December 20, 2020 Blog

20th December Daily Horoscope


Aries (Mar-20-Apr-19)

Today you will get an opportunity to relax after many days of hard work at the office. You just completed a major project at the workplace and your superiors will be rather pleased with your efforts. Family time and me-time is on the cards so you can very well expect a stress-free Monday. Monetary flow is on cards. Singles may get frustrated as they may not get any likeminded person today. Remember one thing, nobody is perfect. Health front will be stable. Something in white will bring you luck today. 

Taurus (Apr-20-May-20)

Today will be a good day. Your streak of good health after a prolonged period of illness will continue today. You will feel energetic and will find yourself gaining strength to get things done at the home and workplace. You will be able to take the responsibilities for a  family event. Your finances will be largely positive. For businessmen, new investment plans will work out well. Lovers good day to plan a date and singles will meet their likeminded person today. Red colour may bring you luck today. 

Gemini (May-21-Jun-20)

Today will be a mixed day. You cannot ignore your problems and move away as they are bound to hamper your way at one point or other. Your energy will help you to form a bright outlook. The day is favourable to express your views, opinions and desires strongly. Go after what you truly desire and you are likely to reach your goals. Try to reconnect with old pals. The feelings of love and affection will blossom between you and your partner. Health front need special attention, specially heart patients.

Cancer (Jun-21-Jul-21)

Today will be hectic day. There is a lot on your to-do list right and you are very cautious and feeling the need to complete. But it doesn't mean that you should increase your stress levels. You should think about it, being busy is a good thing but to other people's lives you are important. Being modest about your accomplishments is good but overdo of anything will not do good to you. Time has come for you to think a bit of yourself instead of your partner's desired. At professional front, you need to objectively show how valuable you are in the organisation. Health will be perfect. Something in yellow will bring you luck.

Leo (Jul-22-Aug-21)

Today will be wonderful day. You are feeling very positive and your positiveness will bring you success. You extra courage will make you do some extra ordinary tasks. Your financial position will be average but good time will come soon. You have to extra careful about your health. If you are going for the purchase of a vehicle then stars are not showing profitable deal, you should postpone it for some time. Your personal front will be little disturbed, don't indulge with your spouse into any kind of arguments. Communication is the key to solve problems. Something in black can bring you luck today. 

Virgo (Aug-22-Sep-21)

Today is the best day of the week. Today, you should use the charm of your personality. Your combination of cold logic and a warm smile will help you to gain an advantage over the competition.  Still be ready with the facts to support you. Business man, good time is on cards. Just remember, before you start any kind of negotiation, keep ready with all the information. Do your research, and no one can disagree with your findings. As long as you have trust in your partner, your relationship will stay strong. Something in blue will bring you luck today. 

Libra (Sep-22-Oct-21)

Today you will be a good day. Your strong intuition will help you to make all the right decisions for sure. You are ready to take some risks. Future investment plans and expansion plans will reap you benefits. The air may be filled with emotions today. Good time to enjoy with your loved ones. Singles go on a date with your partner. Spoil your partner with all attention. Financial gain is expected but don't overspend. Health is wealth and this is the mantra for today. Something in blue will bring you luck today.

Scorpio (Oct-22-Nov-21)

Today is the day of depression. You are going through financial crisis but due to some family emergency, you have to incur expenditures. You might get negativity from all aspects of life. You need to keep patience.  You need to do some meditation or yoga to keep yourself out of stress. Be cautious while going on journey, chances that you have loss of money, luggage etc. Lovers you will be filled with love and affection. You will feel  passionate and will enjoy the company with each other. Be careful about your health, specially persons with high blood pressure problem. Good time will start after 6.20PM.

Sagittarius (Nov-22-Dec-21)

The day is going to be very occupied. You are not in a mood to listen to others. Though people want to speak about their problems to you, today is not the day for this. Professionally you can grow and have success. Your love life can spoil you because of some stranger interfering between. Good news is on the cards, could be your new house, new car or something else. Health fitness is the mantra for today and keep yourself healthy and energetic today. Go for purple.

Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan-19)

Today will be unusual day. You shouldn't abandon anyone who needs you to be on their side, but you also shouldn't stick around too long to deal with any of the messy aftermath. You have all the knowledge and skills to do office work but your lacking confidence is creating troubles for you. A different type of insecurity will hamper your success.  Lovers bad time will deteriorate your relationship but with this time will pass soon. Family front will be little disturbed. Health front need some attention. 

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb-18)

Today you will feel slightly depressed. You will feel demotivated at office. Office politics is hampering your work progress. You need to avoid riding or driving for today. Better take some public transport.  Investment in speculation will be okay. You need to understand that difference of with spouse makes relationship strong. So take it negatively and avoid any kind of argument. For your love life, today will be a little tensed day. Think twice before using harsh words otherwise you will get into unnecessary problem. Health front will be perfect .

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-19)

Today your day will be bright. It's a great day to enjoy with family at the comfort of your home. You've worked very hard to build the family strong and happy. You need to relax and feel comfortable, so enjoy every single moment with them. If you are planning to go out in order to have fun, stay close to home because stars are not favourable for outing. Get back in touch with the simpler things in life. At personal front, your spouse and kids will be happy with you . Singles, if planning a date, just cancel your plans, some stranger might spoil your date.  Your sincere efforts will get you success in all corners of life. Something in red may bring you luck today.