August 5, 2019 Blog

5 August Daily horoscope


Aries (Mar-21-Apr-20)

Today you will be more generous than other days. You may expect some kind of challenges, but you will be calm and will extend thanks to all those who have contributed to your life. As the day progresses you will be in a stronger position. Today moon will spend a day in partnership sector, along with creating a harmony between Sun and Mars which will be placed in your romance sector, expect more romance and fun games with your partner. Today you will focus on your long-term goals and will work accordingly. Today is marked with three cosmic venture that is connection with Sun, Venus and Jupiter that will give you strong support in the field of love, art and you will enjoy positive communication too. 

Taurus (Apr-21-May-21)

Today you will find yourself in a better position in the financial area of life. Remember to be wise in the matters dealing with money. Don’t give importance to unnecessary flaws as it may cause stress today. Today Moon will spend a day in your work and health sector. Today you may feel inclination towards productive or practical activities. At professional level your work may be criticized in a harsh manner. At family level, there may be certain decisions that will cause you pain. The stars are very auspiciously disposed towards you, you will enjoy exceptionally bright and enjoyable day today. Students who are appearing for competitive exams will score high today. 

Gemini (May-22-Jun-21)

At love front today you will enjoy harmonious relation with your partner. You may expect some moments of togetherness in tranquillity today. Singles will enjoy the company of a wonderful person. At professional level you will enjoy support of your subordinates. Today you will enjoy peace of mind and good health too. At family front today you will enjoy a day filled with happiness and joy. You will spend a lot of time with your children. Today you will complete all the pending household work too. This is also an excellent time for taking care of your health and fitness. While you work independently happily today, it is easier than usual to gain the cooperation of loved ones. 

Cancer (Jun-22-July -22)

Today you will enjoy much more attention of your partner. As the moon will square with Saturn this morning you will be dealing with procrastination or the sense of guilt. Moon will spend a day in your family sector while accompanying Sun and Mars comfortably in your resource sector. Singles will; forget the past love and thinks about the future. Today you might feel ringing old friends and strengthening the ties. At professional level, you will complete the tasks in a straight manner. Your mind and body will be a perfect shape and you will enjoy good health. 

Leo (July-23-Aug-22)

As the moon will spend whole day in your communication sector, today is the favourable time for sharing your ideas. You may expect meeting someone who will re kindle your imagination. You may feel mental pressure this morning. As Sun and Moon both are placed in your sign so, you will enjoy more assertive days. You will be more independent, committed. At interpersonal level, you can expect unexpected turn. Most importantly of all, enjoy time spent with your friends or family. Keep control over money matters. Exercise brings improvements, not only for your body but also your thought processes. On the other hand, an employer or colleague now needs your trust and understanding. 

Virgo (Aug-23-Sep 22)

At professional level, the problems which you were facing from long time will finally comes to an end today. Today is the ideal day for romance with your partner. You may expect some surprise from your partner at night, it may be a candle night dinner or music romantic night. Singles will try to be socialize and embrace their qualities too. Today you will strengthen your ties with friends and family. Today is the perfect time to deal with money matters and at professional level your subordinates may seek your support too. At health front today you will be inclined towards being athletic. Issues regarding religious beliefs and spirituality will surface today. Today you will be calculative, logical and emotional in relationship matters. 

Libra (Sep-23- Oct 22)

Today you will be stronger and the emotions will be harder to ignore as moon will spend a day in your sign. The Moon cooperates with the Sun and Mars in your friendship sector today, encouraging a social focus. Today you will enjoy a fun filled day at interpersonal front. Singles will be magical today and more socialite too. Today you will get time to spend with your family and you will have self-realization that how important they are. At professional level your team work will pay off and today you will be more productive and straight forward too. Today you will please your loved ones with showering gifts on them. 

Scorpio (oct 23-Nov 21)

Today you will deal frustration in a calm manner. You may expect harder to make right choice. There may some strain on your relationship with near and dear ones. Today Moon will be placed in your private sector. This morning, you could find it hard to get to a state of peace due to worries as the Moon squares Saturn. The Libra Moon in your twelfth house of spirituality today gives you the protection of a guardian angel to help you navigate this changing energy today, Scorpio. With the Virgo moon a foot in your eleventh house of groups this Saturday, you don’t have to spread yourself thin to enjoy the ones you love.

Sagittarius (Nov-22- Dec-21)

Today, you will enjoy the Midas touch in your life. At professional front you will be more productive, subordinates will help you. The Libra Moon in your eleventh house of groups and friendships has your back on this one. Virgo is placed in the eleventh house of you career, you will enjoy a rewarded day at workplace. Today your near ones will enjoy your company and will praise you too. The Moon in your solar eleventh house harmonizes with the Sun and Mars in your adventurous ninth house. These transits encourage cooperative activities that break the routine, boost your spirits, and expand your mind.

Capricorn (Dec-22- Jan 19)

As the Moon and Saturn will square in the morning you may feel a sense of guilt while dealing with your responsibilities. At professional front you may get accountability of new ideas and projects too. You also have the Libra Moon in your tenth house of career and public image, so you will need to be on your best behavior. The Libra Moon is in your tenth house of public image, giving you a real opportunity for your career to take off over the next few days. But the Moon in Virgo today, will make you feel helpless. You may not be able to concentrate on work at hand and thus lack focus. Although you like to keep yourself emotionally detached at work with people, you have a soft spot for your family and loved ones.

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb 18)

Today is the day for introspection. You will enjoy the day dealing with yourself. Today you may face challenges and that may cause stress at mental level. An unpleasant news may lead you to face reality. With the Moon in your spirit sector all day, dear Aquarius, you want to feel fresh, alive, and vital. The morning can involve some doubts that leave you feeling a little out of sorts due to a Moon-Saturn square. Aim to strengthen vulnerable areas but avoid dwelling. There are some power plays and tensions in the air, but be calm you will able to control the situation. This may be your saving grace of the day, as Libra is never happy unless everybody is happy. 

Pisces (Feb-19-Mar-20)

The Moon-Saturn square this morning can serve as a brief and somewhat irritating reminder of a responsibility. You will be motivated towards job and will be more productive at professional level. As Moon harmonizes with the Sun, Jupiter, and Mars you will be strengthening your social ties. For salaried people today is a progressive day. The Libra Moon in your eighth house of shared resources restores peace for you today as well. At interpersonal level, you will be more magnetic to your partner. There are some serious conversations that are likely going to happen on the love front today.