October 18, 2019 Blog

20th October Daily Horoscope 



Today will be usual day. A close friend may seek some help from you, especially on financial matters. Be a little cautious while playing with your words today. The reason is that you may be misunderstood easily today. A small change can have a huge impact on your life because previous obstacles which were coming in your career path will be called off today. Spend time with family and friends. Special attention is required to be given to your health. Mental piece is much needed. Avoid people who wants to pull you down. Make your energetic space more attractive for what you want in life. Something in yellow will bring you luck today.



Today is perfect day to relax and stay away from stress of your life. You've got lots of energy to burn. You will live a healthy living toady. Just streamline your office work schedule and make use of your efficient energy. You won’t confront any major challenges but be careful of your foe in the office. Personal life will be stable. Try to spend good time with your spouse. Talk to the people who are important to you and can give you sound advice. Talking freely about things will help you in getting clarity over things and overcoming any kind of confusion. There are chances of monetary gain but don't overspending can get you in trouble. New opportunities of employment will open for you, be an opportunist and grab it. For businessman, investments in stock market will be fruitful. Something in red will bring you luck today.



Today is the perfect day to get rid of the unwanted thing. Perhaps you can decide on a choice you’ve considered for a while now. Keep your eyes and ears open and look forward to capture any opportunity with both hands. Opportunities do not come again and again and thus you need to be diligent to identify them properly. Someone close by share an important secret with you. However, you may feel the urge to share it with everyone around. Try to overcome this feeling. Try  to re-connect with old friends and cherish good memories. Singles, what are you waiting for, go and approach the person whom you really like. Perfect day for you to start new journey. Health front will be stable. Something in blue will bring you luck today.



Today you will feel a bit insecure about yourself. Your instincts are working at a rapid speed today and you need to pay heed to them. There may be instances when everyone around you may just disagree with what you say. However, be a little patient and follow the path s mentioned by your instincts. Though it may be a difficult decision to make but will prove beneficial in the future. Good time is on cards, it will come to you soon. Take a much-needed trip or night out with family or friends. Enjoy time with them. With a sense of confidence ask your lover for a date. Trust me, you will overwhelmed by the response. You may experience an unusual flow of money at home and you can go for purchase of a much needed thing for you. Health will be stable. Something in white will bring you luck.



You may encounter an unlikely experience today. It may not be a negative one but a positive one but it will surely rattle you. Some news about financial gain may make you and your loved ones happy. But you have to be careful about your financials and have to take charge of your finances and try to manage your expenses. Over expenses will trouble you in future. Family front will be stable except health of your parents. Take care of your elders. The day would be successful for people who are associated with legal sector. Businessmen, good day to start a new venture. expansion plan is on cards. Moreover, if you are planning to invest in something new, you can definitely go for it. Something in brown may bring you luck today.



There is nothing very exciting about toady but day will be satisfying. Old connections may come to your help today when you need to come out of a difficult situation, especially at your workplace. You may be expected to perform well under pressure and even give positive results. However, there is nothing to worry as your hidden potential will come to your help today. Honesty as well as integrity will also help you today in making an impression. Family front will be stable as your spouse is very well managing things. Keep a good control over your expenses. Try to balance your personal and professional life.  There may be some situations which may have gone wrong due to some bad decisions. You’ve likely to come across a life-changing opportunity but be careful, take steps wisely and make sure you double cross check everything. Health front need to be given attention, don't ignore even small problems, visit a doctor.



The day will start with good news in the morning regarding someone new member coming in house. You may be at your best today when it comes to your humor. This aspect of your personality helps you to remain tension free even when you are facing toughest of situations. Someone around you may require your attention and help today. Do not shy away from doing so as a good deed done always returns back with favors. Perfect day to start a new journey of business or a new job. Miscommunications can create misunderstandings and always trust your own people rather strangers. Health front will be perfect, keep doing meditation. Golden colour can bring you luck, go golden.



Today is going to be a different day from usual day. Your proactive nature may help you to break a deal today and it may be highly beneficial for you. Businessmen, competition is good but getting too much involved into competition can spoil your life. Remember one thing, slow and steady wins the race. Family and professional front need to be balanced. You need to adopt a balanced approach for your personal and professional life. Financial gain is on cards. An old friend is going to bring some happiness in your life. Singles good day to plan a date but beware of strangers, they can spoil your date. Health front need attention. Someone in black colour will bring you luck .


It may feel a bit uneasy day. You feel outspoken today, much in contrast to your normal routine. You may have been behaving tactfully but today it may feel stifling. You will blurt out the truth but it may not go well with everyone around you. Thus, try to make use of soft words so that your harsh truth does not harm anyone. To release your tension and relax, spend time with family. Professional front is going well, just keep putting your best efforts, it will be able to reap the benefits of hard work and dedication that you have put in lately. Investment in a new venture with a new female partner will not be favourable, avoid it. Health front of close ones  need to be given special attention. Something in purple will bring you luck today.



Due to some office work, travelling is expected to some far off destination. This can disappoint your family but there is nothing to worry as this will be sorted soon. You may feel as if there’s going to be something bad to your own business, reputation but remember one thing, good time will back soon. Don't try to prove yourself right because your efforts to speak your truth may seem futile. Monetary loss is expected but recovery will be done in future. Family support will help you to come out of such feelings. Meet old friends, they will help you to come out of dilemma. Singles, don't go for a date, there may a clash between you and your date.


Good day to start with fitness schedule. Perfect day for people who are in medical profession like doctors, nurses, and even medical students. You may feel a strong urge to be successful today. You may also strive to improve your oratorical as well as writing skills. You may seek help from an expert and may even look for some tips to help you in this regard. However, do not ignore people who have been craving for your attention since long. Relationship becomes strong only when you trust your partner, have confidence and try to communicate any misunderstandings. Investment in stock market going to yield profits. Go green.




Today is the day to bring about changes in your career. If you have been desiring a change in your job or career, today is the best day for it. The day is also perfect for starting a new romantic relationship. You may switch to a new employer but take into consideration all the aspects and then make the decision. If it seems risky, even one percent, it is advisable not to go for the job change. Family or loved ones can help you revive your energy. Meeting an old friend can help you cherish old memories. Businessman, don't indulge in any kind of monetary exchange today, loss is expected. Try to avoid travelling, stay at home and do kind of activities you enjoy at home. Singles good day to approach your lover for a date. Go take a few shot and celebrate with your date. Lucky colour is blue.