The Best Pet for You According to Your Zodiac Sign!

By: Sonu Sharma

Aries – Like an Aries, a Labrador dog also likes independence and are attention seekers. Both of them love adventure and are super active, that is why Labrador is perfect pets for this zodiac.

Taurus – Taurus are very down to earth and determined people, but they are very lazy and a cat would their ideal pet. They will give all their love and affection to their owner and help them relax.

Gemini – Geminis are very communicative and they love socializing and gossiping. So for Geminis, a parrot would make the best pet. Like Geminis, parrots are very intelligent and can easily learn to communicate.

Cancer - Cancerians are very homesick, sensitive and moody. So for the delicate Cancerians, sweet and delicate Hamsters are the perfect pet.

Leo – Leos are very luxurious and gets attracted to expensive things. Nothing better than a majestic horse would be a better option for Leos.

Virgo – The Fussy Virgo would choose a pet for which very less care would be required and the best pet choice for a Virgo would be Fish.

Libra – Librans gives a lot of importance to beauty and would prefer a beautiful pet. The good-looking white Persian cat would be the perfect option for Librans

Scorpio – Scorpions are very mysterious and intense and to match their personality, Snakes would be the perfect option.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius loves freedom and would prefer a low maintenance pet because of their passion for traveling. The tortoise who requires minimal care would be a good choice for Sagittarius

Capricorn – Capricorns are very hardworking and they love handling naughtiest pets. Ferrets would be the perfect option for Capricorns

Aquarius – Aquarians are very romantic and they would prefer a pair of birds (lovebirds).

Pisces – Pisces are very sensitive and devoted. Cute Rabbits are the obvious choice for a Piscean.