August 16, 2019 Blog

Daily Horoscope-16 Aug 2019


Aries (Mar-21-Apr-19)

If you are working in science field then today is a boon day for you. Today is the perfect day to increase your knowledge. The Pisces moon is upon you today use your energy and try to go with the flow. The Pisces moon is placed in the twelfth house that is clear indication that some mystical experiences may occur in future. The emotions of the day could be over whelming. The intuition is the prime source of strength today. At family front you will enjoy positive relations with your mother. At interpersonal level, spouse may get annoyed due to less attention. Singles may get their life partner. Financial progress is good for the day. Incentives may make your day. Professionally you will enjoy smooth day and at health front fitness level is certain. 

Taurus (Apr-19-May-20)

Professionally you will able to perform work in a very smooth manner. At workplace you will be the role model for efficiency for the subordinates. At monetary front your efforts will be paid off. Today you will have practical and professional approach towards life. At interpersonal level you may not have favourable day. Changes ae there that you may have opinion differences with your spouse. Money flow may not be so good today. Singles will enjoy the commitment and trust in their relationship. At family front a marriage invitation from distant relatives can be received. Today you will be inclined towards social activities. Pisces moon is placed in the eleventh house that will let you strengthening of social bonds. 

Gemini (May-21-Jun -20)

Today you will take some important decision of your life that may make you nervous and emotional too. Today you will be inclined toward matters related to laws, ethics and education. You are working in art field then admiration is certain today. At professional level you will feel job pressure. Singles will control their feelings and avoid having intense emotional connection with their lover. Couples will plan fun filled activities and enjoy each other company. At health front, your mother’s health may be the reason of stress. Expenses are certain for renovation. Major decisions should be avoided today. Pisces moon will make you less motivated and you may little slow down today. 

Cancer (Jun-21-Jul-22)

Today you will act as a family man and will be fully focused towards family life. Today will be a smooth day for you. Professionally successful outcomes are possible. Singles will have a positive day in terms of marriage. Money flow will be smooth for the day. Investments and mergers will be fruitful today. Couples will get plenty of time with each other. Today you will be a part of auspicious occasions. Religious involvement may bring freshness in your life. Planning a travel may get shape today. Late evening a meeting with old friends might give you chances to relive your childhood days. Try to avoid heated arguments with neighbours. Students searching for job may avoid job interviews today. At health front you will enjoy stability. 

Leo (Jul-23-Aug-22)

Today you will learn from the failure and try to be honest to yourself. Today you will be inclined towards reviving your old contacts and feels like reliving the past. The day promises to be fine and the unexpected benefits will make your day. At financial front certain expenses may give you financial strain. At interpersonal level try to mind your words when having conversation with your spouse as words may be misunderstood. Singles will feel cheated and get emotionally hurt too. Socially the image will eb increased. Work related travel is indicated for the day. You will able to complete your projects as ease. Health will be fine today. Minor pain in thighs may be expected. Students appearing for competitive exams can expect positive results today. 

Virgo (Aug-23-Sep-22)

As the moon is placed in the Aquarius so you will have empathetic attitude towards your co-workers. A review zest of life and change in lifestyle indicates transformation in your life today. Today you will enjoy peace of mind. At health front pain in eyes may trouble you today. At family front relatives may give you stress, but be calm as the day progresses you will have peaceful environment at home. Singles may meet some one interesting today. Couples will go for long drive or can plan a candle light dinner too. Political candidates may have spoiled public image, beware of fraud today. You will be inclined towards religious activities. 

Libra (Sep-23-Oct-22)

Today the Aquarius full moon will stimulate your fifth house of spontaneity. This will make you inclined towards being social and you will be cheerful for the day. Try to forgive those who hurts you today. If you are planning a baby then this is the perfect time as full moon has lighted up your fertility house. The family life will be calm and you will enjoy peaceful atmosphere. Children will brighten your day with responsible attitudes. Professionally you will be able to accomplish all your delayed projects. Subordinates will be cooperative today. Couples should avoid going out as stars are not favourable, try to stay at home. If you are government personnel, then you may be criticised for your work. 

Scorpio (Oct-23-Nov-21)

Today you may face lack of self-confidence. Somebody on workplace may plan conspiracy so keep your eyes and ears open while you are at office. The moon in Aquarius will make you irritated on silly matters. Singles will look for trust and accountability in their relationships. Couples will have a romantic day they will enjoy love making and can plan a short trip too. Today try to make time for your family and relatives they will act as soul satisfier. Monetary gain is moderate today. Investments in venture capital seems to be beneficial today. You will be inclined towards spirituality and charitable work. Relatives from distant may visit you late evening. Pain in legs may cause stress at health front. 

Sagittarius (Nov-22-Dec-21)

Today you will be joyful and cheerful for the whole day. Today you will be frank and open minded at your workplace. Professionally you will seek advice from your seniors and with their help you will able to perform project goals too. Monetary gain is good today, but unexpected bills may result in expenses. Try to avoid such to secure financial stability. Relative politics may cause you distress at family level. The Moon in Aquarius will stir you ambition today and may make big decisions that will be a big leap in your career. At health front health of an elderly may cause trouble. Friends will give you sweet surprises. Sexuality will be at peak for couples, for planning pregnancy stars are favourable today. People working in stock exchange may be rewarded. As the day progresses you will find today as promising day. Singles will be more committed towards their career and less attentive towards their lover. 

Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan-19)

If you are waiting to hear a good news from long time, then be happy the wait is over today. The Moon in Aquarius may bring negativity in your thoughts, but as the day progresses you will have clarity in thoughts. Professionally you will develop likings for your job and you will be more committed towards job. The Aquarius moon is placed in the second house which will make you realization of the core values. If you are dealing with legal matters, try for out of the court settlement that is beneficial for you. This full moon has lighted up your money sector. This lunar moment has ended all the barriers of money flow and financial gain is expected today. At family front you will enjoy happy moments. Singles can plan a date. Couples will be more expressive today and they may have deep conversation with their spouse. 

Aquarius (Jan-19-Feb-18)

Today you will make big decisions and that will give your life a new direction. Today will be a memorable day for you. At workplace your sincerity and hard work will be rewarded today. The positivity inside you will make guide you in the right direction. Singles don’t try to express love for someone today as stars are not favourable today. Couples can go for love making and can try non traditional options too. They will encounter intense emotions for their spouse. St health front minor pain in legs can stress you. The physical fitness is certain today. Moderate money flow is expected today. Stock brokers should avoid transactions today as they be the victim of conspiracy. The moon in Aquarius will make singles hesitate to talk to someone special. Today you will be self-determined. 

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-20)

Today will be a mixed day for fortunes. At workplace hectic morning and positively frantic afternoon will make your day. Couples will get plenty of time with their sweetheart. Support is all round for you. Full moon is placed in Aquarius twelfth house of healing. The moon in Aquarius will make you get out of the difficult situation. Free spirited Uranus in your third house of communication. Your talent will blossom professionally. The Aquarius full moon shines in your destiny house. Today you will be inclined towards intuition. Practicing compassion and forgiveness reveals your soul’s true nature. Today your spouse may give sweet surprises letting your mind blow with emotions. At family front try to avoid arguments with elders. Pain in legs may cause stress today.