February 14, 2020 Blog

14th February 2020 daily Horoscope


‘Past is something we can never change’, remember this when you find yourself cribbing about all the wrong steps you have taken in the last few years of your life. Today you might get a chance to start a new project, a romantic relationship or maybe something that you were actually willing to do but only when you open your mind up which means having a broad mindset is really essential for you to get where you want to be. Do not pressurize yourself for mastering each and everything you wish to do. Sometimes it’s okay to do things in a mediocre way.

Leading the way out and being the head has always been something you love and continue doing it makes you happy but today, just for a while, let someone else handle the steering wheel of your car. You undoubtedly have a choice to decide that who is going to take over but do not boss up, let them be the leader today. Letting go is not always about the loss, sometimes you win as the weight gets off from your shoulders and the journey becomes easier than ever before.

Today is a day of self-care and hence everything or more specifically, everyone comes secondary. Your own agendas are your priority today so don’t mind to leave the table if someone is not serving you the right amount of space. Also, you can literally slam the person down who isn’t contributing to your priorities. Making everyone happy isn’t possible, you are not Nutella, remember this when you are about to get indulged in a debate-cum-fight with someone you consider your friend. Various groups have various ideas and opinions but trying to fit in one such group by leaving your own opinions and trying to adopt theirs just so you get along with them is something you should never do. People respect the originality because real is so rare these days.

Promoting your own self is very important. Honor and pride are not always for the sake of showing the world how amazing you are, sometimes it's more about satisfying your own self. Running after perfection is great but honesty is far better than stubbornness. Knowing yourself and trying to genuinely improve is something you really need to do. Be attentive and very careful with your work-life because the hurdles which are about to arrive can only be crossed if you look and understand them properly.

Being confident and self-obsessed are some of the things you are habitual to but dear Leo, don’t forget to not cross the line and jump into narcissism. Boosting your ego up to a certain limit is great but as an excess of everything is bad, the increased ego can also pin you down. Play your daily game strong by being careful about your surroundings which might include some friend looking, enemies.

Remember your everyday, usual worries? Forget about them as today they will not bother you much. You may feel that your life is taking a step into some new positively filled phase and your this feeling is absolutely correct. This might distract you from the entire world and therefore the important tasks that require your attention might not be fulfilled in a proper manner. As you are not in our full concentrated mood, avoid making commitments because later, the chances of regret might come along.

It’s great to be a leader and a guiding light when people ask for your guidance but what if your group does not really want you. Sometimes your ideas might be a ‘too much’ for them and hence they don’t feel like following you, what will you do then? The answer to this is to be more productive, to focus on your own self a little more instead of thinking that everybody else is not working up to the mark. Having a positive attitude and believing in your instinct will help you survive the day better.

Sometimes we are so focused on something that we forget there exists a world out of that one focused thing as well. The same has happened to you, Scorpio. You forgot the fact that something you will willing to finish is already done. So, what’s next? Take a break, slow a notch down and relax today. Realizing that the ones you wanted to stay with are long gone and might not come back but that’s not something to be worried about. The real ones never leave. Running after making yourself better is great but being hard enough to not see how much you’ve grown should not be done. Focus on praising yourself first.

Sooner or later we get what we want but sometimes we are blinded by so many things that the arrival of something we have always wanted gets out of our mind and we are not able to realis the happiness that comes with it. Today is one such day for you, dear Sagittarius, as something you were madly waiting for comes up. It might not fulfill your physical expectations but will definitely be the best fit if you change yourself for it. The good choices you made in past will pay you off today and you will probably end up in some luxurious surroundings nearby.

Chances of conflicts are present in one of your relationships which will definitely demand some sort of compromise on your end. You will get all aggressive but putting this harsh feeling under the table would be a great choice. Holding your needs back just to solve the issue and putting the other person’s point above yours should not be done. Do not forget your importance and discuss what to do next rather than fighting over what happened.

You always liked to be a workaholic but someone in your office is likely to cause you some serious trouble today. This might put in a situation of self-doubt and you may have to disconnect your personal life for a while to resolve the issue created by him or her. The good part about this is that you will be rewarded with happy hormones rather than stress and later you will realize that this actually made you learn a lot. Don’t see it as a problem, rather consider it as an opportunity.

It’s good to have opinions and being confident about your beliefs but remember not everybody wants and even deserves to know that. Your detailed explanation might irritate some around and you might end up being undervalued by others. It's okay, stay open to compromises as various opinions might just juggle up which can cause a debate. Try to avoid one such situation in order to survive the day better.