June 23, 2020 Blog

23rd June 2020 Daily Horoscope


The sun in Gemini continues to help you relate well with those younger than you. You have boisterous energy that enables you to get on the wavelength on children and young relatives. This is a wonderful time to resonate with the lessons of youth: curiosity, faith, wonder and the ability to take risks. With Mercury in Cancer, everything to do with the mother is blessed. Your own mother or maternal figures will enjoy good health. At home, there is a wonderful sense of harmony that you will enjoy, and that will serve as a relaxing counterpoint to your busier social schedule. There is a desire to seek happiness overseas. You enjoy perfect health, a calm mind and a simmering sense of excitement. With Mars in Gemini, focus and clarity will be important qualities for you to harness.

For a while now, the key to your success is your ability to communicate. If you have a problem or obstacle, remember that you can solve it by communicating. That is all you need to do. All forms of communication, from the written word to word of mouth will serve you well. It is important that you think cautiously before making any decisions. Mercury in Cancer may cloud the decision-making process. Venus in Taurus is a wonderful expansive placement that brings you all that you desire in life. This placement increases your sense of harmony and well-being in wonderful ways. With Mars in Gemini, you will enjoy favorable luck and your adventurous side will come into play.

For those of you who work in demanding careers such as politics and finance, you’ll enjoy extreme success this week. Financially, you will do very well. This is also a wonderful time for you generally in terms of a general sense of positivity that clings to all you do. You see life in true Gemini fashion, as a place of play, magic, and wonder. With Mercury in Cancer, your artistic skills and talents will be pushed to the fore. You may create some impressive artistic works that will be spiritually rewarding and potentially financially viable. With Venus in Taurus money comes to you with ease. You have a strong desire to explore nature. With Mars in your own sign of Gemini, it’s important that you continue to maintain your dignity against those who may be envious of your light and airy ways.

In love, things may feel a little, but you have the ability to turn on the charm. You are warm, empathetic and devoted by nature, blessed with a quirky sense of humor and an intuitive understanding of what others need. It would not be too difficult for you to reactive a flailing love life! At work, you may feel as though you are not being recognized for what you give, which is tremendously hurtful to the giving crab. It is important that you cultivate and maintain healthy boundaries so that you do not feel taken advantage of. With Venus in Taurus, the desire for a treat is powerful, but chances are this reward will be something to do with the home as Cancer is a nesting sign. With Mars in Gemini, luck pays a visit!

At work you are supported in all that you do and rising through the ranks is guaranteed. You will also be tremendously lucky, although be careful this doesn’t go to your head! With Mercury in Cancer, you may lack some confidence in yourself. Learning lessons of humility is no bad thing. So often with confidence, we must fake it until we make it. Confidence is something we must add bricks to consistently. With Venus in Taurus, your ability to concentrate on business matters is unparalleled and you are able to get things done. If there have been work issues in the past, these are a thing of the past now, and you receive tantalizing job offers. With Mars in Gemini, you need to be mindful that you do not fall into unhealthy or destructive habits. Gemini can scatter your focus which leads you to make decisions that are not in your best interests. Think twice. You have control.

With the sun in Gemini, your career continues to receive a wonderful boost. Whether you wish to change careers or expand, you will be in a period of growth. With Mercury in Cancer, you enjoy an excellent financial situation, as well as great health. There are plenty of exciting new opportunities coming your way, and you will have your pick of the litter. With Venus in Taurus, those of you who work or operate in the media will do very well. This may even be the time for fame to come calling! With Mars in Gemini, being diplomatic will help you immensely in all that you do. Remember that you have a way with words, being ruled by Mercury that is very empowering and effective. Harness it. Your desire to enhance yourself by learning a new skill is strengthened.

With the sun in Gemini, you are drawn to spiritual and religious matters. Your preferred method of worship may be at home, which becomes a sanctuary for you. You may elect a shrine or meditation room where you feel comfortable connecting with your higher nature, making it a part of your everyday life. Your relationship with your father is fortified at this time. Previous quarrels or difficulties will be resolved. You have been re-focusing your expectations so that you expect more of yourself than you do of others. This is the best way to be. If people behave as you hope, wonderful. If not, you will still perform as you expect. With Mars in Gemini, you readily gain money. Marriage may be something you are considering. Cementing a partnership appeals to you.

If female, marriages may encounter some problems, many of which are not of your making! In terms of your career, new challenges may present themselves. You may find that you are presented with finances from unexpected sources – enjoy! Your desire to travel and explore your social life is heightened massively. There is an undercurrent of jealousy which continues to impact you. Others resent what you have. This can be used as fuel to motivate you to keep going – you are obviously doing something right! Mars in Gemini can cause some damaging thoughts. Your mind may feel unfocused. Meditation can help calm you and should be used daily.

With the sun in Gemini, you are victorious in all you do. You are especially successful against your enemies or those who would do you harm. You desire success and achievement and you are in victor mode this week. It is easy for you to win. Remember to remain humble. There are still many things for you to learn in this lifetime. You are also lucky in a way that only grows with time. Working hard will cause this luck to fortify itself. This only continues to motivate you. With Venus in Taurus, you enjoy the tangible results of your work. The rewards come thick and fast. Any educational or professional avenues you pursue will be successful. This is also a wonderful time to start a new endeavor. You can’t fail.

Fame is on the horizon. Yes, you will be recognized.  You are truly besotted with your partner and put great effort into your relationship.  You always want to finish what you start. This is a wonderful time to save money. Put it towards future use. Turn your attention toward romance and love. These areas need rekindling, and you will not be disappointed once the fires are stoked!

With the sun in Gemini, your self-confidence may dwindle. But you will enjoy seeing things materialize around you. This spurs you to carry on. It is exciting to see your dreams and wishes appear in ways that you can see and touch. The desire for quality time with others is high. You should make time for those you love. You reach out into the world and make new friends who understand you on a deeper and more meaningful level. The desire to travel, explore and take short trips will be high. You will learn a lot from these experiences. With Mars in Gemini, you enjoy good health and happiness. You have a healthy enjoyment and appreciation of life and people. There is a desire to break from reality and have an adventure.