February 17, 2020 Blog

17th February 2020 daily horoscope



Arguments and conflicts teach you the biggest lesson and you are going to learn one today, Aries. Do not get high on the nerve. This unexpected thing can actually give you a very valuable lesson for life. But remember to not be harsh and keep in mind that you are not the person who will always be correct. We are humans and nobody is perfect so if you wish to knock your opponent down, do not forget to analyse before taking an action. There might be chances that the argument your opponent made was actually correct.

You are winning the battles that you ae constantly fighting. Remember this and give your some reward for being consistent and for not giving up.  Toda be happy and proud for your existence and keep going with the same energy that you’ve been carrying from long. Take your time before any monetary investment. Do not go on hear and say. Remember at the end it is your hard earned money and nobody else’s so putting it somewhere should majorly be your decision.

We have all heard he phrase “mind your own business” but very less use it in real life. Today you have to be the follower of this phrase and remember to make your entire life, your business. Do not focus on what people have for you. If their rock-solid opinions matter to you, then your own will thoughts will suffocate. Save yourself first. Just because they know some part of you does not mean they are living the life you ae living. Therefore their opinions should be secondary.

It’s a day of comfort, dear cancer. The world is going to set themselves according to you and your moods. Everything is going to fall into place and all your plans will be successful. If you are anywhere confused between what should be done and what should be left for later then do not panic about deciding it, the day will lead you to it. But don’t do the stupidity of spending too much of money or time somewhere. It will be a good day for you but these things can stop it from being the best.

The way you handle your entire self is different from others and sometimes this can lead to a minor conflict with someone. The way you spend your hard earned money  is completely different from others way of spending and that is fine. Be open to modifications and adjustments today. Sometimes it is good to remind yourself about the value of various things that we take for granted (money being one of those).

It’s great to work and work and work and be supremely committed to you goals but ask yourself once, am I happy? When was the last time you felt happy? Remember to make yourself happy before being anybody else. Think and analyse the things that went different and the ones who are stopping you from being happy. Isolation or solitude, whatever you want to call it, can be great tool for fixing your happiness meter. Do not neglect this.

There are some days when you get thoughts which you have been trying to avoid from so long even though they are the ones who will lead you to the path of correction, you are not willing to focus on them. Today is one such day but now you should stop running away from it. Procrastinating something this serious will not be fruitful for you in any possible manner.

It is great to have deeper relationships but remember to present your true self, scorpio. Do not use random information to connect with somebody. Being your honest self and passing your own information to gel up with the person will be an ideal thing, basically your thing. Do not let any other information which certainly has not much to benefit either of you, pass on.

When you are happy with someone, there are chances that others are not happy about that and therefore they try to create a conflict by whispering some not-so-true statements in order facilitate the arguments and to disturb the bond that you both are sharing. Chances are that today you might end a long argument with someone, that one cold war that was going on will end up soon and you will realise that it was nothing but somebody else trying to hamper the bond between you and your friend.

Some days even the stars in your favour and today is one such day. Plans, meeting, workouts, you have got it all aligned dear Capricorn. Your energy today is top notch and luckily you have people around who have been helping you to sail your ship. Be grateful to them as well, they have been there without you asking for it. Plan an adventure and remember to include your favourite lot of people in it.

Your thoughts might not be your best friend. Remember this when there’s an ongoing thought of buying something new as your pocket might go empty. Business deals are in great amount today but that doesn’t allow you to be all chill and relaxed. Keep moving forward. Remember that people who say they  want the best for you might just be saying so just for the sake of it. Especially, when it comes to your heart and emotions.

There is so much that is going on in your life currently. There must be things that you find depressing and upsetting but by the end of the day, they will all vanish away. Today will be a subtle, basic day. Do not carry high hopes of having great opportunities but the great thing is that you do not need to commit to something for now. No amount of tensions and worries should cater your heed as all you need to do right now is set yourself free and move the steering of your life in the direction of good vibes.