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Daily Horoscope-11 Aug 2019


Aries (Mar-21-Apr-19)

Today you will feel lighter and you will be inclined towards intuition. The turning of Jupiter directly in your sign may make you inclined towards creativity. As the Moon moves to the top of your solar chart the desires of success will be intensified within you. Today may become angry for the family issues. This may upset your mood. Unnecessary expenses will be knocking at your door. This may create financial strain. At interpersonal level you will rekindle your teenage days with your spouse. Singles will be more magnetic today. At health front cough and cold may cause trouble today. Money flow ill be moderate today. Today you may expect invitation in religious gatherings. Professionally , if you are dealing with foreign clients then you may expect extra perks today. Today you will be more energetic. 

Taurus (Apr-20-May-20)

Today you will enjoy peace of mind despite of your over work load day. Today you will be criticized for your work at workplace and you may feel demotivated. You will be seeking advice from your subordinates. Singles will be more flirtarious and they may expect hanging out with friends late evening. At health front headache may cause trouble. Couples will try something new in their love life and they will feel more intimate with each other. Pregnancy can be planned today stars are favourable. Investment decisions taken today will be beneficial for future. Today you may purchase vehicle too. At family front sudden arrival of guests is certain today. Children will brighten family life with their academic performance. 

Gemini (May-21-Jun-20)

Today you will give better competition to your competitors at professional level. At family front you will be stressed with the health of your father. Spouse may give you beautiful surprise late evening. Singles will be disappointed while searching for soul mate today. If you are planning marriage then choose some other day, today seems not so favourable. Today you will be filled with optimistic attitudes. Your spouse may take you for candle light dinner. At heath front you will enjoy stable health. Ankle pain may cause trouble. Quarrel with neighbour on minor issue is possible today. Government or court related maters will come to an end. Today you will able to complete all pending projects, and enjoy more commitment towards your job. Meeting of someone special is expected that will influence your life. Today charitable functions will attract you. Today better to take things easy that to make it complicated. Old friend may share good news with you. 

Cancer (June-21-Jul-22)

At financial front you should stick to budget in order to avoid financial strain. Today you may feel stresses at workplace. You will enjoy the advice of seniors and seek support from subordinates. Today you will be more confident. Singles will enjoy company o their loved ones and may get attracted to close friend. At health front you will enjoy fitness but stick to balanced diet. It is advisable to stay away with arguing others. Important decisions related to financial matter may be taken today. Stars are favourable for property purchase. Venture capital is encouraged today. Love life will be driven with intensified sex.  Couples will enjoy alone time together. If you are working with public sector then this time is favourable. Today avoid arguments and strengthen your social ties. Old friends may give you beautiful surprises. Religious activities will be beneficial today.

Leo (Jul-23-Aug-22)

Today your optimistic attitude will give you fruitful results. Today you will be more confident and productive too. It is recommended for you to control anger and behave politely with your loved ones. At professional level, pending works may get completed today. Subordinates will lend you full support and advice to you. Farmers may get beneficial news from government. Individuals working with media may expect promotion. At family front the health of older member may cause stress. Business traveling will be fruitful but mind your words while have important conversation. Singles will get proposed by their colleague. Love making will be a fun for couples and they may indulge themselves in non- traditional ways. Today you will focus on healthy eating. Social image will be praised. 

Virgo (Aug-23-Sep-22)

Today you will get big news from your relatives. Unexpected bills may create financial strain for you. Theft or loss of personal belongings may occur today. Today you will plan a short family trip. Spend time with your children. At professional level your team may not support your vision and they make create hurdles for you. At the end of afternoon, the creativity and problem solving skill inside you will give you best family front avoid arguments and stay calm. At interpersonal level you will be more expressive and your partner will be more seductive today. Singles will urge for romantic night and they can plan hanging out with friends. The health front will be stable. Headache may cause stress in late afternoon. Money flow is not good today, but may have gain from unexpected sources. Toady your positive attitude will win the heart of people around you. Today moon will spend a day in your creative and romantic sector. 

Libra (Sep-22-Oct-23)

Today your day will be focused on religious activities. You will be inclined top spirituality and meditation. At family front you will enjoy peace and you may get good news from your distant relatives. Love life will take a turn and you will enjoy more attention from your spouse. Sex will drive your emotions and you will enjoy pleasure of married life after a busy hectic day. At professional level your intuition will help you to take a big step in your career and your decisions will be rewarded too. Singles will be self-centred today. They will love to experiment with their new looks. Avoid making decisions related to legal matters and don’t let you drive with others decision. Friends may visit you today. Cold and cough will stress you. Today you will feel at the ease of your spouse and a joyful day too. Worshipping idols may bring luck today. 

Scorpio (Oct-23-Nov-21)

Today you will have poor health. Today is the best time to embrace your inner qualities and get engaged in charitable behaviour. Be polite at public places as social image may get affected today. Professionally you will have a stable day with minor challenges in the first half of the day. As the day progresses you will enjoy peace at workplace. Love making will be at peak but on the other side you may have arguments with your spouse too. Singles will likely to go for holiday. Traveling will be beneficial for them. Students appearing for competitive exams may have positive results. Today you may be the victim of fraud and deception. Shares and stock broker will not have good day today. Financial loss is certain today. If you want to make investment then today is best day for you. Today you will embrace your inner qualities and creativity will be at peak. Competition will be tough at professional level. 

Sagittarius ( Nov-23-Dec-21)

Jupiter enters in retrograde phase. Today your life will be guided with faith. In the morning moon will leave your sign. Your confidence will increase in yourself and in other today. Today luck is favourable for you as you will enrich your lifestyle in luxurious way. Unexpected monetary benefits can be expected. Work load may create stress. Today is the auspicious day for home organization. There are chances of family planning today. The work quality will be better today. Sun, Jupiter will have positive effect on family industry. At health front you may face some troubles. Small religious trip is possible today. Legal matters will come to an end. Avoid having clashes will have your family members due to your ego. You may go for shopping and buy luxury watches. 

Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan-19)

The probability of contacting your relatives will be more today. At health front you may get stable day. In terms of your love life you will enjoy intimacy with your partner. Today you should control your temper, avoid arguments with father. Chances are there that you will have discussion with your mother. You may get good news from your distant relatives. Personal plans may get clarity. Singles will enjoy the charm of their magnetic personality. Government personnel may get rewarded. The career commitment and job motivation will be higher today and your problem-solving skills will find the solution. Get yourself engaged in religious activities and have a joyful day today. Meditation and yoga will bring peace of mind. 

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb-18)

Professionally their can be a significant turn in the long-term projects. Today’s morning Moon will shift in privacy sector. You will have enjoyable day of married life. Jupiter retrogrades cycle will end today. Your job motivation will make others motivated too. Today you may face struggle while doing routine work. The reputation and social image will rise today. You will be inclined towards helping others. Singles have bad luck today as they may feel cheated and look for trust in long term relations. Business investments will give fruitful results. People in health care services may get rewarded.  Couples will have stressed relations and can have heated arguments on silly issues. Today try to control your impulsiveness and enjoy good time at home. 

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-20)

Today you will be filled with lots of positive attitudes. Try to embrace your inner qualities and enjoy joyful day today. Headache or ankle pain may cause trouble at health front. Professionally you will achieve your career goals and your vision will be clear. Business travel will give you lots of more opportunities. Singles will enjoy date with their love and couples can go for night out followed by candle light dinner. Love making will cross all boundaries and sexuality will be at peak. Animal lovers may have great day today. Scientists may expect sudden leap in their career. Students studying abroad may get new job offers. Stock brokers have monetary gain today.