Honeymoon destination you should choose, based on your sun sign!

By: Sonu Sharma

Aries are known to be adventurous and they like exploring different and fascinating places. Magical resorts in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado would be the best place for them to go for honeymoon.

Taurus are very romantic in nature and they love their partner deeply. Nothing better than Paris would be a perfect place for them.

Gemini are communicative, outgoing and they love socializing.  The ideal place for you to go would be Miami.

Cancerians are very emotional and they don’t prefer crowded place. The best place for your honeymoon destination would be Phuket, Thailand.

Leo’s love royalty and luxury. So the perfect place for your honeymoon would be Bali, Indonesia.

Virgos are very serious people and they don’t like partying. You love exploring the beautiful art and culture of a nice place and Italy filled with art and culture would be the perfect place for you.

Librans are full of energy and they love partying. New York, the city that never sleeps would be an ideal place for your honeymoon.

Scorpians are very mysterious and they love visiting mysterious and haunted places. Historical and mythological Greece would be ideal for your honeymoon.

Sagittarius loves adventure and The Wadi Bani Khalid in Omani desert is a perfect place to visit.

Capricorns are very romantic and they like visiting luxuries places. The perfect honeymoon destination for Capricorn is the Dominican Republic.

Aquarians are very unique and they like visiting different places. They prefer to choose a place which is quiet and not crowded. Your ideal honeymoon destination would be Reykjavik, Iceland

Pisces are very romantic and they prefer a relaxing place for a honeymoon. The ideal place for you would be Napa Valley.