November 1, 2019 Blog

2nd November Horoscope


Aries (Mar-20-Apr-19)

Today you will be excited about the upcoming weekend. The reason is that you want to relax and get away from all kind of work related stress. You may even want to go for a movie or read a book but alone. You do not want anyone’s company and there is nothing that can change your decision. However, this may bring in some conflicts in your relationship. Mutual understanding is really important for any relationship to work. You need to pay equal attention to your partner if you want your love relationship to work well. Family insecurity in terms of financials would bring you down but never lose hope. Monetary situation will be stable soon. Health front is going to be perfect. Blue colour may bring you luck today. 

Taurus (Apr-20-May-20)

Today is a special day for those who are associated with the teaching profession. Those who are in medical profession will also enjoy a good day as they will be able to find a good mentor who can show them the path of success. For students, some good news may come your way, chances are from an international source. At family front, everything is going smooth. If you want to enjoy the evening with your partner, go ahead. Health is wealth and to maintain this you have to do something for it. You may not be in a mood to go for your fitness regime. However, you need to understand the benefits it is getting for you and push yourself to follow it. Moreover, you should also go for meditation as it has many health benefits. Take proper care of your health. Businessmen a new project is waiting for you, go ahead with that. Something in green will bring you luck today.

Gemini (May-21-Jun-20)

Today is the day to plan a break from the hustle bustle of life. Just relax  and enjoy your day with friend and family. The day is wonderful for those who want to go on a short trip. Just plan and give it a shot. Love and happiness is all around  and something new in your life in terms of love is coming your way. Love is important for life. Time to express your sexual desires to your partner. Some financial gain from some dealing is on cards. Businessmen, good time has come and you can think about expansion plans.  Avoid giving any kind of loan to anyone. Singles, today is the perfect day to express your love for someone. Follow your heart and just go ahead. Something in golden will bring you luck today.

Cancer (Jun-21-Jul-21)

Today is a good day to plan out a romantic date. You will be overwhelmed by the feelings. Meeting old friends and cherish old memories is always good for health and mind. Quality time with friends will make you stress free. At workplace, seniors are waiting to pull you down, beware of such people in the office. Your hard work and sincerity will keep your spirit high that will give you recognition in office. Relationship is based on understanding each other and it's never too late admit your mistakes. You can say sorry to someone for the things you have done in the past. Good time for couples and they can plan pregnancy. White is your favourite colour it may bring you luck. 

Leo (Jul-22-Aug-21)

Today is a day to bring some changes some small changes in your lifestyle and this will also have a positive impact on your life. At professional front, involving yourself into futile arguments will patch your reputation, avoid it. Be gentle and nice to everyone and be careful with the usage of words. Try to stay happy and keep yourself engaged in work. At family front, you may soon receive some good news which will boost up your financial security. Businessmen, be an opportunist and grab it. Good relationship demand love and time, nurturing your love life with both will make your relationship stronger. You need to balance financials and extra expenses. Black colour may bring you luck today. 

Virgo (Aug-22-Sep-21)

Today is going to be very perfect day. You are full of positivity today. However, do not try to spread it to people around you, they are not bound to accept your advice today. This may make you angry and you may not like this fact as well. However, do not bother as your recognition is bound to happen and nothing can hamper it in any way. Family front will be disturbed as someone's health in family is not well. Give time to your family. On the financial front, some good news will make you happy. Monetary benefits of today will make you financially strong to meet your expenses. Avoid any expansion in business and don't take major decisions in hurry. Physical fitness is the mantra for today. Couples can plan a romantic date. Something in green can bring you luck today.

Libra (Sep-22-Oct-21)

Today is a wonderful day. People who are working may get desirable promotion. You have been working hard for being in good books of your seniors. However, your seniors have been ignoring you whenever it meant giving promotions in office. However, during this weekend, your seniors may introspect all the colleagues and their working styles and can choose you over others. Today your loved ones may ask for your attention and you may have to take a break from your office work. If you have planned traveling for the, avoid going for it. stars are in adverse position. Financial front will be favorable. Businessmen investment in any new venture is on cards. Health front will be stable. Go green .

Scorpio (Oct-22-Nov-21)

Today will be a vibrant day. The day is also good to look forward to meet new friends and increase your social circle. Meeting friends is a good way to cherish old memories and will keep you relaxed. Outing with friends is good for the day. At professional front, you will be able to meet challenges coming to your way and your seniors will recognize your efforts. Presence of Mars in your sign is fuelling your romantic life and you feel the desires to be really romantic with your partner. In fact, you may want to complete all your romantic dreams as well. Singles can plan a date, good time is on cards. Health front will be stable. Something in yellow will bring you luck.

Sagittarius (Nov-22-Dec-21)

Today is busy, satisfying day. People who are working in sales department can get some good news and it could be salary hike, position hike. Students who are preparing for an exam can find some peaceful time to study deeply and work towards getting some good marks. If you have been planning for a foreign trip, today is the day to make efforts towards it. Professionals will achieve something big on this day which is long overdue. Relative positions of the planets is good for your love life. Financial front will be unstable but no monetary loss is expected. Family front will be happy and stable. Health front need to be given attention. Go for white.

Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan-19)

Today you will be in a good mood and you would feel the urge to understand the feelings of people around you. Be ready for a busy day at home, involve your family with you and things will go smooth. Enjoy sharing responsibilities at home and relax. Remember family time is the most important thing in life. Small issues at workplace will keep you tensed but with your quick decisions, you will be overcome. People associated with import and export business may get chances of a new business deal. It will reap big benefits in future. Today you will meet someone whom you  love, just go ahead and express your feelings. Spending money on the purchase of a new car or house is on the cards. At health front, things are stable. Something in blue will bring you luck .

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb-18)

Today you might be more attracted to someone whom you really love. Go ahead and give it a shot. Patience is the key to achieve long term goals in career. You are ready to take up a leadership role today. It will give you an opportunity to spend some quality time making strategies how to be successful in your projects at office.  However, this preparation required you to be technically strong and you will get required help from your close colleague and there is nothing to worry about. Financial benefits will help you overcome difficulties in meeting expenses. Your partner is seeking a romantic getaway with you from long time, go for it. Give them love and affection. Your stomach is not well and you need to avoid eating junk food. Something in black may bring you luck today.  

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-19)

Today is a day to celebrate your love. The day will give you ample of opportunities to plan some quality time with your love partner. Today is a good day to put away your past differences in the family. Get a bigger heart and forget and forgive whatever wrong happened. There may be someone close who may ask for your advice. Moreover, your advice would be accepted with gratitude as well. At professional front, cards are showing stable position. You will get some monetary gains. Singles will meet someone whom you really love. Avoid traveling for the day. Inner conflict could be bothering but meditation will help you. Something in violet will bring you luck today.