February 15, 2020 Blog

15th February daily horoscope


The moon encourages you to dig deep most of today, for the most part, it’s natural to do so and you tend to benefit from some strategy. Consider getting in touch with your deeper needs is essential in this time for your lunar cycle and devoting your time to observe. Find ways to concentrate on today for best results, but also to compromise.

The moon continues to highlight your need for feedback or on the situation most of the day. You might feel divided between work and play today with the sun at the top, which encourages to deal you with the responsibilities. It might get challenging to be present emotionally with various needs competing for your time. While your need for reassurance and ambitions seems to be at the cross-purposes. 

The moon spends most of the day in health and work sector, which encourages you to handle practical affairs. It’s a clash with Sunday suggest some tension fitting in everything you are looking to do. It becomes vital to find ways to compromise and maintain the balance between the two. Try to avoid pushing yourself, while you can find problems difficult to ignore. Today’s quarter moon will help you to make most of the challenges as they seem to motivate you to make improvements. 

Today’s moon transit reminds you of the need for the light fun. You might need that extra spark, even if it means to pull you off from course temporarily. Taking out time for personal enjoyment is important at this time of the month. While there are chances that Moon-Sun square can create tension, it’s the kind of stress that will motivate you to make changes that benefit you. 

The Moon’s transits continue to encourage you to slow down, you are more reflective than usual, prefers familiar places. Sharing activities that can help you to regroup can be useful for the compromise. You might need to centre yourself and get comfortable for a bit so that you can share yourself more freely. Some tension is possible but it would motivate you to take care of the problems. 

The moon spends most of the day in the communication sector encouraging to speak out. It’s a perfect day to pursue your personal desires and following your curiosity. You might be a part of a larger cycle which pushes your work, health, wellness and today’s Moon-Sun square seems to tell the difference. You might end up trying to do it all but it can be stressful, so a compromise can work for you. It’s better to keep your options open instead of locking something down. 

You continue to look for more comfort and predictability, it’s a time to slow down and look for yourself. With the current transit of the Sun in your pleasure sector which encourages you to share and express about yourself, there can be an internal struggle from time to time. You might get torn between trying for new things and looking to stick what’s comfortable for you. Today you need to strike a balance.

In many ways, you are clearer about you feel today, you would rather set the pace and let your emotions come out. It can be challenging to integrate your needs with the powerful desire to stick what’s most familiar and safe. There are other ways to express yourself today and loving feelings are easy to tap. Communicating your feelings is important now and love will inspire you. 

Until near the end of the day, the Moon is in the private sector today. This incline you to keep the things to yourself to more than express them. The current Sun’s position in your solar chart is to encourage you to do sharing, collaborating, etc. Tackle your areas of guilt that might be preventing you from taking the break you deserve. You need both quiet time and interactions with others and looking for the right balance is tricky. 

You desire to enjoy things and to experiment with new possibilities. From this minor struggle, you feel motivated to make some meaningful changes and plenty of improvements in your life. If this tension plays a part in your relationships, the strain can feel motivating. Today you can learn about what can you do or cannot do. 

The moon continues to spend the time on top of your solar chart. You are investing plenty of energy into your ambitions and performance for this time of the month. You might have to compromise today and you will have to make some changes in your life. There can be an obstacle to manage but it’s merely a checkpoint. 

New surroundings can be in the order and it would be refreshing for you. The Sun has been encouraging you to move forward and take things easy. Second-guessing or a decision is possible now and this might help you to pace your day. It’s better to avoid your life overloading with certain things.