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December love horoscope for all zodiac signs


It’s the last month of the year and everyone must be thrilled to end the year on a good note. Hopefully, for their love matters, they need to know about their love horoscope. Here is the love horoscope for all zodiac signs. 

Aries Monthly Love Horoscope (March 21-April 20) 

You should not put your travels on hold for any longer. Now is the perfect time to utilize any long-distance connections which you might have. This will prove positive in creating a friendship that will share your views. Exchange of heart and thoughts is stored for you this month. Your immediate past has had lots of highs and lows that you have had to deal with. It’s no wonder that you tend to feel the way you do. Your future holds a bright light for you. As you will redirect your attitudes, you will feel your values becoming stronger and your ideals more inspired. 

Taurus Monthly Love Horoscope (April 21-May 21) 

You can be addicted to the thrill of getting to know a person inside and out. Intensity is especially important for you now. It’s time to move on to issues that relate more to others than you. Past issues will get settle themselves. Your desire for exploring the secrets of sex and love increases as you will feel more alive than usual. You should revaluate yourself and what your intentions are. You will surprise yourself and others in how much you change for the better. Unveil your romantic talent and strengths. This will prove positive for you in the end.

Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope (May 22-June 21) 

Your consideration will be more on your romance, friendships even professional relationships in this month. Now is the time to be social. Check-in with contacts, make that necessary phone calls, etc. If you want to see success in your personal life, this should be done. You can now enjoy the social game while making connections with lovers and they can be quite tempting. Polish up on your people skills and work on redefining them. You will now seem to ignore the sexual needs as you are focusing on those of your partner. It will be good for you to look forward to your lover for a stable relationship. Close ties with friends, families all are prospering. It would be wise to think of situations in your life in terms of us instead of me. 

Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope (June 22-July 21)

Love might be complicated this month but this won’t be boring. Changes are on the horizon for you personally and professionally in dealing with diet and health issues. You should volunteer your time in helping near and dear ones. Others will find you attractive, pressures will be easing and your confidence is building and important people in your life are supportive. Less focus on the flaws of your love life and more focus on the big picture keeps the love lively. Take these trying times and use them to change the bad part of your life with the desired approach to things. You should seek out what makes you happy and what would create the desired approach to things. 

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Leo Monthly Love Horoscope (July 23-Aug 22)

The desire for playtime is with you for this month, the power of attractions are running high. Your creativity pours and creates an inspiration for you that surpasses your normal abilities. Your emotions show this and everyone will get to know this. You have been protecting yourself for long enough. Now, it is the right time to take the charge and try some new things. Take a chance on something you would pass up. Feel the desire and go with it instead of holding it back. Your efforts will not go unnoticed and will prove positive for you. This is called the spice of life. But be careful in overindulging, there are limits to everything you do. You can go over these limits and you see just how badly something good can go awry. 

Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope (Aug 23-Sep 23)

Your life is a bit on the chaotic side. You now tend to make many more changes in your personal life in order to be happy. This will be a no easy task given the state of life you are currently in, you should invest in the time you spend with your loved ones. These days security and maturity are appealing to you in a partner and this trend likely to last for some time. On a romantic level, there might be some challenges, intimacy problems, etc. Lack of intimacy or other flaws may seem glaring right now. You should use this time carefully to get close to family and establish ties among them.

Libra Monthly Love Horoscope (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Your life will be full of busywork like keeping in contact with others, much-needed socializing, etc. Your energy is high so you will have no trouble in keeping with it. Your personal moments are not coming to you so easily right now. You seem to have a problem with letting things run smoothly. Stop and refocus your attention on what’s important to you and how to attain your goals. If you are hooked up then you might be ready for a new commitment. On your next date, you can get personal with your lover on an intellectual level. You might be surprised at how close you both can become. Do not ignore the ones who are trying to get your attention. Regardless of the relationship status, you need someone who can engage your curious mind. 

Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Now is the perfect time to stand up tall and believe in what you have and what do you want. If you are with someone your partner might well accuse you of subscribing to what’s mine is mine and what’s ours is mine. This could also mean that you are busy with your personal issues and tend to overlook your love relationship for a while. Stand up for what you feel is right but with a humble presence. 

Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope (Nov 22-Dec 21)

This a perfect moment in time to step out and share yourself with everyone around you. You are not attracting admirers, some of whom may take a romantic interest in you and you are visible during this time of the year. Don’t just live your life, do whatever that makes it whole. Get more personal with a lover, show a close friend or a relative what you can accomplish for them and for yourself. Get closer and strengthen bonds that are necessary within your profession as well. Your best bet would be to go with the flow of things while doing this. A challenge is not in your best interest right now. This will only add to the unnecessary stress and neglect toward more important matters. This will prove positive in the near future. 

Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope (Dec 22-Jan 20)

You might want to stop and reevaluate your desires and needs. Emotionally, physically and financially you would want to tread calmly until this phase passes for you. You might feel restricted in what you do and this is why you might want to run and hide from the world. Use this time to reevaluate your life and perhaps change what is not working for you. You will have to make an extra effort to get along with people around you personally. Keeping a low key and looking into what could make your life better now will lead to actual results in the near future. There is no need to take unnecessary risks or do anything extreme. Issues of sharing can be a conflicting matter. 

Aquarius Monthly Love Horoscope (Jan 21-Feb 19)

You can keep that warm and friendly quality about you. Your magnetism revolves around the element of mystery and fascination rather than the outgoing charm. There is a positive momentum that you carry forward from last month. These aspects will only grow stronger for you now, stimulating your own creativity. You will feel closeness with friends that mean so much to you and you have a wonderful sense of caring. You are looking for excitement, immediate feedback and adventure from partners and lovers. Your goal might seem attainable with the support from friends and family. The interest from others is intense and you are noticed in almost everything you do. 

Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope (Feb 20-March 20)

You are earthly in your sexual desires. The libido is strong but controlled. There are things that are about to take off for you. You will feel a positive vibe in relationships and also other aspects of your life. Do what you feel is true and right in your heart. You are noticeable to everyone around you in evaluation so your decisions won’t be recognized. Committed relationships will offer you stability if you are not in one, you might be feeling insecure. Some will be bringing more work to a romantic partnership in some way.