February 17, 2020 Blog

Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Get Depressed


Depression is a serious mental health condition that causes a feeling of sadness, loss of interest in daily activities, anxiety, etc. Depression is a disorder that can have a huge impact on our physical and mental health. According to astrologers, depression is associated with zodiac signs and some of the signs are prone to sadness and depression than others. Mostly, those zodiac signs who are more emotional are more likely to get depressed. Here are zodiac signs that are more likely to get depressed:

  • Pisces
    Pisces is the zodiac that is more likely to suffer from depression. This zodiac sign is born depressed and they tend to self-sacrifice. These people can be loving and kind but can be self-destructive and out of touch with reality. They have a dreamy outlook towards life which is not the reality that leaves them disappointed in real life. When Pisceans gets depressed, this is because they can’t get hold of their lives. They always choose to suffer in silence and try to keep their chin up, when it’s hard for them because they don’t want their loved ones to feel bad about it. Now to avoid depression, Pisceans should stop trying to please everyone around them. 

  • Cancer
    Cancer is another zodiac sign that has a huge likelihood to get depressed. These people are sensitive, compassionate but they often feel no one cares about them. Cancer is the ‘mother’ of the zodiac, those born under this sign need to be loved. They need to feel happy and emotionally secure in life.

    Their depression comes as a result of getting involved in other people’s lives and the fact they can’t get over the sadness they feel. Cancerians also find it difficult to open up about their emotional desires and needs, so they choose to suffer in silence which results with depression. They can handle their depression by surrounding themselves with family and friends who will understand their feelings. 

  • Scorpio
    Scorpio is a sign that feels emotions deeply, so it’s no surprise that this sign tends to suffer from depression than other zodiac signs. Scorpios are emotionally invested in their relationships, that means when their relationships don’t work they become anxious and sad. Some of the triggers of scorpio’s depression are separation and loss. But, scorpio’s will never admit that they are sad and vulnerable because of fear that someone might use it against them. To avoid sadness, they need to learn how to control their emotions. They would benefit from a friend with whom they can share their deepest thoughts. 

  • Capricorn
    Capricorn is another zodiac sign that is prone to depression for different reasons. Even though people who are born under this zodiac sign tend to be calm under pressure but they can end up with major depression. Capricorns are gloomy and also close-minded by nature and are used to desperate situations, so depression is not a big deal for them.

    They often feel like they are responsible for everything and when they don’t live up to their expectations, the guilt sets in and they can become depressed quickly. They need to trust themselves and choose a few friends on whom they can rely and share feelings when they are sad. 

  • Gemini
    Geminis are complicated people who are prone to experiencing extreme emotions, whether they are good or bad. The zodiac sign is symbolized by the twins that mean these people have two different sides to their personalities. Geminis are also highly intelligent and talkative people and they are prone to get depressed if they have a boring routine or find themselves in a position where they are not able to express their feelings.