Jupiter Transit in 2018 and Its effect on Zodiac Signs!

By: Sonu Sharma

Jupiter is considered as the most benefic planet in Vedic Astrology and is related to auspicious things and gives information about success in life, knowledge, religion, childhood, marital life, domestic peace, and diseases that are related to stomach. In 2018, Jupiter transit will be one of the significant events in Vedic Astrology and it will affect all the zodiacs –

Aries – Because of Jupiter transit, there are favorable chances for Aries to get financial and monetary gains.

Taurus – For Taurus, this year will be not good for their financial position but due to Jupiter transit that will get debt free this year.

Gemini – Geminis will attain mental peace and financial gain due to transit effect.

Cancer – Cancerians will get good results from this transit and all their hard work will be paid, Students will get good marks and working professionals will get increment.

Leo - Jupiter will be traveling from the 3rd house in their sign and you can get a lot of abroad traveling.

Virgo – Due to the effect of transit, Virgo's faith in God in increase and they can also expect financial gains.

Libra – Due to Jupiter transition, a lot of luck and career growth is expected for Librans

Scorpio – For Scorpions, this transition will bring negative results and their relationship with their partner and loved ones will be spoiled.

Sagittarius – For Sagittarius, this transition will bring positive effect and there are possibilities of them getting married.

Capricorn – Jupiter transition will not have to affect much in Capricorns life.

Aquarius - Because of Jupiter transit, there is a possibility to get financial gains and prosperity in personal life

Pisces – Jupiter transition will bring negative results for Pisces and it will not be good for their education and professional life.