Impact of Astrology on Economic Development in India in 2018!

By: Sonu Sharma

As per Independent India’s horoscope, Jupiter’s transition in the 6th house seems to bring auspicious results and India’s performance in sectors like National Security, Chemicals & Fertilizers, Labour & Employment etc. will be decent. Also it indicates favourable results for matters pertaining to commercial affairs and foreign policies. Indian GDP will grow on faster pace and MNC’s investment in India will increase. On the other hand, Saturn’s transit in 8th House which showcase negative impact for sectors like Mines, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Steel & Coal. Also because of the impact of Saturn, there are chances that the government may impose some restrictions on trade like leather, animal hides & skin.

As per astrologers in 2018, Indian government will face hard situation in Tax collection and will find new ways to boost tax collection. Also corruption in our country will increase.

In India’s horoscope, few planets like Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Sun are placed in 3rd house and they will be lot of ups and downs in the sectors governed by 3rd house like transportation and communication departments, tours and travels, management information system, Railways, Heavy Industries etc. People should refrain from investing in such sectors.

Also the transit of Saturn from Sagittarius will tremendously decrease the production of Crude oil, and the prices of the same will increase remarkably.

As per astrologer’s prediction, there is higher probability that the overall Indian economy will grow but few phases or periods will be challenging for our economy.