Best Health and Weight Loss Tips Based on Your Zodiac Sign!

By: Sonu Sharma

Aries are bold, adventurous and like sports. So Instead of following any diet or exercise regime, you should try sports like tennis, badminton, football etc.


Taurus have the tendency to gain weight faster as their digestion is weak. You are recommended to do focus on your diet and do running and jogging for weight loss.


Geminis are very health conscious and workouts like yoga and pranayama would help you to remain healthy and fit.


Cancerians are very foodie and they like water sports. So swimming is the best option for you to lose weight.


Leos are very energetic hence Zumba, a pretty good form of exercise would be the best weight loss strategy for you.


Virgos are very foodie and its very difficult for them to lose weight. If you stick to a vegetarian diet and do running, it would help you to burn calories.


Librans love socializing so just grab your friend and start doing gym together and also follow a healthy diet plan.


Scorpions like competing with themselves. You should try cycling and running and should try to break your own records.


Sagittarius are very adventurous and they like doing challenging tasks. You should also try cycling and hiking apart from gyming to stay healthy.


Capricorns are very disciplined, so a well-planned diet and exercise regime would work for you to lose weight and remain healthy.

Aquarians are full of energy and they are a team player, so group dance classes would be the best option for them to stay fit.


Pisces are very lazy and they would need motivation from their family to get started. You are recommended to do focus on your diet and do swimming and yoga to stay fit.