January 20, 2020 Blog

20th Jan 2020 Horoscope


 Aries (Mar-20-Apr-19)

 The day is perfect to improve your family life. Being a workaholic, you tend to ignore your family. However, today you realize this fact and you may have to make efforts to change this situation. This may involve some pampering on your part and even taking out some time from your busy work schedule for them. At your professional, it's time to showcase your talent. You will get a job hike or job promotion and seniors will reward you for your hard work. Spending good time with friends will bring you out of the feeling of broken relationship and loneliness. New venture benefits are on the cards, it will reap benefits in future. Health is wealth and to maintain this you have to do something for it. Take proper care of your health. Something in red will bring you luck today.


Taurus (Apr-20-May-20)

Today will be decision making day. You may be at a point where you may have to make a crucial decision in your life and that too without wasting any time. However, try to look at all the aspects and the results before making any harsh decision. At family front, celebration is on cards. You will be welcoming a new member in the family. Spent good time with family will keep you happy and satisfied. Family will be your priority. At professional front, cards are showing stable position. You may be able to get into a beneficial alliance related to your business and eventually you would be elated. You will get some monetary gains. Singles will meet someone who really loves you. Avoid traveling for the day . Something in golden will bring you luck today.

Gemini (May-21-Jun-20)

Today is a good day and the day to enjoy your health. All positivity flowing in your life. The cosmic stars are in your favor and you can expect all the good things to take place today. Enjoy sharing responsibilities at home and relax. Remember family time is the most important thing in life. Small issues at workplace will keep you tensed but with your quick decisions, you will be overcome. However, you need to be vigilant when it comes to money matters as there may be some threat over your savings today. Today you will meet someone whom you  love but were not able to express your feelings, positive energy is flowing from both sides. Just go ahead and express your feelings. At health front, special attention  is required. Something in green will bring you luck.

Cancer (Jun-21-Jul-21)

Today you might be more attracted to someone whom you really love. Go ahead and give it a shot. You may have made plans to go for a trip today. However, you may have to make some changes in your plan. Avoid going out for the day. Stars are in adverse position and chances of accident can cause you some physical harm. Even small injury will trouble you life long, so avoid it. In office you are not liking some situations and changes done. You may feel uneasy and disturbed due to these changes and it may increase your stress level. If you are not happy with the changes, do raise your voice. Patience is the key. financial benefits will help you overcome difficulties in meeting expenses. Love and affection with spouse will blossom your day. Something in black may bring you luck today. 

Leo (Jul-22-Aug-21)

You will also experience mood swings throughout the day. Do not lose your temper as you will only end up losing out on your cordial and healthy relations. Moreover, you may also have to go through an ugly spat with your spouse today which may further spoil your mood. However, do not endanger your married life and be firm. At professional front, you will have things going smooth. In office, you are likely to get accounted for the same. Relative positions of the planets is not good for your love life. Financial front will be unstable but no monetary loss is expected. Health front of parents need to be given special attention. Go for yellow.

 Virgo (Aug-22-Sep-21)

Today is a wonderful day. The day will bring along opportunities and you will get recognition in office. You love challenges coming to your way and your seniors will recognize your efforts. Persons in medical and legal profession are going to get very good opprtunity, just grab it. Wonderful day to meet old friends and  to cherish old memories. Outing with friends is good for the day. today. Singles don't plan a date, someone can mess up your date. Today is not the day to get involved into arguments with people who have been misbehaving with you. Couples you can move to next level of your relationship and express your sexual desired. Married couples can plan baby. Businessmen, go for investment, any kind of investment will reap you benefits today. Health front is going well. Something in blue will bring you luck today.

Libra (Sep-22-Oct-21)

Today will be a day full of romantic waves flowing rapidly in your life. Enjoy every bit of it. You get to enjoy a strong emotional bond with your loved one. Moreover, a progressive day awaits you but you need to keep a check on yourself while enjoying yourself. Try not to ignore your friends while indulging in group activities. Some relative can create trouble in your family bonding but being a responsible person, you will be remove the miscommunications. Your high spirit and confidence will give you recognition in office. Health front will be smooth. Black is your favourite colour, it may bring you luck.

Scorpio (Oct-22-Nov-21)

Today is your day and just spend the day for you. Today you may feel the urge to have a marked improvement in your physical attitude as well as your physical appearance. This will help you to climb up the popularity charts among your friends and social circle. You will be able to keep people under your charm and positivity. Stars in your sign are in favourable position. So, keep your spirit high and be confident to achieve your desires. Your spouse will make your day. Romance and love will give you happiness. Financial front will be favorable. investment in any new venture is on cards. Health will be perfect. Something in blue will bring you luck today.

 Sagittarius (Nov-22-Dec-21)

Change is inevitable and make sure you are ready to accept this. Weakness and strength are two sides of coins which completes you.  Good professionals accept their weaknesses and try to overcome from it. Soon, your weaknesses will become your strength. Something new in your life in terms of love is coming your way. Love is important. Businessmen, try to avoid taking hasty decisions. Financial loss is expected, so avoid any kind of exchange of money. Couples avoid arguments with partner. For singles, today is the perfect day to express your love for someone. Follow your heart and just go ahead.


Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan-19)

Today you have to balance your day. You may have to indulge in work and business deals while your family is going for a celebration. You may even have to go for a business trip in the evening. Thus, the day would be spent achieving professional goals rather than enjoying family celebrations. But remember family is your priority and you have to take out time for it. Monetary benefits of today will make you financially strong to meet your expenses. Avoid any expansion in business and don't take major decisions in hurry. Physical fitness is the mantra for today. Couples can plan a romantic date. Something in purple will bring you luck today.

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb-18)

Today may be something different. You are a hard working person, but today you may not be able to concentrate on your work. This may cause a little distraction from your work and even hamper your good reputation in front of your seniors. However, do not accept defeat. Try to concentrate on little things and make sure that you do not let your work suffer due to this. You believe social life keeps you happy. Take out sometime in the evening to meet your friends but first meet your deadlines. Healthy arguments with partner will strong your bonding. Need to balance financials and extra expenses else you will be empty pocket at the end of the month. Singles can meet their dream lover. Red colour may bring you luck today.

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-19)

This is just a temporary phase and everything will be alright soon. You have been facing some hard times lately. However, from today, things would be a little different. There may be new opportunities and new avenues opening up for you. You just need to be a little alert to catch hold of these and make things work in your favor. Keeping optimistic approach can find solutions for you. Family insecurity in terms of financials would bring you down but never lose hope. Monetary situation is unstable and also avoid doing any kind of investment in new business. Health will be fine. Green colour may bring you luck today.