know when and where you have to invest and how much your partner deserves. If you find them being too practical or being someone you really do not appreciate, step out of it right there. Rejection isn’t something to be afraid of, it is something to accept and later analyze for your betterment.

It is completely okay to feel confused sometimes about situations, decisions and all. Not everyone is always good at making the correct choice and that is okay, what are your friends and family for? Acting as a guiding light is something our loved ones have already done for us numerous times, so why not once again go and trouble them with your shortlisted options of something that you have been willing to do? Remember when you ask for help in the right places, you do not feel bad about it later.

You might have to make a compromise today as your working partner(s) might not understand or like your idea in the project. It is okay, do not stress over it, sometimes listening to others and going with the majority is also done. Remember the times you have been people’s shoulder and being that emotional supporter all the way? That will back to you anytime soon. Just do not lose hope and faith in it and keep the good work up.

It is a supremely amazing day for you, dear Aquarius. As today you will be having, good quality work as well as fun related, adventurous tasks too. It can be anything, saving your brownies from your sibling/partner and eating it while teasing them or completing the task before the deadline. The star alignment for you today brings immense goodness so do not forget to be happy and have fun.

Communication wins all. Remember this when there is a conflict and you wish to leave the argument. There may be a person who is putting in a lot of effort to make things work between you both but maybe you are too busy to notice or might be they are tiny enough that naked eyes cannot see it. Either way, them claiming about loving you is dissatisfying for you hence your patience level goes down to a hair-line but before taking any action, kindly analyze things because once it's done, it is done. The reversal of action is not really possible.