August 2, 2019 Blog

4th August Horoscope – 2019


Aries (Mar 19- April 19)

Today you may face minor challenges in first half of the day. But be calm as you will find the solution at the end of the day. Today you will be full of optimistic attitudes and you will be engaged in playful activities. Today you will enjoy good health. Today Jupiter will guide you in right direction. Today the inner creativity of yourself will be a powerful tool to express yourself. Toady you will enjoy day dreaming about your partner. At financial fronts the projects which were initatited by you will surely pay off. At professional level you will feel over satisfied today. While you could experience delays or changes of plans today, your good mood lifts you above fretting over these things as the day advances.

Taurus (April 20-May-20)

Today you should avoid those conditions which will try to control your mind. In first half of the day you may face some tensions. Today you may have a divided feeling. it might be that what you want and want you are getting are having different approaches. You may very well find a way to express yourself creatively to a friend or patch things up with someone as the day advances. A heartfelt apology may be in the offing. You may feel the slowness in the work as Moon is in the Libra today. Love and money surprises will be continued. You and your partner may have arguments today. 

Gemini (May-21-June 20)

Something from the past may be heading towards you today. It may be even through phone or letter. You may expect good news from your friends. The love life will be stable today and you will pour more love on your partner. Try to avoid making promises today. From financial front try to focus on your goals. At professional level, your work will be appreciated.  As the day advances, you find it easier to go with the flow. Creative thinking improves. Problem-solving is a bit off the wall but effective.

Cancer (June-21- July-22)

With a Mars-Pluto aspect this morning, dear Cancer, you may be in no mood to be pressured or pushed. As the day advances, it's easier to see where everyone is coming from. If there were misunderstandings earlier, you're ready to forgive and forget or move forward. Today you will confront the spicy information about you. Today you will have optimistic attitudes towards your life. Today you will have an extraordinary charm, that will surely attract your partner. At the financial front you will have practical applications for your projects. Your superiors will appreciate your work. Practical solutions are creative, and friendly gestures can be refreshing, especially relieving after expecting the worst.

Leo (July 23- Aug -22)

Life can be tricky in the first half of the day. Today’s challenges will push you in right direction.  You can enjoy some very creative thinking as the day advances. Your intuition is strong, and you're tuned in. You may see a new layer to a situation. Today you may expect some good news. Today you will be in a mood of self-determination. On the health front you need to drink plenty of water to flush out kidney wastes. Today your passionate nature will attract your love partner. You may expect changes in your financial situation. Your intrinsic motivation will be rewarded at professional level. 

Virgo (Aug-23-Sep 22) 

With a Mars, Pluto aspect Your interactions can take on some intensity that seems unexpected or even unwarranted. Today be careful with rising controversy regarding personal values. The Moon leaves your sign today and enters your resources sector. Money and comfort or security matters seem more relevant to you than usual with this transit. Today you will enjoy quality time with your friends. In love life today you may expect sympathy from your partner that will affect you deep understandings too. At professional level today you need to work hard to impress your subordinates. 

Libra (Sep-23- Oct 22)

As moon is heading into your sign for couple of days, your feelings will be more colourful than before. So today listen to your heart and interpret and manage your emotions. Conversations and interactions can be slightly tricky but manageable overall. As the day advances you may have unexpected meeting with an old friend. Today you will turn all your energy towards fun loving activities. Today your dreams of love making may come true and you may enjoy foreplay. At professional level, today you may face difficult time, but surely your patience will work and you will achieve success. Today financial front is not favourable to you. 

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 21)

As the moon is moving into your privacy sector for couple of days, it is advisable to take break from daily routine activities and enjoy quality time with your friends. On social and emotional levels, you could be struggling with indecisiveness. As the day advances you may face some misunderstandings with your closed ones. Today you may take initiative in right direction. Today you may not be attentive and confident in your work. Love life will be pleasurable for you, as you may expect to get some beautiful surprises from your partner. At professional level you need lots of concentration to finish off the work. 

Sagittarius (Nov-22-Dec-21)

The Moon moves into your solar eleventh house today, dear Sagittarius, and stimulates a greater need than usual to enjoy a sense of community or to belong to a group or with friends. At the end of the day you may get excessive relief. Today you may expect outing with your children and family. New ways of money making will be knocking at your door. Today is favourable time for investment decisions. At professional front if you are dealing with foreign countries then you may get accountability of new projects. Your charm and sexuality will attract your partner and you may try non traditional aspect of love making. 

Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan-19)

As the moon is moving to the top of the solar chart, you may be more concerned for your work and performances. However, as the day advances, you feel less weighed down by frustration, and it may be better to diffuse a situation through kind gestures or willingness to let something go. You can find brilliant solutions to problems now. At professional level you may have difficult day today. But when it comes to love life you will leave all your shyness and enjoy wild love with your partner. Your sincerity and integrity will give you financial stability. The subordinates will help you to create and transform new projects at workplace. You could be feeling on edge, and you might be harboring some feelings of resentment. 

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb 18)

The Moon moves into your spirit and adventure sector today, dear Aquarius, helping you rise above most problems. However, a Mars-Pluto aspect influencing the first half of the day suggests you or someone close to you may be making too much of a situation. Today you will feel true connection with your loved ones. Today try to be at home and spend time with your children. At professional level, your connections will give you positive results and you may expect reward too. At financial front you need to take wise decisions. As the day advances, it becomes easy and natural to get a sense of the bigger picture. Minor missteps aside, this can be a time of dreaming up exciting ideas for the future.

Pisces (Feb-19- Mar-20)

Today, you benefit more obviously from a Sun-Neptune aspect that helps everyone relax, enjoy, and forgive. There is unlikely to be much talk needed to get to a state of understanding with this significant influence. Today you should mind your words as it may affect your interpersonal relations. At professional level you may expect more responsibilities. Love life will be at peak and you may expect short travel with your partner. Today you will open yourself to your partner and will not disappoint him at emotional level.