July 26, 2019 Blog

August Monthly Horoscope


Aries (Mar 20 - Apr 19)

Due to the presence of new moon in Leo, you can witness the emergence of a new romantic relationship. Moreover, your creative powers are going to be on a new high level. This would have a positive effect on your performance at your workplace. Moreover, your life would be exciting as well. All the hard work that you have put in will bear results in the month of August. Moreover, you will be able to connect your passion and income.

Personal growth: The month will bear good results in terms of income and financial aspect.

Career: A new job change may happen at your workplace. You may even get a good career advice.


Taurus (Apr 20 - May 19)

The month will lay importance on importance of financial and property ownership. Thus, your energy levels would be high and your would be able to seek new investments as well. As in Mars is moving to and fro in your sun sign, you will be utterly busy during the month. In fact, you may even have to multi task for completing your important projects during the month. Moreover, the presence of Mard will also have a particular effect on your self assertiveness. 

Personal Growth: The month of August will lead to do an introspection of the decisions you have made in the past. 

Career: You may get a new job opportunity. However, this job change will definitely bring some major changes in your life.


Gemini (May 20 - Jun 19)

You will get to work on your own projects this month. This may also take you to the project’s lead position. The presence of Mars in Taurus will help you grow in your personal health. The fitness plan that you have been following lately is bringing you benefits in everyday life. The fitness plan is helping you to get healthy and make sure that you are far away from illness of any kind. Moreover, you will be happy this month.

Personal growth: You will feel the urge to learn new skills meant for your personal growth. 

Career: You may face some problems in pleasing your seniors no matter how much hard work you do.

Business: The positioning of the stars will help in signing new deals which you have been eyeing.


Cancer (Jun 20 - Jul 19)

With the presence of New moon in your life, a new start is on the cards. This new start may be in the field of career, education, and work. Your colleagues may feel your support system. Moreover, people who are in public sector may expect a bonus or an increase in their financial amount. You have become insensitive to the needs of some people around you. However, this is not your basic nature and you should try to overcome it.

Personal growth: the stars are in a good position and may bring immense benefits for you.

Career: You may face a transfer in your job. However, make sure that you understand and be ready for the required changes in your life.

Business: People who are thinking of setting up their new business will have a good chance of doing so.


Leo (Jul 20 - Aug 19)

As per the presence of New moon in Leo, you will have to face many new responsibilities, both personal and professional. You may even face helpless due to this burden sometimes. You may feel the urge to groom yourself and enjoy the pleasures of life. Your relationships are in line with each other. Moreover, your professional relationships have become better than before.

Personal growth: The month will get you in a favorable position in your workplace. You will learn new skills as well.

Career: You may get an opportunity to work with a brand company or even in an international firm. 

Business: You may face some problem in getting your products cleared from the customs this month.


Virgo (Aug 20 - Sept 19)

The emphasis of the month will stay on communication in all forms. With Mercury remaining in Leo, there may be some good events happening in your life. You may get a new project or you may have to host an event. The month will make sure that you will remain in the focus both at home and at the office. Your health is also going on a smooth path this month. A spiritual trip is also on the cards.

Personal growth; the month will urge you to pay attention to your different skills and potentials.

Career: Some of you may be in line for a promotion at office. This will be a reward for your hard work and dedication towards work.

Business: you may get some new clients and new projects which will improve your reputation in the business circle.


Libra (Sept 20 - Oct 19)

Your social life will get a twist during the month of August. You have been invited to many social parties in the past but you have ignored them lately. However, it is your need to go to these parties and make new connections. These new connections will get you many benefits in the near future. Moreover, your communication skills need to be improved a bit.

Personal growth: the month will focus on your communication skills and your presentation skills. 

Career: the month will make you feel the need to change your career path as you are not satisfied here.

Business: try effective ways to promote your business and make new clients this month.


Scorpio (Oct 20 - Nov 19)

You may decide to take up a new course. This new course will not only increase your knowledge but will also take you forward on the path of success. You will feel the urge to fulfil your responsibilities. Interaction and communication works well in your life during the month. Presence of Venus in Virgo will make you feel the joy and pleasures of life.

Personal growth: You need to make use of your mental power to rise above many kinds of health issues.

Career: You need to improve your skills to be better at your job.

Business: a new business connection may come your way this month who will bring benefits in your business.


Sagittarius (Nov 20- Dec 19)

You may feel the urge to going against everybody else’s wishes. You will feel highly stubborn and this may pose problems for you. However, you need to realize that being stubborn will not help you today. You need to be open minded to get effective solutions for your problems. Moreover, you also need to realize that digging your heels will not solve your problems.

Personal growth;  Mental ailments are in close connection with your physical health. Thus, you need to look for effective ways to improve both your mental and physical health.

Career: the month of August may make you meet a new mentor who may have the best advice for you.

Business: there may be some difficulty in facing expectations of new clients during the month.


Capricorn (Dec  20 - Jan 19)

There may be some changes which may be cropping up in your partner’s minds during the month. He may want to have an adventurous approach, but this may not go well with you. Since you are not an adventurous person, you may not want to join your partner. However, it is advisable to go for a mid way so that you both can be happy.

Personal growth: Go for walks or meditation sessions. You can even talk to a professional who can help you in getting fit this month.

Career: students may get a chance of getting good advice from mentors during the month.

Business: there may be some difficulty in managing your expenditures during the month.


Aquarius ( Jan 20 - Feb 19)

You may be disappointed as your efforts may have gone waste. There may have been a project on which you may have been working since long. However, due to certain circumstances, you have not been able to get positive results. Moreover, you have not been able to solve some pressing problems in your life lately.

Personal growth: the month would be perfect to make new relationships, especially working ones.

Career: the month will get you many good benefits in terms of your job.

Business: you may get an opportunity to set up a new business this month.


Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 19)

Try to make an effort to get into a relationship which may be beneficial for your business. You may even find a romantic partner this month. There may be some people who may try to influence you negatively. However, you need to make your judgements and also adhere to them diligently. If you have been wanting to buy a new house, this month is the day to start the search.

Personal growth: the month will make you feel overjoyed at little happiness in your life.

Career: your colleagues may seek some support from you in making an important career decision.

Business: the month will bring you many new opportunities to make new clients.