August 16, 2019 Blog

18 August 2019


Aries (Mar-21-Apr-19)

Today most of the inner planets will enter in your health and work sector headed by Mars. You will be inclined towards physical fitness and lifestyle transformations. You will make pleasure from the people around you. Singles will be distressed as their partners will be more demanding today. Today you will be committed to your personal health. Professionally the rising moon will make you inclined towards reinventing your career. As the Mars move into your Leo the time to keep focus on your mental health. The financial strain may trigger tension around you. Unexpected flow of money will make your day and old relatives may visit you in the evening. Increased public image is certain today. 

Taurus (Apr-20-May-20)

Today you will not be in a good financial position. Today will be the perfect day for self-expression. As Mars is moving in your fifth house, it will make you inclined towards pleasure seeking. Cough and cold may cause stress at health front. Money flow is moderate for the day. Today you may incur financial loss. Professionally the conspiracy is certain, so be cautious while planning any project or making decisions. Social activities will encourage the sense of freedom in you. Singles will enjoy the most memorable day of their life. Couples will enjoy heated romance and may feel intense sexuality for their partner. Today is quite promising day if you are planning big investments. 

Gemini (May-21-Jun-20)

Today day seems to be joyful for you. Eye irritation may trouble you at health front. A friend of your may offer something that will add life time experience for you and will encourage you professionally too. Singles will have smooth relation and may feel inclined to take their relation to next level. Today you will full of positive energy. Government personnel may expect promotion today. Monetary gain is certain today. Couples will enjoy love making and try to wider the horizon of their understanding. If you are planning to purchase a vehicle then red shade will bring luck to you. Subordinates will extend support to you, even you will enjoy working at ease today. Political background individuals may face spoiled public image. 

Cancer (Jun-21-Jul-22)

Today you will focus on spirituality and meditation. At health front today pain in knee may cause stress. Professionally, you will come with flying colours today. Spouse will shower love on you and they may plan sweet surprises for you. Singles if appeared for job interview may get positive outcomes. Work commitment and job satisfaction will prevail today. If you will follow your inherent intuition you will get fruitful results. Neighbours will give overwhelmed response today. Distant relatives may share good news. If you are planning marriage then stars are favourable today. Money flow is moderate and stock investments may not be fruitful today. Students appearing for interviews may get disappointment. 

Leo (Jul-23-Aug-22)

Today you will embrace your inner qualities and will get plenty of time for introspection. Cough and clod may trouble your child so be protective for them. If you are planning to buy a pet then today is the perfect day for you. Travel for business may not bear fruitful results today. At health front you will enjoy stability. Self-determination and courage will brighten your mental health. Mars will enter in your resource sector today. Increased motivation and larger income are possible today. Singles will find their partner more trustworthy. Life goals may be achieved and you will feel lighter by the late evening. Monetary seems to be good today. The day promises for better financial stability. Social image can be threatened, be polite when having social interaction. 

Virgo (Aug-23-Sep-22)

Today you will be more confined and motivated towards your life goals. Financial loss or theft may occur today. If you are working with media sector then promotion can be expected today. Professionally you may get accountability of new projects. Funding may be done at ease. Mars will move into your sign and that will give you energy and courage. Singles will look for creative partners, they will be inclined to honesty and trust in relations. Couples can plan for vacation. Lifestyle transformations can be beneficial. Home renovation ideas should be avoided as they may cause financial strain. If you are planning to buy a vehicle black colour may bring luck to you. At family front you will seek perfection in the daily activities. Political leaders will enjoy good public image. Socially you will love to interact with neighbours today. 

Libra (Sep-23-Oct-22)

Today is the day when the major family decisions can be taken by you. Long term legal matters will come to an end today. Professionally you may get a call for job opportunities. Travel related to business may be fruitful in long term. Today you may feel anger due to family politics. At health front you may confront with minor issues of throat infection. At workplace your hard work will be appreciated and you will be in a comfort zone for today. Singles will spend a romantic day with their partner. Couples will enjoy plenty of time while having conversation and fun activities. Children will brighten your day with academic results. Unexpected bills may cause financial strain. But late evening you may get relaxation and you will enjoy with your old friends. 

Scorpio (Oct-23-Nov-21)

Individuals working in science field may get honoured today. Students appearing for competitive results will have certainly positive results. Singles will be inclined to religious activities. Couples can enjoy a candle night dinner or plan a long drive. At health front health of your mother may cause stress. Today you may visit orphanage and will be indulged in social gatherings too. If you are planning to buy a property then stars are favouring you today. As Mars has transit in your eleventh house you will be more social today. Professionally you will have smooth day and mental energy will uplift your mood. Neighbours may give you stress on silly matters. Try to avoid arguing them as it may upset your mood. Be calm and patient. Hospitality industry personnel may get promotion. 

Sagittarius (Nov-22-Dec-21)

If you are planning pregnancy then most suitable day for you is today. Couples can have family day out and you must give some time to your parents. Relatives may try to cause friction in your relations. Singles can propose to their beloved. They may enjoy shopping too. Monetary gain is certain today. Stock and investments will give fruitful results. Avoid planning a property for some days. Today you mat attend religious gatherings. Professionally you may get negative responses from your superior. Subordinates will try to help you with issues. The day seems to have some obstacles in the morning but as the day progresses you will be in a comfortable position. Today you will push yourself to excel in life. Try to have positive feelings today. 

Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan-19)

Today you will be filled with lots of positive energies. People around you will shower verbal praise upon you. Professionally you may get the source of an unexpected monetary gain. The delayed rewards or incentives may be paid off today. Government officers may get relocated. Couple sill help each other in household work and they will enjoy better understanding. They may plan vacation too. Life goals can be achieved at ease today. Career planning should be avoided today. Major decisions can also be delayed. Traveling is not good for the day. At health front you will have high spirit with a high level of mental energy too. Social image will be increased today. Singles may get marriage proposal today. 

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb-18)

Today you will be inclined to making major money investments. Big decisions may be considered as a leap in your career. Professionally you hard work will be appreciated. Singles can opt for day out with their beloved. Couples can have stability in their relations. If you are planning to buy a vehicle blue colour may bring good luck. Try to mind your words when having conversation with your parents. Family relations will be smooth. Distant relatives may visit you in the late evening. Patents rights can give media person more rewarding career. Job interviews should be avoided today. Monetary gain is moderate for the day. Household expenses may increase today. Social relations will be strengthened today. 

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-20)

Today day seems to be promising for your career. You may expect promotion today. At health front eye sight may be cause of stress. Mars is transiting in your partnership that will strengthen the intimate relations. Singles may get job offers and will have more loyalty to your beloved. Couples will work together to maintain work and family life balance. Children will have inclination towards creativity. Monetary gain from unexpected source will make your day. Neighbours will have friendly attitudes towards you. Try to give time to friends. Old friends may motivate you to do better in life. If you are planning marriage then stars are favourable today. Today distant relatives may share some good news.