November 15, 2019 Blog

17th November  - daily horoscope


Aries (Mar 20 - Apr 19)

Today is the perfect day to express your love for someone. Follow your heart and just go ahead. Don't hold your feelings, just go with the flow. Time to enjoy your  social life, go and get out, breathe some fresh air. Your children wants to spend some quality time with you and need your pampering. Go on some adventure with family. Health is wealth is the mantra for today. Businessmen, don't involve with anyone for any new venture. Financial setback will make your condition miserable. Singles good time to plan a date, be ready to mingle. Something in red may bring you luck today.  

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 19)
Today is going to be different day form usual day. Your positive energy will help you to finish your pending tasks at home with full zeal. As it is on off day, you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. Take out some time for special one who gives you excitement bouts. The day is also perfect to plan a small trip. Professional and other fronts will be stable. There will a small monetary gain.  Health front will be stable. Something in black may bring you luck today. 

Gemini (May 20 - Jun 19)
Beware of deceptive people today. You are a free bird and don't like to make commitments. It may become a  little difficult for you to commit something to people around you. However, this choose to go by your wish. The main building block of a relationship is trust, once it is broken can never be repaired. So , show trust in your partner. Married couples good day to plan pregnancy. Gemini people, try to be a little cautious about your health. Do not get too close to infections and infectious people.

Cancer (Jun 20 - Jul19)
Today is best day to spend some time with your inner self. You had been occupied with work and social life, but today you can sit and relax at home so that you can think about yourself. If you have been looking for a job, today is the day to increase your efforts. Personally this is the best time to tackle all those problems which had seemed hopeless to you. Small issues at family front will keep you tensed but with your quick decisions, you will be overcome. Spending money on the purchase of a new equipment is on the cards. Good time will start between 4.00Pm to 5.45PM.

Leo (Jul 20 - Aug 19)

If you have planned traveling for the day, go ahead and give it a shot. Take a break from all the stress in your life. You may be in a mood to party and things may seem happening today. Your commitment towards family responsibilities and obligations will get success. Be a good businessman and be an opportunist. Just  grab the bold ideas today. Monetary gain is expected. Something in yellow will bring you luck.

Virgo (Aug 20 - Sep 19)
It is going to be very unstable day. Today you will feel restless and busy. You are in big dilemma. Your inner conscious is not allowing you to change your mind and it may lead to some troubles at office. Your Stick to your old principles and you will feel happy. Don't spend too much on extravagant things else it will trouble you in future. Your health will be on a good side and will support you immensely. A long overdue legal matters will come to an end. 

Libra (Sept 20 - Oct 19)
Today you will achieve something big on which is long overdue. It is scheduled to be a day of celebration. Good news from all fronts will overwhelm you. Enjoy these lighter moments of life. Relative positions of the planets are favourable for your love life. Financial front will be stable and monetary gain is expected. Health front is going perfect and something in green going to bring you luck between 3.00 pm to 6.00PM.

Scorpio (Oct 20 - Nov 19)
Today is going to be great day for you. There is much activity happening at all fronts in your life and you need to thank your changing stars. From office you will get an important project. This project is good for you and your team’s career prospects. New love will blossom in your life.  Singles you will find your perfect match today. Health front need to be given special attention, stomach related problem can cause you problems.

Sagittarius (Nov 20 - Dec 19)
Today is a not a good day for your relationship. The stars are filling you up with romantic feelings but just hold on to your feelings . Outside interference will cause troubles in your relationship. You need to create a trust in your partner. Moreover, leave everything behind during the week and give time to your relationship only. Professional and other fronts will be stable. Something in red is going to bring you luck today.

Capricorn (Dec 20 - Jan 19)
Today will be unstable day. You are going through a lot of mental pressure which will hamper your mental peace. Due to mental pressure your health is getting hampered. Thus, you need to make sure that you deal with it efficiently. Talk to a dear friend or talk to an expert who can help in this regards. You may have to join a fitness plan to get back to your good health. Relaxing time with family is required. Rest all will be ok. 

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 19)
Today you will be facing a mix kind of feelings. Try to put everything on a back burner and let go off your mind horses. Office politics will bring you down but don't panic, good time will come back. Stay away from gossipmongers. Try to connect with people whom you love, this will not only reduce your stress levels. People who are in finance business, you may have to shell out some extra money for a big deal. Financial gain is expected but you have to take wise decisions 

Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 19)
The day is all about changes and you would be making many critical changes to your life and also lifestyle. It is good to move on if no trust in your relationship. If you feel your partner is cheating, just talk to your partner bluntly.  Both professional and family front, you have to be little careful. Changes you want to employ, advisable to check whether these changes are good for you or not in the long run. However, if you are in business sector, try to be cautious while signing any new deal. There may be chances of fraud. Health front will be stable.