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September Love horoscope 2019


Due to the planetary transition, many zodiac signs enjoyed an amazing love life in August and some might have faced difficulties too. The ninth month of this year “September” is approaching us. Let’s have a look what are the changes in our love life according to our zodiac signs.

Aries (Mar-21-Apr-19)

Dear Aries Moon is returning to your romantic sector on 24th Sep 2019 and will be there till 26th Sep 2019. This will surely boost your love life in the month of September. September separates the Sun’s departure from your romantic sector and return to your relationship sector each year, so while the solar spotlight will always move off matters of the heart in August, it will always move onto your relationships in September. This September you will have clarity in relationship that what you really want from your partner. Singles will be able to enter a committed relationship this month. The existing relationships will become more passionate and this month will be the perfect one to get pregnant. Aries will enjoy the love compatibility at its best in the month of September. 

Taurus (Apr-20-May-20)

As the Sun always spends the first three weeks of September in your romantic sector, this is always one of the most romantically charged months of any year. This year things are a lot more energised for you Taurus. The lining of planets in your romantic sector this September, you can enjoy love, communication and passion this month.  As the month progresses singles will find harmony and intense love for their partner. You can plan pregnancy at month end. The Sun, Mercury and Mars will give you some exciting news and that will brighten your love life. The first two weeks of September will be the most rewarding for love life as the concentration of love gods will surely be upon you. While Mercury will leave on 14th September, Venus on 15th September and the Sun on 23rd September, Mars will spend the whole month here. Mars will fuel your passion and romance whole September and even prevent the circumstances of arguments with your spouse. 

Gemini (May-21-Jun-20)

The influence of Venus and Uranus will add to your personal charm, which will help in developing new relationships, which is especially important for single Gemini. Couples can face relationship tension if they are forced into relation. Try to released your anger through sports, exercise or sex. This month you will build the foundation of strong relationship as the Jupiter is coming back in the direct motion. In  the first two weeks of September singles will enjoy the attention of their spouse and they will be willing to take their relationship to the next level. Your love life will be in swing on 14th September as Mercury is returning to your romance sector. On 15th September it is followed by Venus. This follow will kick the most romantic week of the year 2019. This week will boost your love life and you will be more expressive too. 

Cancer (Jun-21-Jul-22)

In the second half of the September there are chances of development of feelings for someone. The main focus of the September is relationship rebuilding. In the September Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars all in your communication that will give you opportunities of strengthening your social ties and making new friends too. Those planets which had made your love life difficult in the month of June- July will act positively in the month of September and making your love life brighter than the past months. The new Moon ins September will bring love, joy and happiness. Singles can develop trust in love again. Couples will have romantic September with ups and downs. Boredom will lead to make certain beautiful changes in your love life. The Sun, Mercury and Mars come together to give a strong sense of purpose and initiative. 

Leo (Jul-23-Aug-22)

Venus will make you romantic at the beginning of the month. You will put effort to make your partner happy. Your partner will appreciate your effort and you will take your love life in the  new direction. For singles a beautiful love story may born in the month of September. Jupiter’s turn last month has made your love life little bit difficult but this month things will be better at romantic front. The Moon will visit your romantic sector around 7 September and the lunar vibes will give momentum to your love life. As the planet of luck and expansion is in your romantic sector. September will be the most romantic and luckiest year for love over the decades. Venus the planet of love is placed in your communication sector making you most expressive this September. The first month of September will give your heart voice and you will express love in the best manner. 

Virgo (Aug-23-Sep-21)

The new Moon will bring excitement and positive changes. The exchanges in love are honest., even very sincere. Mercury promotes stories of the heart and flirting attitudes in single. They will go out to have fun, but they will not eager to enter in  the committed relationship. As the September begins you will find that friends are coming to you seeking your advice. Venus, Mercury and Mars will give a boost to your love life. Venus will stay in your sign till 15th September and it will open the doors of your past. Neptune is in retrograde phase in your relationship sector that may cause clash between personal and professional relations this September. The Moon will visit your sign between 7th and 10th September making the most romantic days of September. The Moon will be moving through your communication sector in first week of September giving you clarity of thoughts. 

Libra (Sep-22-Oct-23)

This September you will be charming and filled with delightful conversation. Many people will be  drawn towards you due to this magnetic charm and singles will get into love relationships due to their ability to socialize. The September love horoscope reveals that you will be the person loved by all. For couples pregnancy is not in the picture this month. Since love making will play a vital role this month. Planets will be returning to Libra so you will feel pressure in your love life this September. For the first time in decade luck Jupiter will be in your communication sector this September making your communication very effective. As you have Chiron, the planet of healing in your relationship sector this September, you will enjoy better understanding and commitments in your love life. Try to plan new surprises and romantic vacations to maintain a  balance between work and love life. 

Scorpio (Oct-23-Nov-21)

As Neptune and Uranus will retrograde in your relationship sector this September, chances of influential past are certain in love life. Even your love life will be affected by the outside sources too. The faster moving planets Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, returned to your friendship sector last month, they all moved into a friendly aspect to Uranus in your relationship sector and you will experience it in the first week of September. Moon will move to your romantic sector from 12th September to 15th September, creating a romantically charged Full Moon on 14th September. You will experience love in September as you have never felt before. Married couples can plan pregnancy this month. Singles will find long lasting relationship in religious and social gathering this September. Singles should not underestimate their power of seduction. Your partner may be looking for tenderness in you. This September you love will strengthen. 

Sagittarius (Nov-22-Dec-21)

This September Venus and Mars will create the potent mix of romance, passion and adventure. The romantic forces will ignite your spirit throughout September. The Moon will return to your romantic sector between 15th to 17th September making your September the most memorable one. As the mercury is moving slowly it will affect your personal and social life. Love will come to you slowly and so will romance. At the end of the month Moon will move to your relationship sector which reveals you have new contacts at the end of this month. Singles can enter into love relations but in the second half of September. Pregnancy can be avoided in September as the love is slow. Try to spent planet of time with your beloved and develop better understanding to maintain the foundation of love life this September. 

Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan-19)

The Sun will spend the first three weeks of September in your chart giving your love life an essence of adventure. Venus the planet of love will remain in your sign till 14th September and Mars which the planet of passion will stay in your sign for a month, thus making September the perfect combination of love and passion.  This is the first time in eight decades that Mars has returned to an adventurous part of your chart to find Uranus in a friendly aspect in your romantic sector. Uranus will maintain fuel to your love life this September. From 4th to 9th September when it comes to matters of love do not try anything new in your love life. Singles will feel that they are protected and loved around 15th September and this will be the important transition of their love life. At the end of September love will reach at its peak. This month matters of the heart are not a priority to you. Love will take its course naturally in your marriage or current relationship. Pregnancy should be planned carefully this month. 

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb-18)

Over the last two months your relationship sector has faced lots of planetary transitions. After 2017, this is the first time when Mars, the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos making his first visits to your romantic sector. This will boost your love life with lots of energy and will give you emotional relief too. The New Moon will bring positive changes in your love life and also adding the spark of excitement for you. This month your love life will face divided attention between career and committed relations. Singles will fall in love with people living at unusual places this September. Pregnancy will not be in the mind of married couples this month. This September be flexible and use your positivity to make love life beautiful. Then you will realise the dun in romance. Try to give sweet surprises to your beloved and make him or her feel special. Try new ways of love making and make them feel how important they are for you. 

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-20)

Around 8th September you will find your love in its evolution phase. Saturn in conjunction with Pluto will give you a difficult time in love life this September. Around 6th September love will come to your way. On the relationship side you will be in a comfort zone. You will take right decisions.  The Sun, Venus and Mercury all return to your relationship sector once a year and always at this time of year. However, this year you have two extra players and this puts a lot more focus and energy into your relationships. Try to make plenty of time for your spouse. Singles want to get into a committed relationship. Your magnetic charm will attract others this September. You will try new ways of expressing love towards each other. Someone from the past may try to enter again in your life try to control your emotions. This month is not meant to be get married or plan pregnancy so try to manage the intense sexuality while you are in love making with your spouse.