August 2, 2019 Blog

3 August Horoscope 2019


Aries (March-21- April 19)

Today you will feel that power of positivity and authority is knocking at your doors. At professional and personal level, you will have a high sporty spirit today. Today you may face an important change in your life. Today you may find may distractions, but the ease will be at your luck and you will end up with doing everything. You will have more patient approach for the worldly materials today. You're ready to tackle pretty much anything that comes your way. While a theme of entertainment, love, leisure, and finding your joy continues and is with you for a few more weeks, the practical side of life grabs your attention today. Everything you do today especially career related problems, you need to touch it with heavy dose of reality. 

Taurus (April -20- May 20)

Today your main attention will be towards nurturing the positive aspects of your life. You may feel mental exhaustion, while setting things in right direction. Today you will face brainstorming sessions. If you are single then Stars are aligned fairly in your love life. Your mind and body are synced up today so you will enjoy good health. At professional level, your subordinates may irritate you but, you will give them honest responses today. With this freedom you'll be able to think more about your actual responsibilities. Focus on that fun factor that your heart is tugging at you with today under this fun Virgo Moon in your house of play, and nothing else.

Gemini (May-21- June-20)

Today your physical appearance will have unusual charm, that will surely kill people around you. Your sense of style will bowl everyone around you. At emotional front you might face a stressful situation today. Today's Moon encourages a focus on your personal life, home, family, or inner world, however, and a bit of familiarity can be refreshing at this time of the month.  Today you will try to maintain relationship balance between your friends and relatives. If you are single, then today is not favourable time to romance. Today be careful with your professional procedures and relations too. You may confront some new experience today.

Cancer (June-21- July-22)

Today is fabulous day, especially when we talk about your love life. You will be more romantic today. So, people may feel envy, but good side is that they can not bring any harm to you and your relations too. Today be wise regarding your reputation and safeguard it. Today is the time when you will be seeking balance and purpose in your life. Cancerians, today is the time when you seek to take charge of money and business matters that have fallen out of order. Today's Moon encourages your curiosity and stimulates a need for some variety. You seem to be at your best if you feel connected and included. If you are working in communication sector, the placement of Virgo in your third house is beneficial. 

Leo- July-23- Aug-22

Today you should be cautious on your health front. So, chart out some kind of workout regime, that is recommended for today. So, prevention is better than cure keep this in mind. Even so, today's Moon transit seems to want you to get your bearings and take a pause. It's a signal that you're better off toning things down just for now. Today you will feel more confident and much more self-motivated too. You may have a fight on the old issue with your partner. But be quite and clam everything will be at place at the end of the day. The Virgo Moon in the second house may bring some slow-down in financial gain today. You can expect work matters to slow down considerably, and money matters definitely are slowing down today with the Virgo Moon in your money house.

Virgo Aug-23-Sep 22

Today you will feel much stronger at monetary front. Today you may realise the importance of financial management for unforeseen situation. The leadership qualities inside you will be appreciated today. Today you will feel quite refresh as Moon will spend a day in your sign. While the Moon in your sign encourages your spontaneous side, stabilizing influences help ground and structure you. You may very well channel your feelings into productive projects. Today you will get enough time to interact with your partner and that will make you happy. If you are single, then today is a lucky day for you. You might expect to meet some unexpected people. At professional level, your inner creativity will be rewarded and you will be able to solve all the problems at workplace. The Moon in the Leo today will pull you towards your loved ones and you will spend quality time with them. 

Libra (Sep-23-Oct 22)

Today is the day full of activities for you, but I am glad to share that you will able to manage everything at ease. At professional level you may expect a call for job interview. Today you may get some authority to organize an event at your workplace. Today you may face discussions with your partner. If you ae single then today you will again resume in love relations. At health level be particular while you are choosing a food. Lack of proper communication may lead to some stress in your professional life. Your opinion might be the focus of conversation today. Your magnetic personality will put you in limelight today. News of arrival of family member may enthral you. 

Scorpio (Oct-23-Nov-21)

Today you will decide to stop arguing with your partner and have some kind of self-realization moments. Today you can expect tome to hangout with your old friends. The social status aspect of your life seems to be luck today.  Virgo Moon is hanging out in your eleventh house of social affairs. If you need a boost of any kind, play catch up with some friends or with some of your favorite people. You may feel anger today.  You may come across an awareness of sorts in this matter today, perhaps through writing, or by message, or perhaps just through your own spectacular intuition. You will feel more purposeful today. 

Sagittarius (nov-22-Dec-21)

Today is the day of outing with your friends and family. Catching a film with your beloved today is a very good idea. The Moon at the top of your solar chart seems to want you to pay special attention to your work or responsibilities today. You're ready to solve problems and draw upon your talents quite expertly now. Today your social status may be appreciated. The Moon in the Virgo is place in the tenth house and this house represents career. You may expect an epic change in your career. Today you will be more pragmatic. So, keep your spirit high and continue your optimistic approach of life. 

Capricorn (Dec-22-Jan 19)

Today you will enjoy good health. At the professional level, today you will complete all pending projects. The financial gains may be slowed down today. Today you will feel lots of energies around you.  You may be seeking mind-expanding experiences that broaden your horizons in some way, however big or small. While you're open to sharing ideas, you're also very much inclined to go your own way.Today you should talk patiently to your partners. Singles may feel attraction for someone.  Fellow Earth sign Virgo is getting some action with a Virgo Moon today, and it is this transit that is going to ground your optimistic spirit today. 

Aquarius (Jan-20-Feb 19)

You feel a huge transformation in the works, and you are starting to build it all up in your head like it is the end of the world. Go with the flow and you will achieve all things at right time. Today you may visit to temple and gain some peace of mind. Today you will feel the empowerment through your interpersonal connection. Today your sex appeal will attract your partner. Singles will rediscover their love again. The Virgo Moon in your eighth house of shared resources, will help to ground you and is still touching your house of transformations today.

Pisces (Feb-20-Mar-19)

Today you will be in a philosophical state. Today you will perceive the things in a real manner. Today you may get some bad news that will disturb your mental state. You have reliable energy for making something of work, service, or health and self-care efforts right now. You might enjoy feedback and deliberation over matters that require a decision. Today you will let the family drama not affect your interpersonal relations and you may expect some foreplay too. The planetary positions will give you professional gain.