Nadi Astrology and secrets of past life!

By: Sonu Sharma

Nadi astrology is an ancient astrology that provides facts about the past, present and future life of a person.  It is a form of Dharma astrology that hails from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and adjacent regions in India. In Ancient times, the information about a person's life was written on palm leaves and now the same can be derived from the thumb impressions (right-hand thumb for males and left-hand thumb for females).

Nadi Astrology gives information about a person's family, about his relations with his family, friends and other people, about his health, his likes dislike, his karma in the past and present. These facts and information are available for every person irrespective of his caste, gender and the fact that he belongs to India or foreign. Nadi astrology provides accurate information about the future life of a person, his spouse, children, career and the financial status of a person. It can about tell you about the misfortune that will occur in your future life and you might be lucky to alter them.

Nadi Astrology helps a person in knowing the reason for his/her birth and knowing the reason for the problems or the situations that we are facing in our lives and the person starts understanding things in a positive manner.

A person should take help from Nadi Astrology only if you are facing any major problem in your life or if you are suffering from any chronic disease and you want to know the reason for your suffering.