November 20, 2019 Blog

December Sex Horoscopes According to Planets


Welcome to the holiday season, which may seem the most volatile of the year. From the first snowfall to the shimmering lights that have spread throughout the city, December amounts to its reputation as a breeding ground for this year's finals. The twelfth month of the year dates back to the charm of two different voyages of the sun: the season of the arc (jovial, philosophical and loving) and the season of Capricorn (pragmatic, an old and goal-oriented school).

This year, December will be full of opportunities to tell the truth and focus on your true desires. A party-filled month should help you foster a sense of centralization and highlight your imaginations. It's the best time to express yourself and make a plan to promote these mysterious dreams.

This is how you can use mysterious power and build a dream to align the planets for December to identify and follow your heart's greatest desires.

Astronomical dates "Love" in December 2019
December 1: Jupiter enters Capricorn
Jupiter, a planet of luck, expansion, and philosophy, is making a big move from the changeable sign of fire to the cardinal sign in serious earth, where it stays until 19 December 2020. This transit feeds slow and steady growth that will induce you to put your nose on the tooth and start working .

December 9: Mercury in Sagittarius
Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation and technology spent a lot of time in Scorpio. The planet receded from October 31 to November 20, and then progressed again on the stationary water mark. Now, however, the planet collecting information is making a journey through the changeable fire sign and arc-lovers, which transforms the communication channel from secret to unfiltered.

December 11: Venus joins Saturn in Capricorn
Because Venus (love) challenges Saturn (rules and organization) in Capricorn, this aspect will test relationships, but it will also increase the seriousness and interest in commitment.

December 12: Full Moon in Gemini
In the face of Neptune's dream, this full moon in Gemini will test our ability to determine what is real from what is not. Clarity Key: Communicate with others.

December 13: Venus joins Pluto in Capricorn + Mars in Scorpio Trigons of Neptune in Pisces
After two days of approaching Saturn, Venus (love) is paired with Pluto (change), compounding our need to worship game change and soul-like company. On the same day, the practical-oriented Mars in Scorpion excites a positive and harmonious angle with Neptune, which increases the possibility of sensuality, imagination and escape between the leaves.

December 20: Venus enters Aquarius
Planet of Love travels from Capricorn and via Platonic Aquarius-oriented relationship until January 13, which strengthens our BFF ties (or friends with benefits), pushes our hearts towards human issues and reminds us that perhaps the happiest base and healthiest even our most intimate relationships can be friendship.

December 21: The sun moves towards Capricorn
The sun that provides confidence passes from "party life" to Capricorn, which targets targets, where it stays until 20 January. It is no coincidence that this crossing hosts a season of New Year traditions and resolutions.

26 December: solar eclipse in Capricorn
Another new moon and solar eclipse come to shake things right after Christmas. Since Capricorn is tied to a reasonable old school movement, the changes resulting from this moment of game change may be slow.

December 28: Mercury enters Capricorn
The Planetary Party begins across Capricorn only when Mercury's communication risks venturing into the conservative land mark, and the dial in self-expression shifted from a direct Sage style to a serious and pragmatic tone for Cap.

This is what you can expect every sign in love and among the papers in November. (If you know your bullish mark, you should also check the predictions for that mark.)