June 2, 2020 Blog

2nd June 2020 Daily Horoscope


Daily Horoscope


You are experiencing good physical fitness off late. It is time you start investing some time in physical activities, even if it is once a week. Pick up a sport with your friends, or get into couples sporting activities. It will help free your energies and align your chakras, making you a lot more productive at work and effective in your personal relationships.


New acquisitions and deals will be coming in today. It is a good day to take financial decisions. If you have been on the fence about certain investments, take the call today, and go for it. For those who are looking at making a big business decision, a little bit of risk may not harm you. Take an informed decision like you always do. It will hardly bring you any losses. Keep you close ones in confidence though.


It is a promising day today. You will see a lot of positivity from your elders and seniors. Guidance will be in plenty, as well as those who show a lot of appreciation for you and your work. Your perspectives will be respected, enjoy the feeling of fulfilment you get from that. Today is a code that you have cracked, don't forget that. It is a good way for you to dispel the myths you have harboured about some people


It is your relaxation day today. Your soul has been craving some solitude for a while, you deserve it. We advise you to keep a control on your diet today. It will help you keep your aura clean. Your love for junk food may burn a hole in your purse, so be wary today. Cooking soothes you, so start your day with it. Some music will help you feel a lot better.


Take time out for your family today. That is an arena in your life that has been grossly ignored. Yes, your parents may be little disparaging at times, and your siblings may be annoying too. However, it is them that make your family. And you know better than anyone else how they fulfil your soul.


So money management isn't your strongest suit. So when you are approached by someone showing interest in helping you out, give them a keen ear. You may not agree with everything they say, but hearing them out will do you no harm. You never know which advice will come in handy in the near future. It would also bode well for you to start planning your monthly budgets more keenly now.


You often focus a lot of your energy on the sensual joys of life. Today, it is important that you focus on building the emotional strength of relationship. Reconnect with friends who you haven’t spoken to in a while, and have a heart-to-heart with your partner. Sex is not the only fulfilment that your soul seeks.


Boredom is the bane of your existence, isn’t it? Off late, you have been feeling like your relationship is losing its spark. You feel like it is getting monotonous and boring! Discuss it with your partner and do something to spice it up. For those who are single, it is time you hit a new club, you will not find any new people in the same ‘old hangout, will you?


You are seeing it, aren’t you? Jupiter born, you have been keeping a calm and positive front all along; protecting those around you, while you feel like you need no protection. However, you are now seeing that you are a lot more stressed than you should be. A little quiet time (without your laptop and smart phone, please) will help you align your chakras. You need it.


There is a lot happening around you. You have always been able to smell a lie from miles away. But today, you will need to pretend that you were not born with this ability. Spend the day observing the real faces and the beautiful garbs they have. It will help you soon.


Today is going to be an overall positive day. Work will be average, if not great. Your health will be on your side. Family life won’t see any considerable knocks, and your love life seems to be on a safe and positive track. You need to know that intimacy is not something that needs to be reserved for a special occasion. Can try surprising your partner with some special treatment today!


Family time is essential. In fact, the more strained those relationship may seem, the more attention they need. It is not good to run away from those confrontations. If you have made a mistake, it would bode well for you to own up to it, and apologize. Family has a tendency to forgive and move on. More so, there is no one who knows you as well as them; they can soothe your soul the best.