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1 September Horoscope 2019


Aries (Mar-21-Apr-19)

You are ready to make peace with everyone today. You will blossom in good company. Be careful before embarking on physical pursuits, you could well injure yourself unintentionally. Today you will revive your childhood memories and will embrace the simplicity in your life. You will find yourself in a better financial position today but the outflow of money will not be so good that you can execute some projects. The professional life will be tiring but the company of your subordinates will help you a lot. You'll be feeling anxious, especially if someone is curtailing your freedom or putting demands on you. Rethink what you want and make the necessary adjustments to move in a direction more suitable. It's time to make your life easier.

 Taurus (Apr-20-May-20)

Stick close to home where you will be accepted for who you are. Arguments will break out if you get involved in a lively social event that could lead to danger. Don't overreact, overdo or front today you will enjoy a peaceful day. At interpersonal level you may have one of the best days of your married life. The Aquarius moon will arrive in your sign. Today is not favourable day if you want to take big decision or wants to launch something new. Leg pain may be the trouble for your health front today. Singles will may face distrust and have misunderstanding, couple swill enjoy romantic night. Lack of planning may incur loss today. 

Gemini (May-21-Jun-20)

You will have a way with people, so arrange to discuss all the things you are trying to get others interested in. You can sell your ideas and probably get others to do the bulk of the work if you are confident and clear in your description of what needs to be done. Professionally you will enjoy lighter day. Money flow will be moderate today. Singles will attract others with magnetic personality. This will enhance the level of happiness with each other. A courageous and determined attitude will be beneficial for you today. At family front you will enjoy happiness. Couples will take their relation to next level and will have a blissful married life. If you are planning an investment and money in stock exchange then stars are favourable. Today Moon will enter in your fellow sign Aquarius. Today is the day when you need to be honest. Today you may get some extra cash in the form of reward. 

Cancer (Jun-22-July-22)

Not everyone is going to like what you do, but that shouldn't ruin your plans or your day. Be a little more unpredictable and you will certainly grab the attention of someone who has thought of you as being boring or too conservative in the past. Singles will look for more commitment and couples you will enjoy romance in the air. Today you will be bound to enjoy the pleasant moments with your partner. Money flow will be good today. Today stars are favourable for religious and social activities. Old legal issues will come to an end. At family front try to avoid arguments. Property deals will materialize today and that will be beneficial in long term. Professionally you will be more committed and satisfied from your work. Relatives from distant may invite you for dinner. You may expect guests in the evening. 

Leo (Jul-23-Aug-22)

Today your energy will not be high and you may get irritated for small matters. At interpersonal level you will share romantic mood and you will get a plenty of time with your spouse too. Sense of reality will not be in a perfect tune today. At professional level your communication techniques and working skills will impress your subordinates. Unexpected bills will increase your expense today. At health front you will enjoy good health. Today is a favourable day to hang out with friends and revive your old contacts. The Aquarius moon is placed in your eight house and it might create hindrance in money inflow. Singles will find true love today and spend some time with them too. 

Virgo (Aug-23-Sep 22)

Professionally you will extend a lot of help to your subordinates, that will bring good will to you today. Today you will enjoy good interaction with your friends. Try to avoid arguments with your elder family members as it may create distress. For singles today is a beautiful day, if you have a crush on someone then today is favourable day for you. Go ahead and reveal your emotions. Couple need to clear their misunderstanding. Try to spend some time with your friends to regenerate your energy. Today you will be food of ideas and that will reward you beyond the expectation. Rude behaviour of your spouse may create stress. Students appear for the competitive exams may not get positive results. There may be chances that you may suffer from back pain. 

Libra (Sep 23-Oct-22)

Today is a wonderful day for you and you will be inclined towards self-love. Today is an ideal time to take big decisions that will be beneficial in long term. Couples will share love feelings towards their partner. Singles will try to develop good relations with their colleagues. The financial situation will be stable. Professionally you will enjoy the sense of commitment. At health front you will enjoy stability. Your confidence will yield physical fitness. Job satisfaction will give you support from subordinates and in second half of the day you will overcome challenges too. In evening you may find yourself in introspective mood. Today is the day when you need to embrace your qualities. 

Scorpio (Oct-23-Nov-21)

Cupids are in form today, so sexuality will be at peak and you will enjoy romance today. Today you will be inclined towards spirituality too and may have lots of responsibilities today. Professionally you may not expect positive results today. Today be keen while handling responsibilities and try to accomplish all the earlier projects. Look for what fits best with your lifestyle. Take part in events that will culturally uplift you and creatively inspire you. You can make some important changes to your own space, allowing you to expand on something you are already involved in. Outing with family members will be beneficial today. At health front body ache may cause problems to you. A patient and cautious approach will be fruitful today. Singles will face distress in their love life. Stock investments should be avoided today as you may incur financial loss. 

Sagittarius (Nov-22-Dec-21)

Any carelessness at domestic work may cause you trouble today. Today money gains from unexpected sources will brighten your day. Professionally you will be more committed and enjoy the support of your subordinates. At family front you will spend some time with your family members and that will bring advantage to you. Today you may plan to visit a river bank or some religious place. Household affairs will be sublime today. Traveling for business purpose will give you lots of new opportunities to explore. Aquarius Moon is placed in the third house of your communication. So will enjoy strengthened social ties. Couples can plan night out with their partners and singles will be more expressive today. 

Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan-19)

The day will present some difficult situation in front of you, but as the day progresses the inner quality of your problem solving will give you solution. Monetary investments may not fetch fruitful results. Today is not favourable for making any financial decisions. At interpersonal level you may encounter opinion differences with your partners, try to be calm and resolve the issues. At health front eye issue may create problem for you. Job pressure will leave you in anxious state today. At family front you will enjoy full support of your family members and harmonious relationships. A flexible approach towards life will yield perfect results too. Singles will attract others with their presence of mind. 

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb -18)

Venturing out will lead to spending more than you can afford and running into someone you should avoid. Combine what you know with your life skills and turn it into something lucrative. Love and romance are in the stars. At family front you will enjoy the home environment crowded with guests in the evening. The day is filled with certain situations that will bring good luck to you. Taking major business decisions today will be worth. At interpersonal you will share deep conversation with your partner. Good money flow is expected today. Professionally you will enjoy the job and your merits will be recognized by your subordinates too. Singles will have an unusual charm today. Someone from the past may contact you and make your day memorable. Today discipline is the key for success. 

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-20)

Socialize with people you find creative and unique. You will hear some great ideas that will stimulate your mind. Money matters can be resolved and old debts collected. At interpersonal level, you will get enough time to spend together and you will enjoy fun loving activities in each other company. Today you will make effort to gain your objectives. Singles will feel that excitement and happiness is missing in their partner. Monetary gains may not be good today. Today be wise while handling money matters as you may incur financial loss today. Professionally you may have chances of relocation. Good times is coming your way it may be in the form of promotion. Today you will dedicate time to your family. Perfect day to purchase household items. Enjoy leisure time with your beloved. Professionally you will not be very satisfied with job status.