February 3, 2020 Blog

3rd February 2020 Horoscope


Aries (Mar-20-Apr-19)
You may have a frustrating day ahead and you need to get prepared for it. Try not to get involved in any kind of argument at your work place as it may hamper your career growth. The day begins with domestic confrontations. You may want to ignore them but these confrontations are not going to leave you. Due to your sucking love life, you are feeling helpless but today is not the day to feel so. You need to be strong enough to take important actions. If someone is least bothered about you and your love, just let them go. Some unexpected financial loss will happen. Some property dispute will indulge you into issues, communication is the key to resolve. Investing in new venture or stock market will bring you bad luck, avoid that. 

Taurus (Apr-20-May-20)
Today is going to be a great day for you . For the businessmen, try to be simply careful about financial investments, so that you may not end up with any kind of bad investments. Try to take help from your colleagues and friends around so that things become easy for you. for medical and legal persons, today is a day that will bring along opportunities that will open new doors to future successes. At professional front, something new in terms of achievement is on cards. Your seniors would be helpful and would like to promote you as well. Professionally this is the best time to tackle all those projects which had seemed hopeless to you. You may get some financial gains as well but don't overspend. People who are single may get the option to meet new friends and love interest as well. Health front will be stable. Blue colour may bring you luck today.

Gemini (May-21-Jun-20)
Today will be a busy day. The day may get tiring as it progresses and may make you feel as if there is no free time for you. Work pressure and deadlines will occupy your thoughts and you are likely to feel a little overwhelmed. You have to maintain and adopt a balancing approach between office life and social life. Some family issues need your immediate attention. Unwind during the second half of the day so that you can give attention to urgent matters. Your health can create trouble for you, specially your back pain health problem. Visit a doctor asap. Financial gain is on cards. Something in green will bring you luck today.

Cancer (Jun-21-Jul-21)
Today is going to be very unpredictable. You are focused on wealth creating activities and can even go beyond your abilities to create such opportunities. Just be cautious about frauds and trusting someone easily. There are many kinds of frauds roaming around and you need to be extra cautious while dealing with them. A little time spent with your partner will do you good. Be polite and courteous with your colleagues today as you may need their help in an important project today. In your married life, some good news is on cards. Your partner is happy with you. There will a small monetary loss, but will be recovered in future. Love is coming in your life. Health front will be stable. Something in black may bring you luck today. 

Leo (Jul-22-Aug-21)
Today will be a great day to start a daily workout routine and stick with it. You simply draw up a plan and start with it. Today is a day to bring about changes in you as your work ethics may enable you to overcome these challenges occurring in your life. You need to pay extra attention to your finances. There could be frugality for the time being. Try to give time to your love life else you relationship will be in trouble. Concentrate on your lover and let distractions go away a bit. Trust is the main building block of a relationship and time has come that you show your trust in your partner, don't complicate your relationship. Singles plan your date and express your feelings. Something in red may bring you luck today. 

Virgo (Aug-22-Sep-21)
Today will be an occupied day. You are working with complete dedication towards fulfilling your wishes and goals. The day is perfect to make advancements towards this process as well. Your emotional state may suppress your physical state and may pose some problems for you but with strong will power , nothing that can stop you from getting success in career. Businessmen, be an opportunist, just grab the opportunity.  New venture will reap benefits and expansion plans are on cards. Your health will be on a good side and will support you immensely. Singles get ready to mingle. Go green.

Libra (Sep-22-Oct-21)
Today is a day to relieve yourself out of stress. You need to pay some attention to the loved ones and spend some quality time with them. However, you may find it hard and challenging to do so. You need to ensure that you are able to make a balance between your professional and personal life. The day is also good for some romantic moments. Don't hold your feelings, just go with the flow. Go and meet with an old friend. You will feel happy and satisfied. A long overdue legal matters will come to an end but unfortunately it will not be in your favour. Businessmen, don't give advice to anyone, although you are doing it with good intentions but your attitude can create trouble for you. Singles wait for good time to come and just enjoy being single. Something in yellow may bring you luck today.

Scorpio (Oct-22-Nov-21)
Today is going to be tough day for you. You need to work on your communication  skills and help people around as well. Your main strength is to look for effective solutions to problems in life. Those who are in project management may find a new project to handle today. your finances may trouble you and this would be an indication to practice frugality. You need to be wise in investments and eliminating unnecessary expenses to get back on track. The day is not good for romantic liaison though. Health is wealth is the mantra for today. Go for blue.

Sagittarius (Nov-22-Dec-21)
Today will be a good and great day. You will become the centre of attraction at your work place today and may get rewards for your hard work as well. Just be careful of the opposite gender and make your will power strong so that you are not easily attracted towards them. You need to focus on your work and avoid any kind of unnecessary distractions. In your love life, time has come that you cement your friendship with a formal proposal. Do not hold back, you are headed for happiness on the romance front.  If you have some issues at home, discuss with your family and elders, take help from them. Health front will be stable. Monetary gains are expected. Purchase of a new equipment is possible today. Something in brown may bring you luck today. 

Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan-19)
The day is pretty balanced for you today. Many opportunities come on your doorstep in different aspects of life. You need to make sure that you are ready to grab all these opportunities and that too at the right time. You should follow your instincts to go for that financial investment today. If you have already set any goals for today, they will get fulfilled today. The need is only to keep your senses at the right place and make the right decisions. You possess the potential to take up all the issues coming at family front. Good businessmen are those who are opportunist, just  grab the bold ideas today. You can go for business expansion plans also. Health front  of parents will be little unstable, give proper care to them. Something in black will bring you luck.

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb-18)
The day looks to be really optimistic for you. Start with fitness goals, healthy mind and healthy body are signs of healthy life. You love being the centre of attraction and today this desire gets fulfilled. The cosmic stars are working in your favor and trying their best to get you the best things in life. You enjoy the attention at your workplace, get rewards for your new business ideas, get pampered by your loved ones, and life seems to be a fairy tale today. There may be a surprise visit by an old friend that will take you down the memory lane. The evening will be spent in your friend’s company and you will feel refresh for the next day. Businessmen, go for a new venture, stars are in your favour. New hopes will come into your life.

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-19)
Good time is on cards today. Try to focus on spiritual matters today and keep yourself away from any kind of disillusionment. Try to put everything which is concerning you today on a back burner and let go off our mind horses. Some major financial gains are expected. Professional front is going to be stable but don't be overconfident, try to finish your pending projects on time.  Stay away from gossipmongers in office. Personal front will be cool, love is all around and you can plan a romantic dinner and spoil your partner with your attention. You can also get interested towards any activity that can generate some kind of social benefit.Health front need to be given attention, don't ignore small problems, go to doctor. Your immune system may be a matter of concern and you may not feel so energetic for this. White colour may bring you luck today.