August 9, 2019 Blog

Daily Horoscope-10 Aug 2019


Aries (Mar-21-Apr-19)

Today your energy will be at peak. Today be particular not to expect high as you may not get the desired results. If you are looking for property or house then today stars are not favourable. Mars and Venus placed in Leo will give perfect tuning with your partner. Today your partner will be showering gifts on you. Singles don’t get attracted to handsome man as they may be fraud too. At professional level, Sagittarius Moon will make you work harder. Creativity will be praised at workplace. Work related travel will be beneficial. Today you may expect unwanted expenses. At health point ankle related pain will create anxiety. Today sensitive feelings will preoccupy your mind. Try to engage yourself in prayer and worship that will help you today. 

Taurus (Apr-20-May-20)

Today Sun and Neptune will meet at awkward angle. Today new ideas and promises will come to your way. Today you will feel more passionate and will act wisely. At interpersonal level, you may face some obstacles. But be calm and put your own perspective in front of your spouse, by afternoon you will have peace of mind. Singles will be goal oriented today and they will be looking for more committed relations. At professional level you will get encouraged by your superiors and you will accomplish earlier projects too. Gaining extra money through speculation may be expected today. Professionally you will complete tough tasks through ease. At family level you will enjoy joyful day.

Gemini (May-21-Jun-20)

Today be particular with your unhealthy food habits as they may cause problem for you. Today you may get a call for new job interview. At interpersonal level you will enjoy peaceful moments with your spouse. Today you will be derived by sex vibes. Singles will enjoy family relations and social gatherings. Professionally you will able to display your skills and may expect reward too. Today you will enjoy better financial position as you may get increased incentives or perks. Today you will find a progressive day even after little hurdles. At family front you may expect friends or relatives by late evening. Try to make changes in your lifestyle. 

Cancer (Jun-21-Jul-22)

Today you will be more sensitive. Today is not good day in terms of appreciation and rewards. Public servants may get increased incentives today. Today you may face misunderstandings and deception from your closed ones. Today your attention will be focused on physical fitness. Professionally you will have a busy day with work load too. Today you will put effort from your heart and mind both. Singles will be more sentimental today. In career reputation will increase. Today try to spend some time with your loved ones. Sagittarius Moon is still in your sixth house, so that will make you work over loaded. Incurring expenses today will be unavoidable to you. Back pain and cough may give you trouble today. Try to avoid overthinking today as it may upset your mood, try to engage yourself in charitable behaviour. 

Leo (Jul-22 Aug-22)

Today give time for introspection. Try to make time for your love ones. As the Sun is forming a minor challenging aspect with Neptune, then you may feel slow today. You may aspect the new and exciting people may enter in your life today. As the Sagittarius Moon is placed in your fifth house today, if your planning a date with your special, then today is favourable time. Today you may get as solution for your financial strain. At professional level, your vision is very clear regarding career choice. Your sex life is going to strengthen today. Today you need to review your decisions to avoid regret in later life. Financial loss and theft may be expect, take care of your personal belongings. At health front you may have skin irritation problem today. If you are planning marriage today you may get some good news. 

Virgo (Aug-23-Sep-22)

If you are trying to invest in joint venture, then today is not your day. At professional level, you may get accountability of big projects. Your team work will be appreciated by your seniors. At family front you may get invitation for social gatherings from your distant relatives. Singles will be more imaginative today and they will be attracted towards their colleagues. At interpersonal level you will get overwhelmed response from your partner. As Sagittarius Moon is placed in the fourth house so, you will listen to your heart today. Toady you will enjoy high level of understanding with your spouse. Courage and determination will give you good health today. Your subordinates will help you at workplace. Today will be the progressive day for you and you will be engaged in all sporty activities. You will be inclined towards spirituality and meditation. 

Libra (Sep-23-Oct 22)

Try to get with the flow of whatever condition and challenges you face today. Sun and Neptune will be creating some hurdles in the first half of the day, but be calm, by evening your will able to set all things right. If singles are looking for soul mate, then today stars are not favourable. Today is a wonderful day and you will achieve breakthrough at your workplace. You may expect extra perks and incentives today.  Sagittarius Moon is placed in the third house of your sign so mind your words while having an important conversation with someone. If you are dealing with legal issues, then today you may not get beneficial results. Try to engage yourself in charitable behaviour. Excessive confusion and stress may prevail today. Financial strain is certain today.

Scorpio (Oct-23-Nov-21)

Today is a day for fun and recreation. Your knowledge and humour will impress others. Traveling may bring you new business opportunities. Couples will share more intimacy and commitment to each other. Singles will enjoy social gatherings. Singles will be more romantic due to influence of Neptune today. At professional level, Mercury will guide your communication skills today. The Sun and Venus duos will shower appreciation at your workplace. Today you will be more confident as Sagittarius Moon is placed in your second house of confidence. At health front you will enjoy average health, legs pain may trouble you. Fluctuations can be expected today for matters related to money. Be calm and relax towards your life approach. 

Sagittarius (Nov-22-Dec-21)

Sun Neptune aspect along with Uranus and positioning of Venus will make you little bit slow down. Singles will be free spirited today and they will feel attracted towards their neighbors. Neptune in Pisces will give new opportunities to singles. Today you will enjoy spotlight at your workplace and established public image too. If you want to invest money or buy some property then today stars are favouring you. Today review your decision making or try to avoid taking any important decision today. Your work may be criticized by your higher officials. Money flow may not be good today. At health front you may face skin problems. At family front you may plan outing with your children. Couples will enjoy love making and if you are planning pregnancy then today is the best time for you. 

Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan-19)

Today you will enjoy good health despite of hectic schedule. Today you will feel improvement in financial position. Your extravagancy may cause some financial strain to you. At professional level you may get new assignments and you will full fill your seniors expectations too. Unexpected expenses will cause stress. The Sagittarius Moon is placed in the twelfth house that will make you inclined towards spirituality and meditation. Today you will be busy in self-care and enjoy shopping too. Couples will be more sincere while sharing their feelings with their partners. Today you will be more courageous and determined too. Today happiness will be reflected with your thoughts. Singles may find true love today. At family front your children may score good in their exams. 

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb-18)

Today your team work and cooperation will bring best of you at professional level. Today you may face brain storming session for environmental issues. Today you might be feeling little bit emotional. As Sagittarius Moon is placed in your eleventh house so you will strengthen your social bonds. Taking major decisions will be beneficial today. At interpersonal level you will enjoy friendly attitudes of your spouse. Today chances of your increased savings are certain. Health will fine through out your day and you will enjoy physical fitness. Professionally you will be committed towards your team. At family front you may expect guests in late evening. Singles will impress others with their creativity. Today is quite favourable day for you.

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-20)

Today children will brighten your family life. At professional level, partnership and venture capital investments will give long term benefits. Today you will be inclined towards physical fitness and will try to maintain physical fitness too. Today moon will spend a day in the house of your public image. Today you may have to compromise in certain areas of life. At interpersonal level, sensitivity may cause problem with your spouse. At health front knee pain may create problem for you. Money flow may not be good today. Today you will arrange your work schedules more systematically.