August 14, 2019 Blog

Daily horoscope 15 Aug 2019


Aries (Mar-20-Apr-19)

Aries today you may not be in a good position. Mind your words as it can be misunderstood. Full moon can shower surprises, it may bring warmth to your social image too. At professional level, the mistakes of your colleagues will leave you in a condition that you can show off your talent. Venus is in expansive phase that will let the singles to have an intimate decision. Couples have a very romantic day they can indulge in auspicious matters too. At family front, the life will be peaceful. Mercury Chiron aspect is active today that will give you clarity of thoughts and self-obsession too. There are chances that you may face obstacles in completing daily routine tasks. Business related travel may be postponed due to last minute changes. Today you will enjoy relaxed evening. 

Taurus (Apr-20-May-20)

Today your tendency to react many led to heated arguments. Try to control your temper when you are having conversation with important person today. Today you will face difficulties in hearing opinion of others, as you will be preoccupied with the thoughts. Singles will be busy in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations and will give less attention to their love life. Couples will try to impress their spouse by new dress or hair style. As the full moon is at the top of your solar chart, so you need to work hard professionally to maintain your reputation at workplace. A Mercury Chiron aspect is beneficial for your family life. Today business deals will be done very easily. 

Gemini (May-21-June-20)

The full moon today will make you inclined towards expanding your interests and vision towards life goals. The Mercury-Chiron aspect will boost your communication sector. Today your light hearted mood will be fruitful for your interpersonal relations. Today you will face financial strain as your expenses is more than your income. Chances are there to attend some social or auspicious functions. Today you will give tough competition to your subordinates and for juniors you will be an inspiration. Unexpected monetary gain will make your day. Stock investments should be avoided too. If you are looking for home renovation then this is the perfect time. Today you will get plenty of opportunity to learn and express yourself. 

Cancer (Jun-21-Jul-22)

Today you are advised to remain calm as chances are there that you may feel egoist and aggressive today. Today you will be inclined towards social work and education. If you are government personnel then today you may expect reward and recognition. Today you should keep your eyes and ears open in the legal matters as there are chances of fraud. Mercury Chiron aspect will be fruitful for your communications sector. Today you will feel empowered with self determination and positive attitudes towards work. At family front there are chances that you may plan a short trip. Social image will increase today and you will strengthen your social bond too. Singles will be inclined towards stability in interpersonal relations. Couples will revive their memories of first year of marriage. 

Leo (Jul-23-Aug-22)

Today you will be anxious and tricky that will affect your health adversely. If you are dealing with court related matters then do not trust anyone. Conspiracy chances are certain today. Your friends and relatives will be beneficial today. At family front you will be engaged in organizing auspicious function at home. Mercury Chiron aspect will rule your communication sector. You will able to express yourself in a better way. Today you will plan a candle dinner with your spouse. Singles may control their feelings for someone special. News from distant relatives may disappoint you. Lifestyle will likely boost and you will be supported by your beloved. If you are interested in art work today is best day to improve your inner qualities. 

Virgo (Aug-23-Sep-22)

Virgo will meet their all professional deadlines as the full moon will affect their work and health matters. Monetary gain is certain today. Today you will be sensitive and inclined towards social activities. Mind your words while having public conversations as words may hamper public image. Public sector workers may have win-win situation if their vision have clarity and stress on team work. At family front your relation with siblings may prosper today. Avoid arguing with elders in your family to maintain peace and harmony in family life. Singles will enjoy sexual fantasy and will be engaged in day dreaming. Today you may get average result if you are dealing with stocks. Traveling for business purpose is fruitful today. Couples will enjoy fun filled activities with their children and can give surprise to their partners too. 

Libra (Sep-23-Oct 22)

Today full moon will be in your sector of joy. Couples can experience romantic elevation and can create memories for life. Singles will be interested in taking their relation to next level, but negligence from their partner may make them anxious. This full moon will motivate you to strengthen the friendship with lost contacts. Singles may meet someone interesting. Theft or financial loss may occur today. Today religious gathering will be beneficial for you. If you are planning to buy a vehicle then black colour will bring luck to you. Professionally your work may be criticized but your problem-solving skills may bring relief to you as day progresses. If your relatives are living abroad then you may expect good news for them. At health front you will enjoy good physical and mental health. Political leaders will find obstacles in maintaining their political image. 

Scorpio (Oct-23-Nov-21)

Today you will be inclined towards art and literature. Because of your sensitivity today you will be more emotional and less practical. At family front the bitterness with old relatives will be removed and you will enjoy happiness around. At health front back pain may cause stress, so be careful while having fun activities. Mercury Chiron aspect will guide your communication sector and you will accomplish long term business goals very easily. You will be energetic and fresh and will focus on changing your health behaviour. Singles will focus on their career and may travel abroad. Today stars are favourable if you are planning a long-term investments or capital venture. Couples will have heated arguments and they may resolve the problems persisting from some time. 

Sagittarius (Nov-22-Dec-21)

Professionally today you will enjoy spotlight at your workplace. With your confidence and will power you will give the best version of yourself at your workplace. You can plan religious trip today. Dark and gloomy shall be your temperament for most part of the dat. You will enjoy sense of freedom of thoughts and like to be alone at personal level. Singles will have great time as the full moon may give them opportunity to meet their soul mate. Business partners from the abroad may share good news that will uplift your mood. Today you need to be patient for the most part of the day. Money flow will be less today as the expenses are high. Pain in legs and thighs may be create an issue at health front. Couples will share positive attitudes towards couple goals. Business investments should be avoided today. At family front try to spend some time with your parents. 

Capricorn (Dec-23-Jan-19)

Professionally you will be a busy bee today as your job will need undivided attention today. At the beginning of the day you may face some challenges but your problem-solving skill will serve as boon and as the day progresses you will find the solution. At interpersonal level, in the evening you will get plenty of time to enjoy love making with your spouse. Today you will be inclined towards meditation and spirituality. At family front relatives may cause distress and health of your parents may be affected. Singles will enjoy peace and harmony. The day promises to eb balanced one between work and family. Monetary position will be stable today and even unexpected gain will make your day. Social image will be increased and children will give you sweet surprises. Government officials may get rewarded by their superiors. 

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb-18)

Professionally you will able to accomplish all the pending projects. Your progress at workplace may be the reason of envy for your subordinates but the communication ability within you will make everything in favour of you. If you want to initiate any auspicious event then, it can be delayed today. Big decisions should be avoided today. Expenses will be more today so better to stick with budget to avoid financial stress. At family front there are chances of family disputes. At interpersonal level you and your spouse will have erotic feelings. The level of excitement and commitment will be same with your spouse too. Singles may plan short trip with their beloved. Love making will be memorable for them. Eye problems may cause stress at health front. If you are planning to purchase property, then best deals may be knocking at the door. Elders in family will try to restore peace at home. Pink colour may bring you luck today. 

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-20)

Today you will be focused on improving your daily routines. Today is a beneficial day at health front. Individuals with prolonged illness may get relief today. Legal matters will be worsened today. At financial front try to control the limit of your expenses as money flow is moderate today. Singles may face disappointment if they are planning a date today. Couples will try new ideas of love making to make their married life spicy and they may plan short trip too. Today you may encounter with some interesting incidents of your life. Attempt to understand your emotions today as the day wants you to be guided by heart not mind. At health front you enjoy physical fitness. Today there will be all round happiness and excitement.