September 6, 2019 Blog

Daily Horoscope-6 Sep 2018


Aries (Mar-21-Apr-19)

Today be cautious while making any decision. As one impulsive decision may ruin all your hard work done for a long period of time. You will have a stressful morning, but be calm as the day progresses you will enjoy mental peace. You will have intense emotional day today and as Sagittarius is still placed in your ninth house, you will be able to dream big. At health front your happy state of mind will ensure physical fitness and mental health. Today you will make best use of your available resources. Couples will show friendly attitudes towards their partner and it will resolve all the earlier issue between them. Singles will be more expressive and will show their love towards beloved in novel ways. At workplace you will encounter pleasant surprise today. This promises to be a smoothly sailing day for you. Friends and associates will have more confidence in your abilities. You are also likely to gain a lot of happiness. 

Taurus (Apr-20-May-20)

Today your heart will be full of positivity and it will be ready to accept all the changes whatever the day brings to you. This is because Sagittarius moon is placed in your eight house which resembles house of resources and transformations. Professionally you need to be more attentive as the errors may occur and that may affect your reputation today. Couples may experience some uneasy feelings about their partner today. Singles will carry on their open discussion with the beloved about their relationship. Money flow will be moderate for the day. At family front you may incur increased expenses. You need to use your intelligence to achieve success on this day. Keep a check on emotional tendencies as this could create mental confusion.

Gemini (May-21-Jun-20)

As the Sagittarius moon is placed in your seventh house, which resembles house of relationships bringing some fire in your love life. This is an energized transit for your romantic affairs, and singles need to stay on your best behaviour today. Professionally your talent will be recognized today. You will enjoy the support of your subordinates. At family front you will have balanced life and you will have exchange of views with your family members. Monetary gain is certain for the day. Capital venture will fetch gains today. At health front you will have day filled with lots of energy. A general level of happiness will prevail on this day. You can make use of the time for gaining new contacts and associates. Participating in social gatherings and going for a get together will make you very happy.

Cancer (Jun-21-Jul-22)

The Sagittarius Moon is still in your sixth house of work and routine today, Cancer, and is lighting a fire under you to make some changes in your daily life. Professionally you need to concentrate on your work to carry out the additional responsibilities. At interpersonal level, today may not be a very favourable day to experience happiness with your partner. Singles will be advisable to take things easy. At financial front chances are for increased expenses and you may find it difficult to maintain the expenses for the day. At health front cold related problems may trouble you today. The day may not turn out to be very positive. Certain worries will keep you hot and bothered. Try to be flexible and happy. Prayer and worship will give you peace of mind. 

Leo (Jul-23-Aug-22)

Contrary to what everyone says, you can totally balance work and play. Making time for both puts you in the right headspace to do everything you need to do. Professionally today is not favourable for business deals. Increased job pressure may be felt in the first half of the day, but be calm as the day progresses your work scheduling will give you much relief. Financial strain is certain for the day. Couples may take even lighter things in a serious manner. Singles will be jovial with their beloved. At health front thee are chances of allergies. You need to apply your mind so that you will be in a position to handle any minor problems that may surface for the day. Turning the tide in your favour is entirely in your hands. Be cheerful and handle things with poise.

Virgo (Aug-23-Sep-21)

Professionally you will have a rewarding day, you will achieve success and also appreciation from the superiors is certain today. Everything will be done in a creative manner at workplace. Couples will have jovial attitude towards their partner and singles may seek long term commitment in their relationship. Singles try to maintain understanding with your beloved. Monetary profit from stock market is certain today. At health front high level of energy will maintain your physical fitness today. This could turn out to be a prosperous day. You will be able to achieve even complex tasks with relative ease. A flexible approach will enable you to achieve a lot. Family decisions and domestic plans are likely to work only if they concern short-term and day-to-day affairs. Long-range plans may be fun to formulate, but are unlikely to come into effect.

Libra (Sep-22-Oct-22)

The general trend is still quite sober but you may, if you wish, take some time off to enjoy yourself. Be prepare to get special surprises at workplace. Work scheduling will be important today. Couples will show confusion and anger towards their partner. Singles may feel that the charm of their interpersonal relation have been lost. At financial front you may have to incur unwanted expenses. This will increase your financial burden. At health front pain in legs may cause stress. Exercise will bring relief to you. You need to inculcate more hope and determination. Loss of courage could create some problems. You need to shun negative thoughts and try to be more positive. Traveling will be beneficial today. Chanting religious mantras will bring positivity. 

Scorpio (Oct-23-Nov-21)

Today you will be more confident and will take all the challenges in a positive way. Professionally you will find the day very conducive and progressive too. There are chances of some obstacles which will hamper your works scheduling today. Couples will be more sensitive will reflect their feelings towards their spouse. Singles will adopt casual approach towards their beloved. Monetary progress is limited for the day. Expenses for spiritual purposes are beneficial for the day. Mind your words while having a conversation with important person as words can be misunderstood today. At health front stomach upset may trouble you today. Drink plenty of water to stay fit. At family front you will have cheerful day. Involvement spiritualism will give you relief. Intelligent thinking will prove to be productive.

Sagittarius (Nov-22-Dec-21)

Professionally you will get the accountability of challenging project today. Today you may find it little difficult to achieve success at job. Effective planning can be the best measure to achieve your goals today. Couples may have mental confusion which will affect harmony in the relation. Singles may have heated arguments with their beloved without any reason. At health front tooth pain may cause stress today. Be careful while spending. Money may be wasted today. Larger expenses may be beard for domestic work. You need to think twice before carrying out any activity. You also need to keep a check on your words. Do not succumb to mental confusion. Prayers will ensure your success. Hard work appreciation is certain for the day. 

Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan-19)

Today you will lack self confidence and you will have to prove yourself again and again. The sudden outburst of creativity in the second half of the day will draw attention of your subordinates at workplace. Today you may take decisions which are beneficial in long run. Financial progress will be good and uniform. At family front you will handle family issues smoothly. Savings are certain for the day. Couples will have friendly attitude towards their spouses. Singles will plan a date with their beloved and may feel more committed than earlier. Distant relative may come to meet you today. You will be inclined towards physical fitness. Thoughts of the future will be running in your mind. This is a normal emotion that everybody will have. This is an ideal day to pursue some major objectives. Unexpected good news will make your day. 

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb-18)

Professionally you will have the better day than before. In one or the other way money matters will be highlighted today. Be prepared to work hard today at the office. Fresh job opportunities may come to your way today. Monetary gain is certain in terms of incentives and perks. Singles will have fruitful discussion with their partners and they will share mutual happiness. Couples will have sudden romantic encounter and they will have plenty of time for love making. At family front you will develop a sense of achievement as peace will prevail today. Physical fitness is at peak today. A dull and insecure feeling will overwhelm you on this day. Spiritual awareness will yield a sense of satisfaction. Be calm, you may be able to take the initiative and compensate for a few recent blunders. 

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-20)

At home, you will be inclined to do things quietly and will not take kindly to interfering busy-bodies. Today you will have enthusiasm to wipe out all the obstacles coming to your way. Professionally you will carry all the work in such a way that will ensures the quality of work. Singles have chances that may lapses communication with their partner. Couples will plan romantic dinner with their spouse. Finances may be good for the day. In the evening you may have to bear unwanted expenses today. At health front take good care of your eyes today. Chanting religious mantras will bring relief to you. You may need to think before starting a conversation as there are chances for arguments. Be open and flexible in your approach.