The perfect essential oil for you, based on your sun sign!

The perfect essential oil for you, based on your sun sign!

By: Sonu Sharma

Aries are very ambitious, strong and bold people. To energize them and refresh their nervous system,   lemongrass oil is the perfect solution.

Taurus are very fond of luxurious things and they want to enjoy their life to the fullest, but they are prone to nasal related problems like cold and congestion. Eucalyptus oil is something that is beneficial in curing this.

Geminis are full of energy and they think a lot because of which they become mentally tired. To refresh their mind and headache peppermint oil works wonders.

Cancerians are of very emotional and of caring nature. They suffer from mood swings and sleep disorders. For curing this Chamomile oil is the perfect oil for them.

Leos are very beautiful and they have long hair. To enhance their looks, rosemary is the perfect oil for them as it is good for skin as well as hair.

Virgos are very mysterious and they keep all their thoughts and feelings to themselves only which affects their sleep. Head Massage with Lavender oil is just what they need.

Librans are very sweet and romantic in nature. They often suffer from nervous disorders and to soothe it, rose oil is very beneficial.

Scorpions experience issues related to reproductive disorders and jasmine oil helps to get relieved in problems like cramps and menstrual pain.

Sagittarius are very energizing and are fond of adventurous activities. To keep them energized, orange oil really helps.

Capricorns generally suffer from problems related to Oral health and Clove oil is the perfect oil for curing their problem.

Aquarians are very intelligent and to increase their concentration and memory, basil oil has been proved beneficial.

Pisces have a lot of mood swings. To keep them away from worries and refresh their mood, vanilla oil is the perfect oil for them.