August 29, 2020 Blog

29 August Horoscope 2020


Aries (Mar-21-Apr-19)

Today try to maintain positivity as your words may get misunderstood. Conversation will be the most important factor for you today. Professionally today is a rewarding day for you. At health front proper sleep and rest should be encouraged. At interpersonal level you will share passionate moments with your spouse. A lot of love and laughter will brighten the life of singles. You may meet some interesting people too. At family level you will enjoy a sense of freedom today and it is best time to plan an outing with your family. You may encounter with the thoughts that your professional life is hindering with the social life. Mercury has just moved back in your sign making you inclined towards creativity and playfulness. Friends will make your evening special. 

Taurus (Apr-20-May-20)

The Moon in the Sagittarius will remind you of the pending work. Today you will face job pressure and your problem-solving skills will accomplish the pending projects. Today is the great time to focus on your diet and turn the love towards your own self. At interpersonal level try some new dresses to impress your beloved. Today your partner will be more committed towards your life. Singles will try new hair cut to impress your beloved. They will look for more trust. You must consciously work to avoid this because it will create stress in your workplace and may even affect your health. At health front try to keep your body dehydrated. Unexpected monetary gain is certain. 

Gemini (May-21-Jun-21)

Today Mercury is placed in your communication sector that will make you inclined towards learning new things and communication too. Try to keep your body hydrated.  The moon in the Sagittarius today will help you to find new hobbies. Singles you will have a great day today, you may expect to meet someone special. Today you may be indulged in day out. Couples will embrace the inner qualities of their spouse and singles can plan date and sweet surprises too. At family front kids will be more responsible and will have cheerful environment. At health front allergies may trouble you today. Mutual funds investments will be beneficial today. Friends may ask for your help today and try to develop better understanding. 

Cancer (Jun-22-July-22)

Today you will be in a hard-working mode. Today your positivity will bring happiness to you. At workplace you may expect appreciation from your superiors. If you are government personnel then your promotion is certain today. At health front eye problems may get increased today. Friends and family members will extend full support. Monetary gain is not good for the day. Try to limit yourself in budget to manage the expenses. So you can avoid financial strain. Today you will be inclined towards charitable behaviour. Helping others will need your effort and time. Medical students may have rewarding academic. Job interviews can be cleared today. If you are purchasing vehicle then silver grey colour will bring luck to you. Today seems to be promising day for you. Try to maintain work-life-balance. Avoid arguments with neighbours. 

Leo (July-23-Aug-22)

As the Uranus has started its yearly retrograde, you will be inclined towards long term goals of related to your career and reputation. Today you may feel increased psychic awareness which will eliminate the negative thoughts from your mind. Mercury will transit today in your sign. you will have an effective communication and will enjoy better support either personally or professionally. Today you will enjoy enhanced imagination and lots of creative ideas hovering over heads. Singles will find their true love and couples will get plenty of time with each other and they will try to give best of them to their spouse. An unexpected guest may visit you late evening. Sports person having rewarding day today. Monetary inflow is moderate for the day. At health front you will enjoy positivity. 

Virgo (Aug-23-Sep-22)

you will extend unconditional love and support to your partner. Singles do not judge your partners too harshly. A number of minor problems may arise today at your workplace. Do not give your temper and try to handle with heavy dose of patience while you are talking to your subordinates. You should study before taking any investment decisions. Today you relax your mind that is happy guide to your health. Today you will have a sympathetic attitude for your partner. As the Uranus is in retrograde phase you may be like to experiment something new. At health front headache is certain for the day. Unexpected monetary gain will brighten your day. Try to stick to budget as household expenses may increase today. Chanting religious mantras will bring positivity in you. 

Libra (Sep-23-Oct-22)

At interpersonal level, you and your partner will have busy day, try to spend some time in each other’s company. Singles will have a great day today, they may likely to take their relation to next level. Today their gesture of appreciation will go long way. At professional level if you are job applicants then do check with the organization you may receive some good news too. For promotion and increment stars are favourable today. Planet of communication is back to your sign that will result in increased social image and social networking too. Old friends may revive connection with you. If you are purchasing property then today is the favourable day and you may expect best deals too. At health front avoid taking cold items today. 

Scorpio (Oct-23-Nov-21)

Mercury is transiting to your sign today. This is the perfect time to share your ideas both at personal and professional level. Today situations may arise that may lead you to act impulsively. Today you will be inclined towards strengthening your social bonds. Professionally you may face criticism regarding your work. Try to seek advice from your seniors. Be calm, as the day progresses you will accomplish all your daily goals. Social gathering is beneficial for singles as they may get their soul mate. Couples will be engaged in deep emotional conversation with each other. Relatives from distant may give you good news that may uplift your mood today. Imagination will be higher today. At health front you may enjoy positivity and have high level of mental energies. Kids will make your day with fun filled activities. 

Sagittarius (Nov-22-Dec-21)

Today your social life will be at peak and you will enjoy social life. The temptation for shopping will be there. Optimism and self-confidence will be the companions of the day. Today is positivity will be at peak and you will have high spirit. At professional level, meetings will go smoothly. You will be witty at your workplace. It is the vital time for your family. Monetary gain is certain. Mercury will be leaving your sign today. Financial loss is certain. Today you will come up with creative ways to accomplish all these tasks within your means. Career will need your attention. Investments in stock market may give you long term returns. Singles will face less attention from their partner. Couples may give luxury gifts to their partner. The day is very promising in all respect. 

Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan-19)

As usual today you will love to go with flow. Uranus will encourage you to express yourself more creatively and in a very authentic manner. Singles will love to impress opposite sex. At health front you will enjoy stability and you will love to pamper yourself. Couples may face misunderstandings and obstacles in their love life. Professionally avoid manipulation and be honest in whatever you do. Quality of work will brief your quantity of work. Today every feeling is intensified due to planetary positions in your sign. Today keep your eyes and ears open. At family front some distant relative may visit you late evening. Some good news may be expected from your old friends. 

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb-18)

Today you may plan a long drive with your partner. Today you will get an emotional support from your beloved. Today you will have an intimate feeling. At health front you will be thinking for making drastic change in your life style. Singles will enjoy date with their partner and may take their relation one step forward. Government personnel may expect monetary gain and promotion too. Students appearing for technical jibs may get some good opportunities today. Couples will have a romantic day. At family front you will keep distance from your relatives. Today you will spend more time in thinking that doing anything. Today you will enjoy more security and financially independency. Decorate your room with your old photographs to relish your memories. 

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-20)

Singles will look for more committed relations. At family front try to spend some quality time with your children. At professional level, you will have a very practical approach and you will enjoy sense of freedom too. If people fail to understand you, then don’t waste time in explaining yourself. The Moon will Aquarius will make you contact with your old friends. Couples can plan candle light dinner or can enjoy deep emotional conversation too. Professionally your team work will be appreciated and you may enjoy mutual support from your subordinates too. Today you will be inclined towards your fitness regime. Travel plans may get cancelled today due to last minute changes. Financial loss may occur today.