How can i get success in my business!

By: Sonu Sharma

If you are in business and if you feel that you are not getting the desired results and success in spite of putting all your efforts and hard work, you can try below mentioned simple astrological tips. This will surely help you to achieve success.

-          To get a successful business career, every day early in the morning, offer water mixed with jaggery and yellow flowers to the Sun while enchanting Gayatri mantra. Do this regularly for 1 month and you will experience positive energy and overall prosperity. Also offering water to lord Shiva on Mondays helps to resolve business problems

-          To make your business productive and profitable, fix Siddha Vyapar vriddhi Yantra on your business place

-           Offering banana to cows and monkeys helps to achieve success in business and all your efforts works in your favour.

-          For getting success in business, on every Saturday or Thursday offer mixture of seven cereals (Sabut Moong, Wheat, Kaale Chane, Jau, Rice, Bajra and Sabut Urad) to birds. Also make sure that on every Amavasya, you give dhuni of Rai at your office.

-          Offering food to handicap or needy people attracts positivity and helps in earning profits in business.

-          Lighting lamp of mustard oil in the morning and praying to god help in removing the obstacles you are facing in your business career. Also keeping fast on Sundays bring luck in business.

It is very important that while performing the above tips, you should have full faith in God and faith that these tips will help you to get success.