October 7, 2019 Blog

7th October - daily horoscope


Aries (Mar 20 - Apr 19)

There are new horizons that are opening up for you. Professional front you will succeed and reach the desired heights. Be an opportunist and just grab it. Something new in your life in terms of love is coming your way but don't forget your family, both love and family are equally important. Businessmen new investment opportunities are going to come, avoid to take hasty decisions. Today is going to be very positive and positive energy will give you happiness and love. For singles, today is the perfect day to express your love for someone. Follow your heart and just go ahead. 

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 19)
Today is going to be different day form usual day. There may be new developments in important aspects of your life like. Love will blossom in your life and also some good news is expected. New opportunities at professional front will help you to realize that you have talents which can be turned into job offers as well. You can plan small outstation trip is with family. Hard time for newly engaged couples, avoid arguments with partner. Misunderstandings can be sorted out. Try to be a little cautious about your health. Do not get too close to infections and infectious people.

Gemini (May 20 - Jun 19)
Beware of deceptive people today. People are not always what they seem to be and it is left up to the intuition .You need to adopt a balancing approach to separate friend from foe. Just enjoy life with your friends who are close to you and let your enemies feel jealous. On professional fronts, things will be stable. Your hard work will reap you benefits in future. You are a kind of free bird and does not like to get into commitments. Thus, it may become a  little difficult for you to commit something to people around you. However, this may pose to be a little difficult for you in your relationship

Cancer (Jun 20 - Jul19)
Be ready for a busy day at home. But you can involve your family with you and things will go smooth. Enjoy sharing responsibilities at home and relax. Remember family time is the most important thing in life .Small issues at workplace will keep you tensed but with your quick decisions, you will be overcome. Today you will meet someone whom you  love but were not able to express your feelings, positive energy is flowing from both sides. Just go ahead and express your feelings. Spending money on the purchase of a new car or house is on the cards. At health front, special is required.

Leo (Jul 20 - Aug 19)

If you have planned traveling for the, avoid going for it. stars are in adverse position. Work stress could demotivate you but keep your spirit high and be confident. Your spouse will make your day. Romance and love will give you happiness. Financial front will be favorable. investment in any new venture are on cards. You will get an opportunity to work behind the scenes. However, you do not like it and want
to be in the front line. Thus, you may have to talk to you seniors regarding this. After all, you
wish to showcase your talents and abilities and as per you it can be done only by staying in
the front line.

Virgo (Aug 20 - Sep 19)
It is going to be very unstable day. Today is not the day to make important decisions. You should postpone any kind of decision making today. The reason is that your family and professional reasons front are contradicting and your family is overcoming your professional work. Try to balance both the fronts, else you will be in trouble . Remember communication is the key to resolve all problems. Don't  make wrong judgments. Your love life is going smooth and you are enjoying its every moment. Monetary inflow is expected. Health front will be stable. Something in blue is going to bring you luck.

Libra (Sept 20 - Oct 19)
Today is a very special day and Professionals will achieve something big on this day which is long overdue . Today is scheduled to be a day of celebration. Good news on the work or personal front will keep you in a festive spirits. Enjoy these lighter moments of life. Relative positions of the planets is good for your love life. Financial front will be stable and monetary gain is expected. Health front is going perfect and something in yellow going to bring you luck.

Scorpio (Oct 20 - Nov 19)
Today is going to be tough day for you. A new and important project coming up in your office and be sure that you put your best efforts to get this project. This project is good for you and your team’s career prospects. So, be careful with it and keep your  energy levels high today. There may be situations when you may have to rush into things because of family commitments and it can put you in trouble. You have to strive harder to achieve things. Singles avoid going on a date, chances you will have arguments with your partner. Health front need to be given special attention, eye related problem can cause you problems.

Sagittarius (Nov 20 - Dec 19)
Today is a perfect day for your relationship. The stars are filling you up with romantic feelings and you are excelling at the field as well. You want to spend quality time with your partner as well. Moreover, you want to leave everything during the week and want to give time to your romantic affair only. Everything is rosy and bright for you. Professional front is going to be stable. Family will keep you surrounded with love and affection. Health front is perfect. Something in red is going to bring you luck today.

Capricorn (Dec 20 - Jan 19)
The day is all about changes and you would be making many critical changes today. Moreover, you may meet a person who may bring these changes in your life. Both at professional and relationship front, you have to be little careful. It is always advisable to check and analyze whether these changes are good for you or not in the long run. However, if you are in business sector, try to be cautious while signing any new deal. There may be chances of fraud. Health front will be stable.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 19)
Today you will be facing a mix kind of feelings. You may get on an unusual and unlikely partnership today. However, it will give you thrills, romance, and of course a feeling of adventure. However, to be successful you need to move on with the partnership no matter what. However, be quick and decisive today. You’re growing into unexpected opportunity may present itself to you this month such as a promotion, leadership, job pertaining to your career space. If you’re content in this area of your life, perhaps others outside your circle will recognize any hard work you’ve put into yourself or what you love which will inspire you to persevere towards your goals. 

Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 19)
Today is going to be unstable and busy day. There has been much mental pressure and it is hampering your mental peace. Pressure at your office is causing you harm and your health is getting hampered. Thus, you need to make sure that you deal with it efficiently. You can go for meditation or can visit a spa or some relaxing scene to make sure that you let go off the stress in your life. Thus, you need to look for an effective way to come out of this situation. Talk to a dear friend or talk to an expert who can help in this regards. You may have to join a fitness plan to get back to your good health. Relaxing time with family is required. Go and meet old friends and cherish old memories.